Yes, you. From time to time I get stuff from people, nice stuff, stuff that makes me happy, stuff that’s about me. This is where I keep it. Go ahead and send me something.

A half-pony, half-monkey monster from Jon-Mikel Gates
A popping, locking, honey-voiced Soterios Johnson from Minda H.
A connoisseur of fine suitings and shirtings (who just happens to be de-evolving) from Keller McKowen.
A comic/poster thingummy from John Cei Douglas depicting a weird weekend of romance (and lyrics from Skullcrusher Mountain).
A flash video for Skullcrusher Mountain from Xalen (watch for the dancing henchmen).
A cover of Millionaire Girlfriend from Kevin.
A video for Drive from Kevin Gray.
A cover of Skullcrusher Mountain from David Stevenson.
A half-pony half-monkey monster from Kyle Wynn – note the usual monkey base.
From Luke Le Moignan, a 13-foot-tall cyborg (from “Better”) who clearly is not taking the breakup very well.
From Johnny DeRieux and Jeremiah Clark, a photo of a drawing of a would-be brain eater
At William and Mary they do Spring right – Ryan on guitar and lead vocals, Ehren on Erhu(!), photo by Dan.