UK Tour and Other Things

By JoCo July 21, 2012

I’m going to the beach for a couple weeks with the family, but you should know that in September I’m touring in the UK with Paul and Storm. I KNOW! I’m excited to finally be coming back. We’re also trying out Stockholm for the first time, so please tell your Swedish friends. Also I sing Billy Joel in NYC in August. Also there is PAX.

Here’s what’s on the docket:

New York, NY – August 18
Glass Houses: Classic Album Night with the Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke Band
Fontantas, 10 PM
Tickets at the door: $5

Seattle, WA – August 31-September2
All weekend long, Washington State Convention Center

Stockholm, Sweden – September 17
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Södra Teatern, 7:30 PM

London, UK – September 20
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Union Chapel, 7 PM

Birmingham, UK – September 21
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
MAC Theater, 7:30 PM

Bristol, UK – September 22
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Colston Hall, 8 PM

Manchester, UK – September 23
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Manchester Academy 2, 7 PM

Not as if it’s been crazy busy around here, but expect less talky talk from me until August (can you do NEGATIVE posts per week?). Hopefully I will not be eaten by a shark. We’ll see I guess…


Jeremy says


Can't wait. Last concert was a blast.

James says

Why no shows in Scotland? :(

Roy says

I'll be in Seattle end of August. PAX badges have been sold out for at least 6 months.
Any other way into the show?

Swen says

Yay, shows in Europe!
Hope I can make it to at least one show and finally see you live in concert!
Btw: You weren't planning on making an European version of JoCo Cruise? ;)

Andre says

Finally, a show in Sweden! I'm so psyched now, can't wait to see you live in concert :D

Adam says

Come on man,Come to Scotland.

Sarah-Jayne says

Yey!! Loved Manchester last year, cannot wait to see you again :D

Jasper says

Come back to Amsterdam!
You'll get an ever beter cake from me this time!

Simon says

I'll help with the cake! Anywhere else in The Netherlands will also be acceptable!

Kina-Chan says

Ahh Bristol <3 Just a short train ride away~ Very much loving the choice of venues lol Thank you <3 x

Chris says

London it is, then. Always looking for an excuse to head over there and you're a bloody good one.

Josephine says

JoCo you are AWESOME. We are listening to "Creepy Doll", smoking hookah, having a generally awesome time right now and we wanted to let you know.

Sean O. says

I am patiently awaiting your return to St. Louis.

SweetRebeccaPea says

Come back soon!

SweetRebeccaPea says

To the States, I mean.....

Aiden says

Flight, Hotel and tickets for four ordered and payed for, see whoever is going to London well.... in London!

Level Four!

Rif_Luna says

Does anyone know where the venue is located in NYC? I can't seem to find the right place/website.

Rif_Luna says

Found it, just wasn't looking at the right month!

Blair says

Why no Glasgow date =[

Adam says

I would SO go to one of these if I had the money.
And a sat-nav.
And a car.
And was old enough to drive.
Hmm... Thinking about it from this perspective is really making my chances seem pretty bleak...
I guess I should look on the bright side of being Scottish though. At least we get the sexy accent.
Hmm... And legionnaires disease...

Eric says

UK and Sweden, but no France dates? Come on! Glad to have you over here on this side of the pond

Mats says

Thank you so much for coming to Sweden! :)

Jakob says

NO! I'm abroad for 6 months and you're picking THIS time to come to Sweden??? Hope you like it and return! :D