BEST. CONCERT. EVER. (On sale now!!!)

BEST. CONCERT. EVER.Finally, Jonathan Coulton brings you evidence of his legendary live show in the form of this DVD and CD super combo package: BEST. CONCERT. EVER.

In case you missed that link just now, here it is again:

Buy BEST. CONCERT. EVER. right now!!!

Also available at various retail outlets and online at your Amazon, your Best Buy, your Barnes and Noble. I even hear reports that it is actually in some physical stores, but you may want to check first before you put your pants on and leave the house – I’m not [INSERT FAMOUS PERSON] you know. And if you are responsible for purchasing stock for your own retail outlet and would like to carry this DVD, please contact me and I will hook you up.

This concert was performed and recorded in front of a live audience in San Francisco, CA at The Great American Music Hall. The DVD features zombies, Paul and Storm, Kristen Shirts on Ukulele, Jonathan Coulton on Zendrum, various internet superstars playing Rock Band, documentary and interview segments, audio commentary, bonus material, and footage shot by actual fans on actual consumer-grade cameras. All the songs from the DVD are also made available to you as audio, packaged in convenient CD form.

Do you see what I am saying? You get a DVD and a CD for one low low price and IN ONE PACKAGE.

Wherein you will find these songs: The Future Soon, Ikea, Shop Vac, I’m Your Moon, Baby Got Back, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, Chiron Beta Prime, Tom Cruise Crazy, Code Monkey, Creepy Doll, Mr. Fancy Pants, I Crush Everything, Skullcrusher Mountain, Mandelbrot Set, You Ruined Everything, Re: Your Brains, A Talk with George, Still Alive, I Feel Fantastic, and First of May.

You’re saying, “But JoCo, when can I buy it?” Why are you saying that? Dude, it’s available right now, seriously! I know!

Buy it!