Ask Me Another Debut

By JoCo May 4, 2012

You may remember me talking about this new NPR quiz show I’m a part of called Ask Me Another. I’m excited to tell you that the first episode is available as of this morning as a podcast. Rumor has it that you can also listen through the NPR News app, and I expect it will appear in the list of iTunes NPR podcasts soon. It should start airing shortly on the actual radio in various time slots in various cities – I don’t know all the details so check with your local NPR affiliate, or you know, just use your computing devices to listen.

I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like working on this show – I guess nobody was, because it’s a brand new thing that we’re all figuring out as we go along. But we found our groove pretty quickly, thanks to the talented performers I was lucky enough to share the stage with. There was stuff that worked and stuff that didn’t, but hey, that’s what editing is for. And really, sometimes my favorite moments of these shows are the parts that go wrong. Mistakes are the best! That’s why I make a lot of them! It’s a live audience and actual human contestants, so there’s always plenty of room for strange things to happen. Anyway, I hope that the end result is as fun to listen to as it was to make.

The whole first season (13 episodes) has been recorded and will air over the next few months. I don’t know yet if there will be additional seasons – I hope so, but it depends on how well this first one does. We’ll know soon.

Go listen!

Podcast page

Main show page

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Loonar says

Great stuff -- can't find it on either MPR (MN) or CPR (CO) yet, but let the lobbying begin!

R-A-D-I-O! R-A-D-I-O! R-A-D-I-O! And JoCo rules the AIR-O!
(with a little help from Her Ripe Begonias, of course)

Craig says

Just listened to the podcast and it was as enjoyable as the AMA shows I was able to attend. Here's hoping you get a second season (and beyond).

Barry says

I downloaded it directly because neither of the RSS links I've come across for it have allowed Juice to download the first episode.

Needless to say, you steal the show.

Jef Taylor says

Thought the show was pretty good, puzzles were also pretty good; you Jonathan are far and away the best part of it. I'm hoping that the main host warms up a little and settles into the role. She seemed to not quite "get" you and Hodgman completely. Anyway, good start, and I will be a faithful listener--I hope it gets picked up for a second season!

Mr. David M. Beyer says

Heard it. Liked it. Just needs time to hit its stride and find its pace, I think. I agree with Jef's comment about the host. I actually didn't know anything about this. Somehow. Happened to hear it on the radio today, and almost drove off the road! The concept and the JoCo, plus a heaping helping of Hodgman, nearly proved fatal for myself, my wife, and my poor toddler. Who is currently taking off his shoes and staring intently at a pile of dog poop. Gotta go.

Elizabeth West says

Gonna check it out. I love the way you sing. Also, you're funny. "Creepy Doll" is one of my favorite songs LOL. :)

Brett Kuehner says

I saw a taping of one of the later episodes, and they had definitely found their groove by then. Plus, as far as the JoCo content, one word: "JoCo covers Weird Al songs". Hmm, that's a lot more than one word. Maybe if you say it really fast?

Jim says

You did a damn fine job. I really hope this continues, because it's got the same whimsy, irreverence, and intelligence of the great panel games (QI, anyone?) Really enjoyable.

Nick says

JoCo, I've been hooked on AMA since episode 1, and it's now a required part of my podcast rotation. Moar JoCo! :)

Isaac says

I'm just getting caught up on AMA and I'm loving it! Aside from being totally entertaining, your short covers of unusual songs for the show have inspired me to learn a few of them (like "Working for the Weekend").

Cassia says

I actually found you BECAUSE of the podcast, which I LOVE. You have wonderful talent, I love your covers and your original songs. I sure hope the show continues on. It makes my commute so much more pleasant.

Mimi Harrison says

I am a devoted NPR listener living in Washington, DC. I've just been listening to the DC debut of Ask Me Another. Since you've asked for opinions, I'm sorry to say I found it forced, unfunny, and very annoying. Very annoying. The easy wit and banter that make shows like Wait Wait.... are missing. I hate to say something so negative, but I guess I will be turning my radio off during this time slot if the program continues.