One Christmas at a Time Shipping

Those of you keeping score at home know that we’ve had quite a time getting international shipping prices ready for the Christmas box set (at, especially for international shipping outside Canada . We really care about our international fans so I wanted to give a more detailed explanation of what’s going on.

But first, the short version: We weren’t able to get the price break we were hoping for (at least not yet) so the international prices are high. It’s possible (but not guaranteed by any means) that we’ll be able to get a lower rate. If this happens we’ll automatically refund a portion of your international shipping payment if the refund applies to your order (e.g. perhaps we’ll find a price break on cds but not boxes or vice versa–or a price break just for UK or something).

Why is this a problem now–didn’t you guys do international shipping on the Artificial Heart Box Set? Yes, we did–in fact we charged a flat fee for all shipping and it wasn’t high enough to cover the international orders. We ended up eating a lot of the cost of international shipping and that wasn’t so great. We’re trying to be more proactive this time: both in shipping out domestic orders trackably and on a tighter schedule and in shipping international orders with a price tag that reflects the cost to us (and doesn’t require us to set domestic shipping charges artificially high to cover it).

What should I do now? If the current international shipping prices are doable for you, you should order now. Our system tracks shipping countries and we’ll be able to do fine grained emailing and refunding as we get more information (again, refunds are not guaranteed). If you want to purchase but can’t right now, sign up for a notification once there’s more shipping information. You can sign up at the bottom of the page here. If you have specific questions, please do get in touch with us: xmasorders — at — And you can check back on this page, we’ll try to post updates as we get them.