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Full Album (mp3) $80 B
Redshirt $1
Code Monkey - Slashdot $1
Full Album (mp3) $10 B
Sticking It to Myself $1
Artificial Heart $1
Nemeses (Featuring John Roderick) $1
The World Belongs to You $1
Today with Your Wife $1
Sucker Punch $1
Glasses $1
Je Suis Rick Springfield $1
Alone at Home $1
Fraud $1
Good Morning Tucson $1
Now I Am an Arsonist (Featuring Suzanne Vega) $1
Down Today $1
Dissolve $1
Nobody Loves You Like Me $1
Still Alive (Featuring Sara Quin) $1
Want You Gone (Elegant Too Remix) $1
The Stache $1
Full Album (mp3) $10 B
Octopus $1
Re: Vos Cerveaux $1
My Beige Bear $1
Lady Aberlin's Muumuu $1
Washy Ad Jeffy $1
Monkey Shines $1
Big Dick Farts a Polka $1
Space Doggity $1
Always the Moon $1
Blue Sunny Day $1
Full Album (mp3) $10 B
See You All in Hell $1
My Monkey $1
W's Duty $1
Shop Vac $1
Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-a-Lot cover) $1
Someone Is Crazy $1
Brand New Sucker $1
Sibling Rivalry $1
The Town Crotch $1
When I'm 25 or 64
Podsafe Christmas Song $1
Furry Old Lobster $1
Drive $1
Full Album (mp3) $10 B
Flickr $1
Resolutions $1
You Could Be Her $1
I Will (Beatles cover) $1
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance $1
So Far So Good $1
Curl $1
Chiron Beta Prime $1
Take Care of Me $1
A Talk With George $1
Don't Talk to Strangers (Rick Springfield cover) $1
Stroller Town $1
Re: Your Brains $1
Full Album (mp3) $10 B
Madelaine $1
When You Go $1
Code Monkey $1
The Presidents $1
Just as Long as Me $1
Till the Money Comes $1
Tom Cruise Crazy $1
Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen cover) $1
Soft Rocked By Me $1
Not About You $1
Rock and Roll Boy $1
Drinking with You $1
Pizza Day $1
Full Album (mp3) $10 B
SkyMall $1
Seahorse $1
Creepy Doll $1
Under the Pines $1
Big Bad World One $1
Mr. Fancy Pants $1
You Ruined Everything $1
I'm Your Moon $1
The Big Boom $1
Make You Cry $1
Pull the String $1
Summer's Over $1
We Will Rock You (Queen cover) $1
We Are the Champions (Queen cover) $1
Full Album (mp3) $5 B
That Spells DNA $1
I Feel Fantastic $1
Womb with a View $1
Todd the T1000 $1
Better $1
Full Album (mp3) $5 B
The Future Soon $1
Skullcrusher Mountain $1
I Crush Everything $1
Betty and Me $1
Mandelbrot Set $1
Full Album (mp3) $10 B
I'm Having a Party $1
Bozo's Lament $1
Kenesaw Mountain Landis $1
Ikea $1
I Hate California $1
Christmas Is Interesting $1
Over There $1
Millionaire Girlfriend $1
First of May $1
De-Evolving $1
I'm a Mason Now $1
Overhead $1
Full Album (mp3) $10 B
Screwed (Demo) $1
Bills, Bills, Bills (Destiny's Child cover) $1
A Laptop Like You (Demo) $1
Bacteria $1
Brookline (Demo) $1
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance (Demo) $1
Beds Hurt My Booty $1
I Crush Everything (Demo) $1
Skullcrusher Mountain (Demo) $1
The Future Soon (Demo) $1
Gambler's Prayer (Demo) $1
Mandelbrot Set (Demo) $1
Camp Bachelor Alma Mater $1
Full Album (mp3) $4 B
You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette cover) $1
Code Monkey (PG) $1
Mandelbrot Set (PG) $1
The Princess Who Saved Herself $1
Full Album (mp3) $8 B
Fun Winter (Ze Frank cover) $1
Giant Baby (Ze Frank cover) $1
Hindsight (Ze Frank cover) $1
Sandwich (Ze Frank cover) $1
Stay the Same (Ze Frank cover) $1
Ugly (Ze Frank cover) $1
Walnuts (Ze Frank cover) $1
Work this Thing (Ze Frank cover) $1

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