Code Monkey Save World

By JoCo April 22, 2013

About a week ago my friend Greg Pak and I announced a secret project we’ve been working on called Code Monkey Save World. It’s a graphic novel based on characters from a few JoCo songs, and we’re funding it through Kickstarter. Here’s the cover:

Greg Pak is an old friend from college, and a talented writer of many comics including “Planet Hulk,” “Batman/Superman,” and “Magneto Testament.” Artist Takeshi Miyazawa will do pencils and inks, Jessica Kholinne (“X-Treme X-Men”) will color, and Simon Bowland (“Incredible Hercules”) will letter.

Boy howdy, this internet thing moves fast! I was expecting a slow ramp up that would allow me to carefully compose a thoughtful blog post about the nature of crowd funding. Instead, we blew through our goal of $39,000 in less than a day, and we currently sit at around $125,000. We’ve already increased the page count from 60 to 80, kind of a retroactive stretch goal arbitrarily set at some number that was higher than we ever expected to get, and we’ve got other stuff planned for even more ridiculous numbers.

FOR INSTANCE: today we’ve announced that if we reach $130,000 we’ll increase the page count yet again to 96 pages, which means four covers, the back cover, 80 pages of story, and eleven pages of extras and goodies. That’s 32 more story pages than we originally planned. And as part of those 11 pages of goodies, we’ve enlisted Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, the creators of “Action Philosophers” and “Comic Book Comics,” to create a little two page story based on one of my songs (probably “Mandelbrot Set”).


Honestly, the response has blown my expectations out of the water. My sincere thanks to everyone who has already chipped in – it’s going to be an amazing thing thanks to you guys. Everyone knows this already, but it’s pretty great living here in the future.

You can check out more artwork, story details, and all the various cool stuff available to backers here at our Kickstarter project.


Derek DeVries says

I would be honored to add this to my comic pull.

Roop says

The $200k stretch goal is AWESOME! Hoping you guys reach it, as I'd love a new acoustic album (and many more like it in the future, be it new or previous songs)!

Shannon says

I'd be lying if I said that this project didn't make me giddy. It does. It also makes me wonder if it will be promoted at all at San Diego Comic-Con in July? Any chance of this happening or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

Smedley says

I think this is great, and I have already pledged. How high does the kickstarter have to go before you work "Pizza Day" and "Shop Vac" into it?

Mattface says

I'm really psyched about this! I went in for the $25 trade paperback level on day one, and I love that my reward keeps getting better as more people support the project. I'm considering bumping up to $35 for the poster, though I don't really have anywhere to put a poster. Code Monkey is so damned CUTE!

Please tell me there will be a half pony half monkey monster? That would please me. I made THIS half pony half monkey monster to please a girlfriend on her birthday.

Joe says

I really wish I could go see you guys at the signing/mini-show in Brooklyn tomorrow. If I was home right now I would, but I'm stuck at school for another 2 and a half weeks. Oh well, one of these days the timing will work out and I'll be able to meet JoCo at last

Ray says

So I see on this cover:

Code Monkey and Receptionist (obviously)
Doll from Creepy Doll
Evil Genius from Skullcrusher Mountain
The Squid from I Crush Everything
The Girlfriend from Better?
and the guy from Future Soon?