Awesome! So I can just get all this music for free?

By David Mackenzie March 31, 2016

Yes you can, in a number of ways. Though to be honest I’ve knowingly made it easier to buy the music than to get it for free (unless you have this Firefox plugin in which case it’s a snap). And you should keep in mind that you are part of this experiment too. It’s already a success – I get lots of traffic and podcast airplay and even some pretty good internet buzz every now and then. But I depend on your donations and purchases to make the whole thing work. Even a small amount helps. If everyone who came to my site tipped me a dollar, we’d really have something amazing (and I would have all your dollars). Not to make you feel all guilty and everything. Just be relaxed about it, and do what you think is fair. And if you can’t compensate me with actual money, you can help by spreading the word to someone else.


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