Secret Download Spot

Hey! You’re not supposed to be in here!

Ha ha, I’m only kidding, it’s fine. Probably you’re here because you reconfirmed your desire to be on my awesome mailing list, which was totally the right decision. If you’re here for some other nefarious reason, maybe you should think about being on the mailing list.

To thank you, I offer this free download of a preview track from my new album, Artificial Heart, coming out really soon, like super soon, I swear it. Let me tell you something: the fact that you’re here on this page means you’re going to get it before the rest of the world who does NOT care about being on the mailing list, that’s for sure. Here’s the track (click to play, right click or Option-click to download):


That doesn’t sound like me singing because it’s John Roderick is on the lead vocal, while I’m singing the harmony. Don’t worry, it’s me singing on the rest of them (most of them anyway). I hope you like it!