By JoCo March 26, 2006

Only recently did I think of setting up a way to buy a subscription to Thing a Week. You can get it as a podcast whether you have a subscription or not, but if you prefer to pay for your music, Paypal would be happy to transfer a dollar a week from you to me for as long as this crazy ride lasts. For those of you kind enough to buy the song every week, this is a nice shortcut. Details are here.


Josh says

This would explain why iTunes is asking me to download everything again.

JoCo says

Hmm, it shouldn't change anything in iTunes. Anyone else having that problem?

Jim Gramling says

Ok, I'm on. I already bought your "virtual albums" and now you've got my buck a week.

I just recently "discovered" you (which I think means I can name you, doesn't it?), but based on the TaW history over the last few months, I am convinced that you will be able to keep this up a while longer before you start sucking. ;-) There's my vote of confidence.

I'm fascinated by this alternative music commerce paradigm ... the Thing a Week thing is nice, but I mean, just the idea of an artist creating and selling immediately instead of waiting a year or so and recording an "album" is an incredible leap forward from the fan's point of view. It remains to be seen if it is that great of a deal for the artist; since most musicians / bands release an album that has maybe 1 or 2 hit / quality tunes (I know ... "hit" and "quality" may be mutually exclusive), it seems like real-time publishing puts a lot of pressure on YOU to produce quality music.

Good luck ... keep up the great work! Just when I started to get robot overlords out of my head, now it's filled with zombies!

Garrick Van Buren says

For some reason, the past Things re-downloaded this morning - all the way back to Chiron Beta Prime. Anyway, thanks for setting up the $1/week subscription.

JoCo says

Sorry about the re-download everyone, I'm not sure what's happening there. I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 this weekend, so maybe something changed in the feed. I also fixed a problem last week where some mp3s were marked as genre=podcast in iTunes and were getting deleted after being listened to. Who knows with these kooky computers!? My iTunes hasn't re-downloaded anything though. Maybe it just knows who I am and it fears my harsh reprisal.

Glenn says

Regarding the re-download thing -- I get this from other feeds, so I'm not sure it's anything you're doing wrong (and possibly something you can't do anything about at all).