Streaming Salt Lake City Show

By JoCo November 27, 2012

People of the world: I’m playing at The Stateroom in Salt Lake City tonight with John Roderick. Through the magic of radio (probably not radio actually, dunno, demons maybe?) we’ll be streaming the whole show live in HD with a great audio mix in a fantastic room. It’s going to kick ALL YOUR ASSES.

Go here to watch. Showtime is 8 PM MOUNTAIN TIME, but the buy button and all the show details will be on that page starting at 7:30 MOUNTAIN TIME. It costs $5 for the whole show and you can pay with Paypal.

I’ll also be taking questions from the internet audience during the show. And don’t feel bad if you miss it, because I think there will be a way to buy it later. Maybe?

It’s an experiment!


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George says

I just wanted to post comment. I was at the show and thought it was an amazing experience. The banter with the audience and the band was delightful and hilarious. I hope to catch future performances if you are in the area. Thanks for the great show!

TheFairlaner says

Attended the show at The Stateroom. Awesome as always, JoCo. Have seen you several times at PAX. Loved you in the more intimate venue. Thanks and come back soon!

BlackGaff says

It was an amazing show! I hope for another appearance at the State Room. I'm kicking myself that I left without a Christmas Sweater t-shirt.

Lockjaw says

GREAT show last night! My fiance was pretty much a JoCo virgin & I've been a fan since the TAW days. I don't know who had a beter time! The bass player is amazing and the drummer bears a passing resemblance to Ringo Starr. JoRo (is that a thing?) was great as well. It was great seeing so many people there. Love the Chrstmas CD! And yeah, it was even nice to finally meet Scarface. Thanks Jonathan and crew. I still owe you a drink.

Craig says

Well it's good that we'll be able to purchase the show later, because the only thing that kicked my ass was that I just read this post this morning.

Allison Madsen says

Fantastic show!! We had such a great time!

Eric says

Yes, it was such a great concert and a delight to meet JoCo and Mr. Roderick after the show! I hope that you return to SLC in the future, and am looking forward to purchasing a copy of the concert!

Andrew says

Being at the show last night was a blast! I would love to buy a copy of the stream if that becomes possible.

maletero says

Thanks for the experiment! I wasn't able to make it to the show (thanks, stupid apendicitis!), but was able to stream. Great show!

I, too, hope you make it back to Utah soon.

SSteve says

I just read the post today but would have missed the streaming anyway. Choir rehearsal you know. I will certainly buy this when it becomes available. Assuming it's downloadable. I live in Nearly Internetless Hills in Northern California so streaming isn't an option for me.

Also, how about deleting that oh-so-spammy first post? I don't think it is really bringing about fine satisfy within the music enthusiast.

Aaron says

Fantastic show guys, hope you make it back to SLC soon

Steve says

Saw the wonderful show last night in Austin and love having the chance to see a similar show from the same tour the very next day. Take my $3!!!

Great band, BTW!

- Steve

Michael says

Just paid my 3 bucks, enjoying the show now... Please Jonathan, do this sort of thing more often! Hugely successful experiment..

Sean says

It was indeed a great show!
If you missed the show or want to watch it again and again, you can still catch the replay online for only $3!
Just go to
and the show is under the pay per view menu.

Gary D says

Great Houston birthday concert. The recorded SLC show is now $5 for the rest of the month.

Zach says

Is there a way that I can purchase a show permanently and simply download it?

Andy says

Not that I can tell. I sent them an e-mail asking about it, but have gotten no reply.