Artificial Heart – Last Chance Today

By JoCo October 5, 2011

If you were on the mailing list, you would have received the following announcement:

Attention citizens of planet Earth:

I’m writing to let you know that today is the last chance to purchase one of the Artificial Heart bundles. At midnight tonight I’ll be closing sales for good, so I can get to the business of actually sending everything out. Inevitably there will be someone who doesn’t hear about this in time and feels sad that they missed it, but that is the way of things. After sales are closed, the album will be available for purchase in digital form through my regular store and it is in fact already available at iTunes, Amazon, Rdio, etc. (Spotify coming soon I hear – they have a backlog). If you or someone you know needs to have one of these once in a lifetime awesome things, here is the place to make that happen:

In other news, I want to thank everyone who came out to see me open for They Might Be Giants in September on the first leg of their Join Us tour. What a blast! Big, excitable crowds, loud rock music, every show a delight. I will be back for more in November (see list of shows below).

To answer a couple FAQs about my touring schedule:
I don’t know yet about the They Might Be Giants shows that I am not listed on as the opener. This includes the Tulsa makeup show, the January/February leg, and a bunch of other odds and ends. You should consult my site and the TMBG site to figure out if I’m opening for any given show. And chances are if those sites say I’m not opening, that means either I’m not opening or I don’t know yet – believe me, I am not keeping these things secret. The only sure things right now are on the list below. And yes, at some point I will do my own shows again, with the standard eight hour set list that you have all become used to.

To answer a couple FAQs about the bundles:
Level 2 is easy enough to ship out since it’s just a signed CD, so that will happen first. I’m hoping to get those out to everyone in the next couple of weeks. I had to wait until orders were mostly done so I’d have some idea of shirt quantities, so Level 3 is going to take a little longer while I wait for them to get made – more news soon. Level 4 is still up in the air, it’s likely that they won’t ship until end of November at the earliest – yes, it’s killing me too. But there’s at least one item in there that I haven’t told you about that has a super long lead time, but I think is going to be pretty cool to have. I have plans to do fun things will all you Level 4 folks and your nemeses while we wait, so I’m hopeful that you will feel like you’re getting your money’s worth even before you get the box itself. If ever you are too annoyed by all this and you just want your damned money back, just let me know.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased and/or said nice things about Artificial Heart. I hear that today it’s on the iTunes “Rock on the Rise” list, which is kind of exciting. It’s also getting airplay on a few actual radio stations, also exciting. I have already purchased a few private jets in anticipation of it going quadruple platinum. Think ahead, that’s my motto!

Here’s the next round of touring. Let’s learn those new songs, people!

Nov 4 Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot

Nov 5 Boise, ID – Knitting Factory

Nov 6 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory

Nov 8 Vancouver, BC – Venue

Nov 9 Seattle, WA – Showbox SoDo

Nov 10 Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom

Nov 11 Arcata, CA – Van Duzer Theatre

Nov 12 San Francisco, CA – Fillmore

Nov 13 San Francisco, CA – Fillmore

Nov 16 Anaheim, CA – House of Blues

Nov 17 San Diego, CA – Belly Up

Talk to you soonish,



Wes says

Thanks for the shows updates (even if you are using URL shorteners), it's awesome to see fancy pants musicians still communicating with their fans. Also, I'm sure you get this a lot, but I've been listening to the new album on repeat and it has yet to get old. "Dissolve" and "Now I am an Arsonist" are particular are favorites.

Thanks for all the tunes, sir.

Lothaire says

Glad to see you're coming up north (Vancouver), but any chance you'll head out Calgary's way? Anything we could do to... encourage you? :D

SSteve says

Artificial Heart and Join Us are both getting lots and lots of play in my and my wife's house, cars, and workplaces. I'm almost afraid to be this excited about the Arcata concert, but I'm being this excited anyway. And I'm a pretty unexcitable guy.

Angelastic says

"there’s at least one item in there that I haven’t told you about that has a super long lead time, but I think is going to be pretty cool to have."

I know not everyone will share my opinion, but I'm excited about this and I really hope it's a high-Q tokamak and not a baby.

Jill says

Thanks for the update on the shipping schedules. Yay for the "pretty cool to have" item, even if it means I won't have the shirts in time to wear to the PDX concert.

For those of us who neglected to take a screen cap of our results page from the questionairre, will there be a way to get it back so we can puzzle out our nemesis?

Thanks for all the great music. We just can't get tired of it!

beth berkland says

saw you guys in Asheville, and the show was an absolute blast! Still hoping beyond hope that you'll hit Charlotte when you tour solo...loved the interview on TSOYA, i am a goober but you are just a sweetheart. i love hearing how you speak about your family. anyway, blessings to you and yours, enjoy your time off, and thanks as always for your music, your humor, and your genuine nature!

SRDownie says

"Super-long lead time"? It must be ... no, wait ... yes, it HAS to be ... an ... iPhone 5!!!!!!! Yay JoCo and his long-standing connections to the Illuminati!

Aiden S says

My only worry about this now is that i might not get my level 4 bundle before Christmas due to me living in Norway and getting it shipped by boat.

Tara says

:-( Heard about this for the first time this morning. I opted in to the mailing list (got my download and everything) but I guess I never got added. Bah!

Nolly says

Hmm, so far as I know, I am on the mailing list, but I have not received this in email. Thanks for the update; like Jill above, I'm a bit disappointed that I won't have the shirts for the concert (San Diego for me, and the first time I'll be in the audience, not at the merch counter; I had bought a ticket before it was announced that you were opening, and it'll be nice not to be in the back of the house.)

I was given Level 4 as an anonymous birthday gift, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the surprises!

Aiden S says

Are you heading back to europe anytime soon?

Pat8u says

I should be getting it sometime in december then eh I have the music I can wait for the extras

Brett Glass says

Would very much like to see an addition here:

Nov 3 Boulder, CO - Boulder Theater

How can we tempt you to come to the Rockies?

Ashley says

JoCo- I'm sad, I had tickets months in advance just for the fact you would be there and then the show in Tulsa was postponed until next year.

Hope you come back next year!

Fata Morgana says

I guess I'll have to wait until next year for another Dallas show. Sadness. :(

Rachael says

I'm on the mailing list and didnt get this email either.
I did manager to order my level 4 awesomeness, but Id like to think I'll get any mail outs etc..

rachael says

Im on the mailing list, and didnt get this email

Lawrence says

I also did not get emails

James says

19+ in Vancouver makes me sad. :(

Lisa Townsend says

Although I now feel a little foolish for rushing to my mailbox to check to see if a package has arrived, I am more than delighted to know something awesome is eventually going to make it's way to me!!! So, I can't wear the awesome t-shirt to the HOB in worries...I'm THAT flexible!!! I'm just happy to be here!!! The CD has exceeded my expectations and I've even snuck it onto the playlist at the store where I work! Gives me a certain diabolical pleasure! :P My thanks go to you, JoCo, for making having crappy things in life happen seem like such fun! LOL!!! :S

Kim says

I do hope you make it down to South Florida sometime, with or without TMBG! Many of your songs are staples on my running mix ("I Feel Fantastic" and "Sticking it to Myself" in particular), and I love Artificial Heart!