Some Guys Is Charting

ByJoCo April 3, 2019

“You mean Some Guys ARE Charting.” No, I do not!

The week of April 6, 2019, Some Guys is #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, #6 on Independent Albums, #9 on Digital Albums, #19 on Americana/Folk, and #29 on Top Album Sales. This is more than a little surprising to me! I expect I will drop off all the charts completely next week, as is my custom. Also, I’m not sure why my oldest, most nerd-pander-y photo is the one they’re using all over Billboard, but I wish I had gotten that T-shirt one size larger.

The Kickstarter was an amazing success, topping out at just over $150,000. At the time of this writing, I think that most if not all orders have been sent out including digital copies as well as the top tier Super Powered Mystery Boxes. It’s been officially released on all the digital music stores, and physical copies are still available through BackerKit for a limited time. Eventually this will transition to a physical merch store on my site, which I am busy setting up just as soon as I start doing it WHICH IS SOON. The vinyl LP edition is on Amazon as well, and the CD will be ALSO SOON. More links:

iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and right here on this site

I really can’t thank everyone enough for the overwhelming number of positive comments about this album. I’m very proud of it, and I feel so lucky that my job is such that I got to turn what is kind of a dumb idea on paper into a real thing that seems to be bringing people so much joy. Thank you, and please keep telling everyone how great it is!


Ash says

Congrats man, you really do deserve all the success you get. Keep it up!

Marni Penning Coleman says

I'm listening to this daily. I love that you reproduced them as exactly as possible; they're beautiful. Some people ruin covers by putting their "spin" on them, and these are nostalgic and true and unique because they're in *your* voice. Bravo. 😊❤️

Jim Woodrum says

I would LOVE to get my hands on karaoke versions of these songs. I mean, your voice is great and all, but I would very much enjoy replacing it with mine. Is that in the works? I am quite certain I am not alone.