The JoCo Primer – Getting Music

There are lots of ways to get music from me, whether you’re a cyborg from the future with an iPod in your skull, or a little old granny in Idaho with nothing but an antique “CD Player.” Lots of it is freely available depending on how technical you are – you can get all of it for free if you really try. But please remember I do make a living this way, so if you like what you hear I’d certainly appreciate you throwing a little payment or donation my way. If you can’t afford it, for goodness sake please send copies of everything to all of your friends.


  • CDBaby – a great company for independent musicians, and the best deal for me.
  • Amazon – less so, and less so.
  • Live Shows – buy one at a show and I’ll sign it and everything.


  • My Store – best for me if you buy them here, plus you’ll get 192K mp3s with no copy protection of any kind, so you can play them anywhere you want. Pay with credit card, Paypal, Google Checkout and I’ll email you a download link.
  • iTunes – easier for you less technical folks, but at the moment the songs you buy will only work in iTunes or on iPods.
  • Other Places – most of the big online music stores have most of my music available. If not, please let me know.