This is a song written for a video created for a song. All the images come from Flickr, an online database of photos uploaded by anyone – the ones I used have a Creative Commons license which allows anyone to re-use them in a new non-commercial work as long as they are credited, and as long as the new work is released under the same license.

The full video’s pretty big, and even the compresses ones are still kind of a pain. The easiest way to watch is through the google video link below, but if for some reason you’d like to download it and have it forever and ever, you can do that too.

The Big Quicktime Version (17MB)
The iPod Video Version (16 MB)
The Tiny Web Streaming Version (6MB)

If you really think it’s a good idea, you can get the song without the video here.

Flickr photos in order of appearance:

Concord Center
Snow angels
Dave  by candlelight
Danny even tried thinking of baseball.
Sungoddess & Brook
" I think my finger might be broken...."
Soba with everything
Jordan and his would-be mate, at Quark's Bar at the Las Vegas Hilton
This Party's Better than It Seems
Giant panda
Dr. Larder
Key Lime Pie
Ferris Wheel in Sunset
Putting the star on top
Dos Pesos, Brainiac
Item 107. Frosty beverages brought to the judges at the parade
Halloween 056
Wonderful Herpes