The JoCo Primer – Listening Suggestions

I realize there’s an awful lot of music here, so I’ve come up with a few short lists you can use to get your bearings. If you like what you hear and want more, you can see the entire catalog on the Music page. There are also lots of ways to get free music, buy digital downloads or plain old CDs – just click on the “Getting Music” link above.

4 Most Popular

  •  Code Monkey
  •  Re: Your Brains
  •  Skullcrusher Mountain
  •  Baby Got Back

4 Funny Ones

  •  Tom Cruise Crazy
  •  Ikea
  •  Millionaire Girlfriend
  •  First of May

4 Sad Ones

  •  I Crush Everything
  •  When You Go
  •  So Far So Good
  •  I Hate California

4 Funny/Sad ones

  •  Shop Vac
  •  The Future Soon
  •  Christmas Is Interesting
  •  The Town Crotch

4 Geeky Ones

  •  Mandelbrot Set
  •  Chiron Beta Prime
  •  Bacteria
  •  That Spells DNA

4 Sweet Ones

  •  A Talk With George
  •  Drinking with You
  •  I’m Your Moon
  •  You Ruined Everything