Going Deep Theme Song

By JoCo August 11, 2014

If you only follow me here on this blog, you might not yet have heard me screaming about this on Twitter. But there’s this show called Going Deep with David Rees, starring my friend David Rees, and created by, among others, my wife Christine Connor. It’s really good. It airs Monday nights on Nat Geo, but some episodes are now on Hulu if you don’t have that network where you are. It’s a science show, but also more than that, and perhaps even the “best show since Cosmos”, which is not too shabby.

Anyway, I wrote the theme song. Originally it was longer and had words, but that’s very out of style on TV these days, so they used a shorter and mostly instrumental version. Because we have the internet however, I can distribute the full-on, old-timey style, heavily lyric’d version for you to enjoy. Look, here it is!

Going Deep with David Rees theme

Very proud of the song, but even more proud of all the friends and wives who made this great show. You should watch it, and report back to me.


Wilson says

Sadly, the Canadian Nat Geo channel isn't showing it, and Hulu isn't available in Canada, either. Enjoying the song, though. : )

ET says

Loving this a lot. Are you also responsible for the 'what have we learned' music, and if so, would you consider making it available too? Thanks!

insaninater says

The show makes me laugh, and also learn stuff! It's crazy that they felt it necessary to shorten a 28 second long song.

Any chance we'll get an acoustic version at some point?