Thing a Week 29 – Code Monkey

April 14th, 2006

Yay, monkeys. This is not autobiographical, but I did indeed used to have a job writing software. VB! MS SQL! I affectionately referred to myself and my co-developers as code monkeys, especially when a client asked me a question that I didn’t want to answer (“What do I know? I’m just a code monkey.”).
Now this part is important: tomorrow morning I leave for a week long vacation in a sunny place, and I don’t know how easily I’ll be able to access the internets. I think it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get anything posted, so I’m giving you notice now: I’m taking the week off, I think. If I am in fact unable to post anything, I’ll refund a dollar to all you paying subscribers. The rest of you will just get nothing for nothing, which seems fair.

See you in a week…

Code Monkey

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326 responses to “Thing a Week 29 – Code Monkey”

  1. […] in, I just listened to a TWIT episode 133 which featured Jonathan Coulton the musician who released the song “Code Monkey” back in 2006. I happened to have it on my N810 and I was just going to get up for a smoke break.   I started […]

  2. Eric Mesa says:

    Just heard this on the latest Linux Outlaws – awesome song! It’s gonna get scrobbled real soon now when I listen to it in Rhythmbox

  3. […] people are quite happy being code monkeys (there’s even a song written about them), but that’s not who we are looking for. “Nice” words like […]

  4. isabel says:

    sorry but theres this one song called code monkey!{code monkey get up get cofee code money go to job! Code mnkey go to boring meeting with boring maneger bob!}

  5. SirDregan says:

    Hey there! I just got to your site through the tv series code monkeys. I just wanted to say i love your song, it’s sooo awesome!

  6. Tom findjobs says:

    After spending a couple of hours tracking down “Code Monkey” stuff, I hereby declare that many many people have wayyyy too much time on their hands…enjoy!

  7. Kevin says:

    Saw JC on a IFC interview a couple of months ago for some geek convention they were covering. Really kewl to see The Man on TV. You know you’ve made it. Now if we could just find him a barber….

  8. Chrys says:


    Love your music!! I love this song, is it available as cell ringer? It would be perfect for my fiance’s ringer.

    Thanks for all the music, I hope you can come to the Kansas City area and play soon.


  9. Baragon says:

    Oh geez. I listened to this for a while. It describes me. Like, PERFECTLY. Which scares me. And it makes me wonder. Jonathan, you wouldn’t happen to be Physic, would you?

    Anyway, I’m gonna spit it out. Out of the “thing of the week” this is the best in my opinion. Of course, opinion is opinion.

  10. Jairus-in-a-tie says:

    Great song! Been playing it all afternoon after a programmer friend sent me the link.

    I’m not a code monkey, but I used to be a “boring manager” with an even more boring manager to report to.
    (Why don’t you do the g**-damned financial reports yourself?)

    And the song describes me perfectly, aside from the programming part. (and from the comments here, the song describes a thousand other guys too.)

    Great rhyme, nice tune, very insightful lyrics. Maybe you can write a song for the abused middle-manager? =p

    More power!

  11. I’ve been singing Code Monkey in my head, but I could not understand some of the lyrics (about fritos etc) and I made them up. Here’s my more culture-independent version:

    Code Monkey like riddles
    Code Monkey like paper aeroplanes
    Code Monkey very simple man

    Cheers from Istanbul, Turkey…


  12. ramdom guy says:

    WOW a lotta people post stuff here!

  13. random guy says:

    …… i meant to put a m there….

  14. Akama says:

    So good, this is my life in a song

  15. KnowNoLaw says:

    I really identify with this song, but unfortunately only with the character Rob.

  16. Unbennes says:

    Mine is lucky. He got me before he was Code Monkey, and still has me now he’s Software Architect/DB god. Poor love can’t have Mt Dew any more because of medication conflict. The Tab is for me, and I know it won’t make me fat (has no sugar).

    I only code monkeyed a few months myself, then got downsized and off-shored. Sigh.

    So, love your song, love the Dark Heaven AMV version, love my sweet code monkey.

  17. four20film says:

    Very nice. Great song. Great concept. Great marketing strategy (give away for free). The future of music belongs to the masses. I wish you continued success, and look forward to hearing more!

  18. Adam says:

    That’s great!!! I’m in planning and we are Planning Chimps! :)

  19. MonkeCode says:

    This song about ME!

  20. Ken says:

    This song is amazing. A friend of mine pulled out his iTouch while I was coding the robot for our FTC team, and started playing this song. It’s become my theme song; they insist on playing it whenever I’m writing code. One of them came back with some food, and said, “Don’t let the code monkey eat his hamburger until the robot moves!”

    Awesome song!

  21. VmKid says:

    I really think there’s only one way to end this song: by shouting “I LOVE YOU WHORES!”

  22. Daniel Green says:

    Hi code monkey, your song is AWESOME!! Really loved it, keep up the good work :)

  23. Mohsin says:

    The term “Codemonkey” is not about passionless programming

    It implies that the coder exists to code, as a performing monkey exists to dance.

    It’s mildly self-deprecating but more of a badge of honor.

    Being a codemonkey most definetely does not imply that you write bad code. If you’re any kind of programmer you are a codemonkey. Live it and love it.

  24. Azz says:

    I come from a group of geeks who generally don’t even try to date non-geeks, so something about the “hang around at front desk” verse made me twitch a bit (and apparently some of the other people in the crowd too). So the inside of my head started writing a patch for that verse. This patch may be applied, with no strings attached, by anyone who does anything with the song, if they choose to use it. A large part of the original verse is preserved (particularly: rhyme intact, scansion intact).

    Code Monkey hang around in back room, tell you server look nice.
    Code Monkey offer buy you soda, bring you cup bring you ice.
    You say no thank you for the soda, soda spill on that;
    Anyway you busy with the network card, no time for chat.

  25. mE! says:

    Am kind of a Coding Monkey as well… Nice one 😉 Thanks for this.

    If you’d add a flattr button I guess monkeys ‘d klick!

  26. We are all code monkey till not managers.