Code Monkey Save World ON SALE

By JoCo October 16, 2013

I’m happy to report that the Kicktarter Greg Pak and I launched a long time ago has born delicious fruit, i.e., bananas.

cmsw1 cover

Code Monkey Save World #1 is now available online through ComiXology. If you were a Kickstarter backer at the digital level or higher, you should have already received your download code (and if not let us know!). But if you missed out the first time around, you can now buy it the old fashioned way, with money.

I’m really happy with it. Greg Pak and everyone else has done a fantastic job of fitting all these different pieces together in a way that’s natural and funny and poignant and just generally awesome. Thanks to everyone who made this possible – I’m still amazed that this thing exists.

Issue #2 is mostly done, and we’ll be rolling that out to backers soon, and to the public soon after. We hope to have all four issues finished and available digitally in the next couple of months, and the physical book (and the 25,000 other physical items from the Kickstarter) done and shipping in February of 2014. I will likely have copies with me on the cruise.

We do plan to make physical copies available for sale in some way, but haven’t yet figured out how best to do that. A lot depends on how it’s received by the general public. One of the side effects of crowd funding is that you basically chop off the top of your sales curve and eat it all up immediately, and then you don’t know how much of a market there is for a thing outside your supporters. So I don’t know if we’ll have some sort of distributor, do it ourselves, or find some other solution. But do not despair: if you were not a backer and want it, we will make sure there’s a way for you to get it.

OK, stop reading and start READING.


aok666 says

I still haven't had my Code Monkey #1 download code. I tried messaging Greg Pak through Kickstarter but got no reply :-( please help?