People! New song! They said it would never happen!

A while ago John Scalzi, one of my favorite sci-fi authors (and a pal as well) asked if I would write a theme song for his new novel, Redshirts. I said yes, mostly so I could get a chance to read it. You can read about and listen to what happened next and listen to the song over at as of this morning. You can also check out the whole series of chats about other sci-fi-themed songs of mine that John and I did leading up to today. I’ll be putting Redshirt up in my store soon, and the band and I will be playing it on our June tour. Hooray!

Redshirts is out June 5th, and it’s a fantastic read. BUY IT, AND ALL OTHER THINGS!

Ask Me Another Debut

You may remember me talking about this new NPR quiz show I’m a part of called Ask Me Another. I’m excited to tell you that the first episode is available as of this morning as a podcast. Rumor has it that you can also listen through the NPR News app, and I expect it will appear in the list of iTunes NPR podcasts soon. It should start airing shortly on the actual radio in various time slots in various cities – I don’t know all the details so check with your local NPR affiliate, or you know, just use your computing devices to listen.

I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like working on this show – I guess nobody was, because it’s a brand new thing that we’re all figuring out as we go along. But we found our groove pretty quickly, thanks to the talented performers I was lucky enough to share the stage with. There was stuff that worked and stuff that didn’t, but hey, that’s what editing is for. And really, sometimes my favorite moments of these shows are the parts that go wrong. Mistakes are the best! That’s why I make a lot of them! It’s a live audience and actual human contestants, so there’s always plenty of room for strange things to happen. Anyway, I hope that the end result is as fun to listen to as it was to make.

The whole first season (13 episodes) has been recorded and will air over the next few months. I don’t know yet if there will be additional seasons – I hope so, but it depends on how well this first one does. We’ll know soon.

Go listen!

Podcast page

Main show page

iTunes podcast

First of May Remix

Warm up your cease and desists. I made this today using Ableton Live, Sexy MF by Prince, Why Don’t We Do It in the Road by The Beatles, Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and the raw vocals from the original recording of First of May. Happy Spring everybody.

And oh yeah hey, come see me on tour, would you?

And here’s a download link: FOM Remix

Artificial Heart Tour

I know, this album has already been out for around 15 years, but there’s no new one yet. So this is the official Artificial Heart tour, I just decided it.

Listen, as much fun as it was traveling with and opening for They Might Be Giants, the 30 minute set created a lot of rockus interruptus for me and the band. We’re really looking forward to getting back out there with luxurious amounts of time on stage so we can play all the songs we know. And then I will also play some songs solo that only I know, perhaps on the acoustic guitar. IT WILL BE A REAL SHOW AND WE WILL DO A GREAT JOB. You should come. (There will be some sort of opening act too, details soon I hope.)

Hey, look at all these dates! Tickets on sale now!

The Paradise – Boston, MA
Friday June 1, 8 PM

Gramercy Theater – New York, NY
Saturday June 2, 8 PM

German House Theater – Rochester, NY
Tuesday June 5, 8 PM

The Mod Club – Toronto, ON
Wednesday June 6, 8 PM

Rex Theater – Pittsburgh, PA
Thursday June 7, 8 PM

The Birchmere – Alexandria, VA
Friday June 8, 7:30 PM

World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA
Saturday June 9, 8 PM

The Ark – Ann Arbor, MI
Friday June 15, 8 PM

Double Door – Chicago, IL
Saturday June 16, 9 PM

Guthrie Theater – Minneapolis, MN
Monday June 18, 7:30 PM

Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
Wednesday June 20, 8 PM

The Aladdin Theater – Portland, OR
Thursday June 21, 8 PM

Showbox at the Market – Seattle, WA
Friday June 22, 8 PM

Venue – Vancouver, BC
Saturday June 23, 7:30 PM