It’s On

By JoCo June 1, 2012

I’m on tour! I may not have time to blog, ha ha ha.

Tonight is Boston, tomorrow New York City.

Next week is Rochester, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Alexandria (sold out!), and Philadelphia.

Then comes Ann Arbor, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver.

I’m delighted to have John Roderick opening at all these shows – he’s an amazing songwriter and a good friend, plus it means we can do Nemeses EXACTLY LIKE IT IS ON THE ALBUM. The band and I had our final rehearsal last night and have collectively decided that it’s going to be awesome.

This last couple of years I’ve worked very hard and done a lot of new and different things – the new album with the Flansburgh, the band, the tour with They Might Be Giants. I’m so looking forward to getting it out in front of you guys. Thank you for continuing to pay attention and care. See you soon.



Jordan says

Hope you have a good tour!
(Even though you're not coming to Florida..)

Andrew says

We'll be there tonight - a whole nerd family! Looking forward to a great show.

Jeff says

So sorry to see that the Birchmere is sold out. Maybe next time you're in the area....

Scott says

But Phoenix!

Ben says

But Dallas loves you. Soooo much. Why have you forsaken the Big D? You whetted our appetite on the TMBG tour...wish we could get the full-on Coulton.

Hope to see you on another leg!

Doug says

You need to come back to Columbus, OH!

Sara says

Y'all need to come back to the south, now, y'hear?

Lisa says

Yes. Dallas. You'd much rather come now than in August!

And if not Dallas, then most anywhere in Texas would do. Just come. Please.

trick says

No Pittsburgh?

Scott says

I saw you in Providence with TMBG. Yours was the better part of the show. Hope to see you back in the Ocean State. :)

Kholdstare89 says

Oh how we miss you in Tennessee. Chattanooga or Nashville would be wonderful. ;)

Kate says

Having a show sell out is GOOD! Yay!

Brittany says

I saw you at the Orange Peel in Asheville when you came with TMBG. That's when I first heard your music I was sad when you got off stage. You need to come back soon!

Jake Kiley says

Come to South Dakota, we will make it a good time for you!

Chris says

I'm sure it's just an oversight, but I didn't see Atlanta on the list. Bring back the Band, please. Also, we've always loved Paul and Storm, but would love the chance to get to know John Roderick. PLEASE!!! :)

axely says

Can you please come to sweden?

Dan Connaughton says

The concert last night was great! My wife was a little upset about Ikea being absent so you should probably start doing 3 hour shows to get everything in. (or karaoke in the middle? oooo!) But the obvious highlight of the show was "Lunchlady". Well done sir!

Daniel Rodriguez says

So looking forward to the concert in NYC tonight! It's going to be awesome. :D

Tyler says

Hope to see video of Nemeses! Love it. Btw... Ohio needs some love JoCo!!!

Antijen says

Looking forward to the Alexandria show! I'm so glad you've got John Roderick with you, it's going to be so great!

Karl says

Have our Philly tickets and can't wait.

Jeff P. says

Great show last night in Boston! Good luck with the rest of the tour.

Eric F says

Great show in Boston. First time I've seen you outside of the internets. What was that insane contraption you played in your encore?

Roz Warren says

New York was great. Looking forward to Philadelphia. One a week is about right.

Katrina says

<3! I was hoping for Nemeses, and now it will be perfect (along with everything else). Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto Wednesday. I promise not to accost you again!

Scott says

Congrats on the tour and all of the good things happening, you've put in your time and it's great to see it all coming together.

Heidi says

Yay! JoCo and JoRo- frenemies playing "Nemeses." We're coming from San Diego to see you in SFO. Can't wait!

ZSandmann says

Another vote for a Texas show!

Trampas says

Driving 400 miles to Minneapolis for the show, just like last year! And I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

ke7en says

Flying from Vegas to see you in Seattle with my best friend from college, so thanks for the great music and the excuse to see an old friend.

Steven Mitchell says

You were incredible in Rochester. Thanks for a great show.

Marshall says

Really wish I could make it to the Toronto show, but sadly the timing just stinks right now. Hopefully next time.

Jess says

Eff yeah, you're sold out in Alexandria! Greater DC Metro area represent! My boyfriend (who introduced me to your music) and I will be there....can we say hi after the show?? :D

Brett Glass says

Alas, will not see you soon... unless you will allow me and my wife -- you may remember her from Denver -- to buy you lunch as you drive from Minneapolis to San Francisco. (That is, IF you drive; don't know if you will be making that hop by air.) But if you are driving and want a really good meal at about noon on the 19th, let us know. We have some great restaurants here in Laramie.

Glenn K. says

Come to Dublin.

Glenn K. says

It's a merry, musical town, and your brand of troubadouring would be much appreciated.

Invariel says

Toronto was a blast. Come back soon!

@euonymous says

JoCo, we caught your show in Boston. As much as we love you, and we DO love your music, the Paradise was a bad experience. No chairs. Horrible acoustics distorted your music, and if I didn't know the words to most songs I would never have known what they were about. Please find some place else in Boston or do something about the distortion and horrible acoustics. (Love your drummer. Dreadful opening act. Prefer Paul and Storm.) Cute comments about your kids. Wish we could have enjoyed it more. Maybe another time. Hope the rest of the tour is a gazillion times better than Boston.

Jericho Larson says

You should try to come to Bozeman Montana sometime! Or at least somewhere in Montana!

Lisa says

Vermont, please.

Eddie says

A Code Monkey saying Hi! from Greece :)

Kina-Chan says

Any chance of you ever doing a gig in England? My friends (who's brains I have infected with your awesome) and I would love to see you play live~ My Mother and Sister too, for that matter XD
Incentive? We'll bring you lots of soap and ban Mayo from the venue? I can't make any promises on the cheese though ... ¬.¬ <3
Also, some of us are putting together a live action video for Creepy Doll (and maybe other songs between our hundreds of planned projects) that will hopefully be awesome~
I'll end my mini essay there lol
Kina-Chan xxx

Clayton says

Hey JoCo, thanks for the show at the Rex here in Pittsburgh! We had a great time and were still talking about it at work. I'm glad to have heard your meanings behind some of of the songs. 'You Ruined Everything' makes me smile every time, now that I realize what you were singing about.

Josh says

See ya in Ann Arbor!

Was going to go in 2009 but I lived like 4 hours away :\

Mike says

The Portland show is all-ages, FYI. It is still listed on this site as "21+" but it is all-ages on the Aladdin Theater site, and I called them to confirm that it has been changed. So bring the kids!

Brian says

Thanks for a fantastic show in Rochester. Roderick put on a good opening act and we've enjoyed listening to the album we purchased on his recommendation. Your set list was great, and the band really sounded awesome all together. It was a special treat to see Steven Page join you on stage for the encore. JoCo is always welcome in the Flour City.

Dane says

Thanks for a great show last night in Chicago! Dragged my cousins along 'cause I didn't feel like going out alone; this was their first exposure to your music & they loved it. Two new converts!

P.S. WTF is that, uh, "instrument" you're playing for Fancypants?? Loads of fun; the messed up lyrics made it even funnier :-).

Joshua G. says

I have been a fan since I first heard your music. I am thankful you are able to tour, and bring your talents to the stage. I will be seeing you in Portland as my one birthday wish. Since my birthday is the most important day in my tiny, self-involved world. I mean it as a compliment of the highest sort.
Looking forward to seeing you live.

Jonah says

I was so excited that you played "I Crush Everything" in NYC. I was so excited just to get to hear you play at all. Great show, hope the rest of the tour is just as awesome.

schnucken says

I am sooo excited to see you in SF tomorrow... had tix for last time but spaced out on the date and nearly throttled myself for the stupidity!

ChicagoMike says

Great show in Chicago last weekend! I liked the fancy pants rendition (Dane--the instrument is a zendrum: Scarface really does sing like an angel. You should put him on the next album.

Next time you come to town, I'd love to hear some covers, too!

Kevin B. says

Saw you at the GAMH last night. Your set was awesome (though I agree with the anonymous audience member - the mix needed more guitar at times), but something else stood out:

WTF happened to the chairs?!? I've been to every JoCo SF show, and my least favorite was the TMBG show, largely because I don't like being packed in so tightly with my fellow nerd - I like my fellow nerd well enough, but I like him better at arm's length. I was happy this show was going to be at the GAMH again, as I figured it meant a return to JoCo status quo. :(

(Also, it's likely worth noting that the show was advertised "All Ages" - a friend of ours was distressed with "First of May" showed up in the setlist.)

Allie says

I'm very jealous of America right now. Do you think you'll ever come to England to tour? I'd be all over that.