Season 2 of Going Deep with David Rees

By JoCo November 9, 2015

Guys, this show is GREAT. David Rees is a good friend, and I think he’s pretty brilliant, and this show is like if Mr. Rogers was very funny and did a science show. My wife was one of the show’s creators, so YES, I am a little biased maybe, but I would be saying all of this anyway because I truly love it.

The new season premiers this Wednesday November 11 on the Esquire Network, and if you know what’s good for you, and if you have ever trusted me about ANYTHING, you should watch it.

The trailer and some clips from the show are here.

Oh I know, a show on TELEVISION? What even IS the Esquire Network? Probably it is a number on your cable box. You can do this! I believe in you!


Mark Z says

For the David Rees fans without cable, you can buy individual episodes on Amazon!

Johnathan Burd says

Um, this is kinda a "small world" story...

When Going Deep was on NatGeo I watch it enthusiastically. Me and my wife both reveled in the seemingly silly premise that actually ends up teaching you some interesting things. Then it was gone. From time to time I would check the guide to see if it was back but eventually I gave up. After all, I hadn't seen a single commercial for it so I assumed it was another good thing gone the way of the Condor.

Then tonight, on a whim, I come here. I haven't been to this site in four years and the first thing I see is this.

Thank you JoCo for bringing David back into my life!