Solid State: Pre-Order NOW!

By JoCo February 28, 2017

OMG look!

Well, I think we have all waited long enough. I am delighted to FINALLY announce that my new album Solid State will be released on April 28. You can pre-order now at The first single is called “All This Time” and is available right now on Spotify, and as a download in iTunes.

Don’t panic, but Solid State is a concept album about the internet, trolls, artificial intelligence, and how love and empathy will save humanity. So, no pressure. There is also a companion graphic novel (136 pages, hardcover) written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Albert Monteys. You can pre-order these things, plus shirts, gorgeous double vinyl, and various bundles of other fancy items TODAY NOW. We’ll ship them to you the week of release.

You can also pre-order the digital album wherever fine digital music is sold and/or pre-ordered, including iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, etc.

Also also, I’ll be on tour, opening for Aimee Mann, April 20 – May 13 in various cities across the country.

This was a long time in the making, and I really can’t wait for you to hear it.


Joey says

Today is my wife's birthday, and this news is going to make her day even more awesome! Thank you!

Becky says

Best. Day. EVER!

Come back to the UK soon, we love you!

Wilson F says

I *really* hate to be a downer, because this is really awesome news and this looks like an excellent album.

But! I'm fairly disappointed that in order to get one thing that I really want, I have to buy a bunch of stuff that I have zero interest in. I don't play vinyl records and I don't wear t-shirts and I don't even know what to do with a coin (not to denigrate those who like that kind of thing; they're just not *my* kind of thing, and that should be okay, too), but I'd love to buy that memory card. (And the book, of course, even unsigned.)

It really feels just wasteful.

Especially since, while I *could* re-sell whatever stuff I don't really want, if I'm honest about myself, I know I won't. I'd *mean* to, but never get around to it. It'd all just sit in a drawer, not being used or enjoyed, until I guiltily throw it away, thinking of some person who might have gotten some real enjoyment out of it all, you know?

Oh, hey, while I'm being all negative anyway (again, sorry), are there any non-mega-corporations included in that "etc" at the end of the list of places where fine music is sold?

Randal L. Schwartz says

"All This Time" is solid. Glad to get it on Spotify.

Michael says

Any reason why we don't get All This Time on Spotify in The Netherlands?

GAZZA says

Hey Wilson F, JC says that you can preorder the digital album. I'm pretty sure that would exclude all the extra stuff you're not interested in, would it not?

Wilson F says

Hi, GAZZA. I think the digital album is the songs only.

The item I'm talking about is the "USB credit card containing the album, artwork, unreleased bonus tracks, and stems for every song on the album." It seems to be available only with the deluxe bundle.

Ron says

Who produced the album?

Michael says

Works on Spotify in NL now! 🙂

Andrew says

Not sure I like that high pitched chirp over the track. Looking forward hearing more tracks. Great artwork.

Daniel says

I'm a huge fan of comic book writer Matt Fraction and artist Albert Monteys. Truly never heard of Jonathan Coulton before Monteys shared the news of the book. So I pre-ordered the book just now. I've heard some songs, which sound great, but I honestly just *need* this book, and will definitely check the music more.

Bryan says

Daniel: hopefully you will thoroughly enjoy JoCo's music, as it seems you have done so with the few tracks you've heard thus far. He's got quite a deep discography to go looking through!

Bryan says

Here you go, Daniel, have fun listening to ALL THE THINGS here: