By JoCo January 4, 2007

It seems we’re experiencing a slight rise in evil geniusism.

This Apple blog uses an image I’ve seen somewhere before. That’s a fine ratio of monkeys to ponies, but in my opinion, Cort used too many monkeys. So did Rachel for that matter. Just be careful out there people.


Mike says

Looks like it's time for someone to set up ponymonkeymonstergifts.com

Rachel says

That half-pony, half-monkey monster is pretty fabulous, is't it?

Alas, I can take no credit -- all I did was suggest it. The actual stitchery was done by my friend Emily, whose previous Frankenbeanies broke my brain and made me realize that it was, in fact, possible to make a HaPoMoMo. And lo, it is pleasing indeed.

The Doifter says

How awesome is it that Cort and Lesley, completely unbeknownst to each other, both made pony/monkey monsters? It's like an O. Henry story gone horribly right. That, people, is love.

Stevie says

I knew the second I heard those lyrics that someone, somewhere, would hear them and than make a ponkey/mony creature...

Qaein says

So, this has nothing at all to do with HaPoMoMo's, but I just thought I should mention your vision is being taught in schools - and not just the hum-drum everyday ones like USC. Apparently there's a prof at the University of Washington who has made up a reference chart of different types of deductions using Zombies, Bob, and a reference to writing memos. When my friend who was in the class asked if it was a reference to your song, the prof replied that he was the first to notice. So, little by little, your word is spreading. Viva Bob (and of course his visionary, JoCo)

Daniel Abraham says

Hmm...should look familiar...it's got your autograph on it!


...and can I say, you made the crafter's year with that one.

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