Last Shows of 2012

By JoCo December 6, 2012

Hello peoples!

We’re in the final stretch of this year, so buckle up!

The big headline: we’ve added a New York City show at City Winery on December 14th. Think of it as a sort of album release celebration/Christmas Spectacular. John Roderick and I will delight you with songs from our new Christmas album One Christmas at a Time, as well as a selection of your favorite me songs and him songs. Tickets still available:

The Deluxe Gift Box edition of One Christmas at a time can still be ordered in time for Christmas delivery in the US – shipping will likely start next week. After this weekend we won’t be able to promise by-Christmas delivery, so if you’re getting this as a gift for someone, best do it now:

Are you getting excited about JoCo Cruise Crazy? Because I sure am. We’re nearing the close of the booking window at this point – we have to adjust the amount of cabins we have on hand to match demand as closely as possible so we don’t end up with a bunch of empties. So if you’re on the fence about going, don’t wait too long because soon our selection of cabin types is going to start getting limited. You should come!

Tour has been great, and this bus thing is amazing. Turns out all that driving was making me grumpy and tired, and now that I don’t have to do it, I’m only slightly grumpy and tired! Thanks to everyone who has come out to see us – the shows have been terribly fun for us to play. Just a few left and then that’s it for me this year…

12/6 Charlotte:
with John Roderick

12/7 Orlando:
supershow with I Fight Dragons and MC Lars AND John Roderick

12/8 St. Petersburg:
with John Roderick

12/14 New York City:



Alec says

Hey Jonathan I know this has nothing to do with this but I figured since it would be the first comment you would see it! Talk about awesome irony!

KWCarlson says

Was at the St Pete show, was fantastic. As to that picture,all it needed was a car in the background with the license plate: "Skullcrusher" to round it out.

Demetrius says

@Alec - I came here to post a link to that same article!

Paul says

I'll just bet that monkey would enjoy some Fritos, a Tab and/or Mountain Dew. Now I have to ask, WHY are our monkey-related issues being outsourced to Canada? Will we Americans stand idly by while a Monkey Gap develops? I say, NO.

Chad says

FUCK, I missed the Charlotte show... WTF!? *SOBS UNCONTROLLABLY*

Seriously though, I totally missed hearing about it. D: My first chance to see you live and I missed it... THIS JUST SUCKS! Please come back to NC in the future, JoCo! I will shout your tour dates from the top of a mountain and do a lot of other crazy things... >_>

Kev says

I came here to say exactly what Chad just posted! Come back to Charlotte- I totally missed my one golden opportunity!