Artificial Heart Tour

ByJoCo March 26, 2012

I know, this album has already been out for around 15 years, but there’s no new one yet. So this is the official Artificial Heart tour, I just decided it.

Listen, as much fun as it was traveling with and opening for They Might Be Giants, the 30 minute set created a lot of rockus interruptus for me and the band. We’re really looking forward to getting back out there with luxurious amounts of time on stage so we can play all the songs we know. And then I will also play some songs solo that only I know, perhaps on the acoustic guitar. IT WILL BE A REAL SHOW AND WE WILL DO A GREAT JOB. You should come. (There will be some sort of opening act too, details soon I hope.)

Hey, look at all these dates! Tickets on sale now!

The Paradise – Boston, MA
Friday June 1, 8 PM

Gramercy Theater – New York, NY
Saturday June 2, 8 PM

German House Theater – Rochester, NY
Tuesday June 5, 8 PM

The Mod Club – Toronto, ON
Wednesday June 6, 8 PM

Rex Theater – Pittsburgh, PA
Thursday June 7, 8 PM

The Birchmere – Alexandria, VA
Friday June 8, 7:30 PM

World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA
Saturday June 9, 8 PM

The Ark – Ann Arbor, MI
Friday June 15, 8 PM

Double Door – Chicago, IL
Saturday June 16, 9 PM

Guthrie Theater – Minneapolis, MN
Monday June 18, 7:30 PM

Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
Wednesday June 20, 8 PM

The Aladdin Theater – Portland, OR
Thursday June 21, 8 PM

Showbox at the Market – Seattle, WA
Friday June 22, 8 PM

Venue – Vancouver, BC
Saturday June 23, 7:30 PM


Adam Haile says

Would love to see you come to anywhere around Raleigh, NC!

Patrick says

No Arizona date?


Kelley says

I hope you make it back to the Cincinnati area sometime, you're awesome!

Allen says

I guess I'm driving to Alexandria on the 8th!

JR says

You should, like, come to St. John's, Newfoundland and stuff. Can't really afford thousands of dollars to see you live in concert.

Petey G says

Any chance of some English dates this year??? Manchester Academy was epic last time around.

Dustin says

Ah man, come down further south! Kansas City, Fayetteville, Little Rock, Tulsa...hell I'd even drive to OKC for a little JoCo. You can stay in my guest room!

Courtney V. says

Here's another person pushing for North Carolina!

Joseph says

Looking forward to seeing you in Ann Arbor!

anthony says


Matt says

Seconding Petey G: Will Manchester Academy be graced with your presence again? Haha 8)

Jeff Bergeron says

Hm. Was hoping you could come to Montreal again, or maybe Québec City.

Oh well, maybe later in the summer. Live in hope. :P

Jacki says

+1 for Raleigh, NC!

Alma says

Give the Chi-town your love! We'll reciprocate!!!!

Joseph Kerr says

I don't know if you had a good time in New Orleans or not, but I would love for you to come back!

Alan says

It feels like forever since the last time through Houston

Nick says

No Ottawa? I didn't think we were *that* bad last time!

mathew says

You should play the house of blues at downtown disney to.

Greymattersplat says

Loved having you here in Indy w/TMBG, but would especially love having you back for a full show!

Bill C says

I was wondering if you still play smaller, more intimate venues anymore. I mean, I know that's not where the money is, but I've always wanted to see you live, and I guess I just feel like it'd be exponentially more awesome in a smaller venue (like a bar, nightclub, etc).

Anyway, YAY for the tour! I'm in Wisconsin, so it sounds like you'll be at least vaguely near me. :)

Jay says

Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, or Kansas City! Pretty please!

Hannah says

Seconded for Houston- plz come and I will give you my moneys in exchange for your merchandise goods and music services

David Lawson says

Please come to Denver with the snowfall...

Michelle McGrath says

No Richmond, Va date? *sigh...*

Danielle says

Ahem. I do not see the Variety Playhouse in ATL on the list. I am disappoint. Maaaaybe later?

Peter says

Dallas Please!!!

Steve says

You could always come to Milwaukee again, instead of that big, ol' windy place to the south of us. :D

Marty says

Nothing within 500 miles of Texas? We have big crowds down here.

David Galloway says

Sad to not see any NC/SC/GA dates on the upcoming tour.

We'd love to have in you in Greenville, SC. I know a couple of venues here that would be perfect.

Hatebear says

Come to Los Angeles! Pretty please!!!

Paul says

Thirded - Manchester Academy would be awesome again!

Tex Standridge says

We'd sure love to see ya down Texas way JC. My wife and I have been fans for years. Hell, Skullcrusher Mountain is "our song". Dallas would sure make a nice pit stop for ya. ;-)

John-James Ormond says

I second the wish for a North Carolina date!

Kevin Gunn says

... and ANOTHER vote for Raleigh-Durham! (and yes, we caught you at TMBG, but we bought the tix to see you, not them!)

Heather says

Atlanta, maybe? Sometime in June or July? Combine it with a trip south for that Raleigh date OR just come to DragonCon. I will totally bring you Scotch (or beer, like last year).

Listen, for real, I can do anything you need locally - venues, merch, green room, etc - my parents having been concert promoters for several years. You can trust me (you met me last year with Liz, I helped with your merch at the DragonCon show, and I am a SeaMonkey too. Yep, that Heather).

I work for free to hear great music. So there's that.

Randall says

The armpit of Florida demands it! (Tampa)

Lydia says

No CT date? It's breaking my heart. :/

Dan says

If you swing down the Southwest on your way back, we'd love to see you in Albuquerque.

Jen says

Another person begging for a Raleigh, NC stop! I'll settle for Asheville, too. Or I suppose I could fly to NY or Boston... Aw, hell. Do a show in your living room and I'll just come to you. :)

Raymond says

Please come to Southern California!

DemetriusOfPharos says

Come back to Salt Lake! Please?

Maria says

Any chance of you coming to Europe (specifically Germany) anytime soon?

al says

My response:

Brett Glass says

Closest stop to me on this tour is a 13 hour drive away. Any love for the Rockies? Denver? Boulder? Fort Collins? Laramie?

Chuck says

We'd love to see you in Richmond VA again...

Kevin says

So no love for us in the south?

BassBone says

Please come to Los Angeles. :-(

Jace says

Nashville, please!!

Petra says

Canada is more than Toronto and Vancouver... there is the rest of us in the middle

ding says

The southerners need some love too ya bolleks!

Chris says

Any chance you're including Europe in the Artificial Heart tour? We'd love to see you again!

Alex Menter says

Boo! Where's Denver?!

Violet says

No NC dates? :o(

beks says


Ed says

Atlanta is missing from the list, fyi.

Iz says

Come back to Milwaukee :( We loved you!

Nick says

Only 21+ allowed? Srsly?

Rebecca says

These are the times when I wish I lived in America ... :(
<3 from Sweden

Stephen says

If you can't find a venue in Pittsburgh, my living room will be a more than adequate substitute. I can pay you in french fries, which you are more than welcome to place on top of any sandwich you desire.

Elan says

Id love to see you do a show in Orlando!

enchiladaplate says

Dallas! Dallas! Dallas! Dallas! ...or Austin. I'd drive to Austin to see you.

Patrick says

If there's no Chicago show I'll be real sad.

Trumppoll says

Missouri would be nice, Kansas City preferably. Or even Kansas.

John Simpson says

Alas, Phoenix is left off (or Southern CA)

Anthony says

If Chicago doesn't work out, Indianapolis would be more than happy to have you!

Jesse says

Boise, Idaho would be a great place to stop on your way to/from Portland or Seattle.

Pablo says

I think you forgot San Diego :P

Katy says

but... you forgot Atlanta!

Bhrianna says


Johad says

Yeah we need to see you in europe for your artificial tour. So come to france !!!!!!!!!!!

Joshman says

Austin for sure! I hope there are more dates coming.

Graham Gemmell says

Also disappointed in the no Ottawa. It was sold out the last 2 years running no? *sadface* Ah well, more excuse to get on the next cruise.

Carlie says

Please come back to Denver!! We miss you! xoxo

Jonnie says

Milwaukee PLEASE!

Sergio says

June 2? I'll be on a plane to E3 then. That sucks. Rather see you than. Go to a video game convention

Brendan says

Awh c'mon, no Midwest concerts? Oh boo

Elektra says

See you in Phiily!

D says

Come back to Ponte Vedra/Orlando/Florida!! A JoCo-shaped hole has been here ever since you left.

maletero says

As mentioned earlier, please come back to Salt Lake!

Danielle says

Any chance for Richmond, VA again? We love having you here!

Abby says


Sam says

Missouri would be nice . . . but I was thinking St. Louis . . .

cheeseistasty says

The link for vancouver is broken.

Chip says

Any chance you'll be hitting anywhere in Florida? I missed the one show you did here a while back and have regretted it ever since. If you came to Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, or anywhere in between I know I could get me, my wife, and another couple to come. The laughed a lot when I played them "The Captain's Wife's Lament".

Abby says

St Louis loves you and would love to see more than the 30 minutes you had opening for TMBG! (we did enjoy TMBG too, but would love more of you!)

Jack F says

Oh sure. Play Philly when I'm away for vacation. The nerve!

Lawrence says

don't forget about coming to perth!
you know that place in Australia?
that little country down there?

all alone...

in the cold dark world...

without a JoCo...


Shelley says

I'm with Lawrence - don't forget Australia, that enormous southern paradise island of sun and surf and Tim Tams, and just about every good thing EXCEPT Joco tour dates. Please?

mizzie says

WOOT! See you in MN in June!!! *happy dance*

Lea says

Begging for Atlanta/Charlotte/Columbia, SC/Asheville, NC... Come a little farther south than Alexandria!!!

Bogdan says

Would it be possible to livestream the concert?
Or at least record it and put it on teh internet?
Just because Romania is a bit further away ( 7,670 km) from New York than the rest of America.

Pat says

SO glad to see this tour will be more of you! 30 min set last time was cruel teaser: you just got going... and then were off the stage.

Hope you hit San Diego again! I think you need a bigger venue than the Belly Up this time though. If you don't have July scheduled yet... Comic Con week would be a slam dunk for a huge turnout for you! They are your people! :-)

Cami Hepler says

Please book a show someplace south of Alexandria, Virginia! How about Charlotte, NC? Greensboro, NC? Atlanta is 4 hrs away, but even that might be doable again! :)

j-dub says

I would also like to cast a vote for North Carolina, Charlotte or Asheville!

The Orange Peel isn't the same without JoCo!

huge fan says

Y u no visit Holland? :(

code_monkey says

Are you saving the southern states for cooler weather? Tucson Loves You!!!

fancycwabs says

There are JoCo fans south of the 37th parallel, you know.

Lee Benningfield says

I think it's cool that you're kicking off this tour in Boston. I already have my tickets!

Dan Connaughton says

I just got my tickets to the Boston show yesterday! Can't wait!!

Brent G. says

SO PUMPED. Glad you're starting in ol' Bean town. It was awesome seeing you in Providence, and now we get to see you again with a FULL SET?? Mind explosion.

kris L says

People need to stop complaining that he doesnt come to their major city. He hasnt been to Arkansas in years

Harmony says

Just in case it helps I would love for you to come back to Pittsburgh and will definitely go.

Mark says

Any chance of some Artificial European Heart? Would love to see you again in London.

Neil says

Come to Australia! We love you!

Antijen says

Hooray! Looking forward to seeing you in VA!

Alex says

Dallas needs you most! I have a couch if you need to crash. Elizabeth loved the signed LP you did for her 14th birthday. Thanks!

Derek DeVries says

See you in Ann Arbor! Any plans for an opening act? (Paul & Storm perhaps?)

Jamie says

Raleigh, NC would love to have you back again. And you're right, seeing you at the TMBG show was not sufficient. Looking forward to seeing you at PAXEast though.

Ray Rehberg says

If you're having trouble making Chicago happen, I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER (which, as a college theatre student, is vast, I assure you) TO HELP. But seriously, I go to Northwestern University and we have concerts quite often - which means we have student groups with the resources to make them happen. If you can't nail down Chicago, give NU a shot!

Chris says

Another voice joining the throng calling you to Kansas City, Missouri, or at least reasonably close (Lawrence, Kansas is an option too, as is Kansas City, KS.) Please?

Mark says

No W00tstock or San Diego visit this time?

Clyde says

What about Los Angeles? What about Largo? What about The Bold And The Beautiful?

Liam says

If I could, I would drive all the way to California to see you perform..

Not enough time or money though. Sorry.

Andrew says

I see you're going to each end of Canada, how about the middle? Come to Winnipeg! :) Either that or postpone Toronto until August 4 or 5 when I'll be there. :P

Jesse says

He's going to be in Portland on the day my cousin is getting married... I wonder if I can swing both...

Justin says

I love your music - and have seen you twice. . and have the money - But, I feel sort of like I'm being duped when I'm charged 50% of the ticket price in venue fees to buy online. I know this isn't your fault. . I know it has nothing to do with you, but, I feel like buying a ticket would be like declaring how stupid I am :-/.

Roz Warren says

We've got our tickets to see you in New York City and in Philadelphia. New York City will be my 30th JoCo show, which would be more impressive if I hadn't just read in Time Magazine that there's a guy who has seen Van Halen 400 times.

Michael Weiss says

So excited you're coming to Ann Arbor. So bummed it's on a Friday night (can't attend for religious reasons). Can my family and I invite you to join us for Shabbat lunch?

Zack O'Neill says

Why is the Seattle show 21+? How can you expect me to buy a ticket if it's 21+? I want to be able to hi-five your music in the face, but I can't because of the age requirement!

robgonzo says

Dallas Texas, Granada theater. Just sayin...

Brett Glass says

Laramie is on I-80, the road between Minneapolis and San Francisco. (So are Salt Lake City and Lincoln, NE, by the way.) Want to play the University of Wyoming or the Wyo Theater?

Karen says

Please, please come to Winnipeg!!

Amanda says

Please come back to Nashville! We saw you with TMBG back in the fall and we wished you'd had more stage time too. :D

Code Monkey says

No Ohio vists :(

Casidi says

Awwwwww. You always come to Madison, WI! But I don't see it on the list this year. :[

Debbie says

So sad you are skipping Utah. I saw you with TMBG and loved you even more than them (shhh, don't tell them that--we don't want to hurt their feelings) We'd love for you to come back here.

Emily says

Awesome!! It was super cool to see you with TMBG because... I follow them, and hitherto they have been the only band I've gone to concerts for, so I probably wouldn't have seen you on stage otherwise. But yeah, the short set just wasn't enough!!! I was actually pretty sad when TMBG came on stage and you left! XD

Only problem: Where are your VT shows? Sheesh! Or, you know, Canada is cool, but like... Montreal would be waaay closer >__>

Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge..... Higher Ground would be an awesome venue. :D

PS. Thanks for signing my jacket and tolerating my outrageous level of fandom like a champ ^_^

Chris II says

You should make a T-shirt that has a picture of a mechanical heart and that says "I've Got A New Artificial Heart" and on the back it says "It's Not A Real Heart (x3) It Is A Real Artificial Heart!" .............just saying!

Chase says

Any chance of ordering somewhere that doesn't charge $12 on top of a $28 ticket? If all $40 was going to you I would order no problem, but if there's an alternate option, I'd prefer not supporting a company that charges $12 to deliver a *digital* ticket.

Zac says

It's a little depressing knowing you'll probably never come to Australia.

Dave says

Something in Germany would be awesome :P but probably won't happen.
Maybe next time I'm in Canada I'll be lucky.

Lily says

Seconding the person who said you're neglecting the lovely Largo! Los Angeles craves your presence, oh noble overlord.

sindex says

Aww... come back to Atlanta. Or Asheville! Or some other Southern city within acceptable driving distance of South Carolina. I'd love to experience the JoCo Big Damn Rock Show. Which should totally be the name of the next tour. Creative Commons permission. :)

PropWash says

You should come to the variety playhouse :D

Billy says

Please make sure to come to or near Chicago!

Michael says

Instead of Chicago, you should go to Bloomington, IL. You'd have an opportunity for an audience from a far wider variety of cities (it's midway between Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis).

Rosa says

Please, please, please come to Texas. Anywhere in texas, hell even Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, louisiana somewhere around Texas. You're the only reason I actually know who they might be giants are.

Eric says

If the Chicago date doesn't work out, you should change it to Tulsa! I saw you when you opened for the Giants at Cain's back in February, and let me tell you that was an awesome opener.

You could even come to George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas. That would be even better!

Luis says

Come back to Florida! I will totally come to your show :D And if you say anything remember I am right here JoCo and I will hear EVERYTHING you say!

Gabe Stover says

2nd-ing San Diego & 3rd-ing LA! Need to see some more JoCo! Missed the shows opening for They Might Be Giants, and would love to see another headline show. Anthology in SD again? Please?!

Evan says

I would love to see you come back to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I was there last year when you played Want You Gone for the first time ever! I was the one who yelled "Spaaaaace!" before you played. Anyway, love the new album! Please come back to Ottawa.

Marisa says

So you're doing your FIRST show in Boston...I'm clearly one of the lucky ones here.As such,might I humbly request,if my luck isn't used up,that Paul and Storm join you?Seriously,love those guys.Didn't care who they were when I went to see your first show,saw them open,literally hurt myself laughing,and have been a P&S evangelist since.Saw the same thing happen at PAX East,this guy went to see VGO and you,and was quickly converted to Paulandstormism by the end of the night.Seeing the three of you perform together is great,they're like the peanut butter to your chocolate.

Julia says

I hope Pittsburgh worksout..... I'll be there if it does!!!!

vikkitikkitavi says

Just in case the squeaky wheel gets any grease up in this mug: LOS ANGELES! LOS ANGELES! LOS ANGELES! LOS ANGELES! LOS ANGELES!