Thing a Week

From September 2005 to September 2006 I recorded a new song every week and released it for free on my website as a podcast. It was an attempt to keep the creative juices flowing as freely as possible, and a way for me to push myself to take risks, work quickly and trust in the creative process. It was also a stunt designed to get people to notice me. It worked, suckers!

It also compelled a guy named Len to do a drawing for each song in the set (Visual Thing a Week), all of which can be seen at Flickr, or in a book you can buy and hold in your hands. Len rules.

Thing a Week is now over, but you can still subscribe to the podcast and get all the songs for free (feel free to donate so you don’t feel guilty). If you’d rather, you can also buy all the songs in CD form or individually as downloadable mp3s.

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