News from Me – Somewhere in July

Solid State – Now In Paperback!

Thanks to all of you who have let me know how much you’re enjoying Solid State, especially those of you who have let me know that it makes you cry. You guys are my favorite, because boy, ME TOO. It’s feeling a little rough and unfriendly out there these days, and if you listen to this album and cry, that probably means you are hearing some of the heavier thoughts and feelings I hoped to express in there. That is maybe the best feeling I get to feel, so thank you.

The album and the graphic novel work just fine by themselves, but I think they work even better together. You can still buy the hardcover edition directly from me, but as of today you can also buy the paperback version (smaller and less awesome) and the digital (infinitely small (in terms of physical space)). The music can be got wherever music can be got: you know what to do.

If you haven’t listened and/or read at this point, honestly, I question your judgment. If you have, and you enjoyed it, please let your friends and enormous social media circles know about it. I think it’s the most personal and meaningful thing I’ve ever made, and I’m very proud of it. If I could, I would put the damned thing on my tombstone. For now, I will have to make do with AS MANY PEOPLE LISTENING TO IT AS POSSIBLE.

JoCo Cruise – Initial Performer Lineup!

We’ve announced the initial lineup of performers for JoCo Cruise 2018. Those of you who think it’s not enough just to be a nerd on a boat with a bunch of nerds, well, I don’t understand you, but here’s the goldarn famous people you’ve been waiting for:

Maria Bamford, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Cory Doctorow, Matt Fraction, Mark Frauenfelder, Jean Grae, John Hodgman, N.K. Jemisin, Jackie Kashian, Ted Leo, Molly Lewis, Aimee Mann, Open Mike Eagle, Paul and Storm, Riz Rollins, Patrick Rothfuss, John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton.

Plenty more to come: some new folks, some old favorites. We’ll announce more as we’re able to confirm between now and when we sail, but it’s ALREADY AWESOME. Cabins are still available, and I know it’s Summer right now, and I know the world is falling apart and everything, but you might just want to be on a cruise ship come February.

As for Me

Well, I’m on vacation. It’s sunny and warm and there’s a beach and mostly I eat and have cocktails and read. Oh, except I’m writing some lyrics for the Spongebob musical here and there, which you will be able to see on Broadway November 6. And I wrote this email I guess. And I had a couple of conference calls. And crap, I have to go to the post office today but first I have to find a place to print a shipping label. Vacation is so stressful.

Wherever you are, on vacation or not, I hope you’re holding up ok, and that nobody is trying to take away your healthcare.

Solid State: Pre-Order NOW!

OMG look!

Well, I think we have all waited long enough. I am delighted to FINALLY announce that my new album Solid State will be released on April 28. You can pre-order now at The first single is called “All This Time” and is available right now on Spotify, and as a download in iTunes.

Don’t panic, but Solid State is a concept album about the internet, trolls, artificial intelligence, and how love and empathy will save humanity. So, no pressure. There is also a companion graphic novel (136 pages, hardcover) written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Albert Monteys. You can pre-order these things, plus shirts, gorgeous double vinyl, and various bundles of other fancy items TODAY NOW. We’ll ship them to you the week of release.

You can also pre-order the digital album wherever fine digital music is sold and/or pre-ordered, including iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, etc.

Also also, I’ll be on tour, opening for Aimee Mann, April 20 – May 13 in various cities across the country.

This was a long time in the making, and I really can’t wait for you to hear it.

New Site

Hi everyone, if you’ve been here before, you might notice things look a little different. The site is brand new and things might still be a little wobbly.

Please post in the comments if you have found an issue on the site, or (for bonus points) submit an issue (or PR) on github.

The image on our front page is open source, provided we attribute it. The image is Designed by Asierromero / Freepik

2016 Dragon Con Schedule

Yes, I’m here! Here’s what I’m doing:

Friday 10 PM
Hyatt, Regency VI-VII
Gonzo Quiz Show – Teams of celebrity guests are led through a series of panel show games that are truly gonzo.

Saturday 8 PM
Marriott, Atrium Ballroom
Gonzoroo: The Deep Hurting Summertime Special – Join Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank for a truly mad evening of music, comedy, and more!

Sunday 1 PM
Marriott, Atrium Ballroom
Jonathan Coulton and Friends – A lyrical Q&A packed with JoCo and singer-songwriters Paul & Storm, Molly Lewis & The Doubleclicks