Nov/Dec Christmas Miracle Tour

By JoCo October 24, 2012

All tickets are on sale for the big Nov/Dec tour with the band. You should totally buy them!

11/24 Los Angeles
11/25 San Diego
11/27 Salt Lake City
11/28 Denver
11/29 Tulsa
11/30 Austin
12/1 Houston
12/2 Dallas
12/4 Nashville
12/5 Atlanta
12/6 Charlotte
12/7 Orlando
12/8 St. Petersburg

This is my first ever bus tour, and I’m pretty excited about it. For those of you who don’t know how this works, and I was one of them until recently: you do the show, then get on the bus and go to sleep while someone else (a robot I think?) drives it to the next city. It’s a little more expensive than what it would cost to rent a van and a trailer and pay for hotel rooms, but it allows me to reach some cities I couldn’t otherwise get to by driving myself. And it means that when we start the show, we won’t all be strung out and exhausted from a 6 hour drive. Also probably hookers and blow I think.

One more thing: we’ve all noticed that the internet has lately gotten pretty crowded with people asking other people to come see things, or buy things, or kickstart things. Even I want the internet to shut up sometimes. The truth is, it’s harder and harder to get anyone’s attention these days. I can guarantee that some people are just hearing about these shows now, and some other people will not hear about them until after I’ve already played in their city. THIS IS A TERRIBLE CRIME! This doesn’t EVER need to happen here in 2012. So I’m saying this for all of us: if you know someone who would want to go to one of these shows, you should make sure they know about it. Spread the word: retweet, retumbl (?), re-facebook-erate (??), and pinterrupt (pretty sure that’s a thing) your friends.

I’m only trying to help you!


John Kerr says

So, still no Glasgow, eh!

SSteve says

Hookers and Blow? Are they your new opening band? How did Paul and Storm take the news?

Craig Clark says

You forgot one: irredditate.

Ian says

Woo, See you at the Fitz! (Houston show)

Selene says

Oh i love you so much JoCo , I will be in Houston waiting for you:)

Bill says

But... but... what happened to St. Louis?

Hannah says

Woooo! Houston!! Finally!!

Pryankster says

Geez, JoCo, if my "Rock Band" experience is any indicator, shouldn't you be well past the "Bus" stage, and have a "Jet" already?

Anivasion says

I was hoping to see you get closer to Indianapolis again. My job only lets out my leash far enough to allow me to wander into the bordering states. Maybe a New Year miracle tour could get you to Chicago?

Josh says

I'm excited to see you back in the south!! Hopefully my classes will be over for the Atlanta or Charlotte show so I'll have time to drive up there! :D

Jess says

Will Paul and Storm be opening for you in Denver?

Scott says

Go JoCo Go!

and yes there will be plenty of hookers and blow.

Amanda says

You know, JoCo, the Canadians are a very hospitable people. Just saying.

Alec says

Hey Jonathan I am from Omaha, Nebraska! I wish you would come here, I hate the fact that I have to drive such a distance to be able to come and see you! I don't know how but it would be awesome if you could come to Omaha sometime!

A.C. says

Please come to Baltimore or DC. Please?

Dorian says

I cry for philadelphia…

Kelsey says

Oh boy! Those Atlanta tickets sound like a good birthday present to myself. And hey, we share a birthday from what I can see (December 1st right?) so that's always fun :>

Joey says

Where's the NY shows, sir?

JEHopkins says

I wish that more artist would make their way to Albuquerque, but I understand why they don't.

We don't have a lot of blow out here, but perhaps we can entice you with some meth? Meth is a great way to lose weight, I'm writing a book about it, I'm calling it "The South Beach Diet".

Mike Ford says

I'll bring the Houston peeps out in force, but only if you promise to have "Space Doggity" in the set. We're big Laika fans around here.

Marisa says

Great show last night at the Wilbur, hope your guitar has sobered up. I left before you and the Hodge signed stuff, because the place was so crowded and the lines were so long, but rest assured, I have told my friends to begin stockpiling all the mayonnaise they can find. We figure once we're secure, we'll let the Connecticut people have some of our trickle-down mayonnaise--we don't want to make them dependent on handouts, after all, poor Connecticutians.

In seriousness, though, will the merch booth ever have more of those Jo-Color it books in the future, or some stickers/decals? This has been my third time seeing you live and they never seem to have any. And I do wish so for those.

Paul says

Nashville... can't wait! I'll be there. Can I bring my Shop Vac for you to autograph?

Collin "The Ham" Stan says

Good luck on the tour, wish some more northern locales were on the agenda but whatevs :P

Michael Murphy says

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I have waiting for you to come to Orlando for years. Me and my friend are going to try our best to be there.

Kerry says

Still reeling from the show at the Wilbur. Note to self: trade in my dog for a houseboat. I hope to see you back in Boston or Providence again next year. Have a great tour!

christina says

Why o why aren't you coming to Cleveland? We're sorta cool and besides I would come see you!
Midwest JOCO Fan

Noel Eiffe says

Wot no Boston? No east coast? We have Christmas here, if you hadn't checked that...

James says

Even though I live I live in Richmond VA ( which I know you will not come to), can you do something in NY so I can fly in to see it?