JoCo Cruise Crazy 2

By JoCo March 15, 2012

Oh my, am I tired. This year has had a crazy beginning, in a very good way. It’s taken me this long to post about the cruise because I’ve had my head down doing things, but also because it’s taken me this long to process HOW AWESOME IT WAS.

Whoa daddy! Success! Victory! Being on a giant cruise ship in a sunny place with a bunch of great people is obviously a recipe for a good time, so that part did not surprise me. We all knew we were going to laugh a lot and have fruity drinks together and hear great music and meet wonderful people. That’s assumed. The thing that I wasn’t prepared for is the extent to which all of you Sea Monkeys have simply begun to OWN this event. Again and again I was struck by this notion that you were primarily there in order to be with each other. You assembled yourselves into a Voltron of fun. The open mic night, the a cappella group, the ukulele fest at Molly’s show, the insanely great sand castles on Half Moon Cay, and the many other numerous things that I DO NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT because I couldn’t be everywhere all the time, much as I wanted to – they are proof of what an amazing bunch of people you are. Two years in, and JoCo Cruise Crazy has this wonderful community-fueled momentum to it that we never in a million years could have created ourselves. Thank you.

We had a fantastic bunch of performers of course, a couple of whom were relatively new to this scene, and they were similarly impressed with everyone. Many thanks to all of them for their time and talents. Everyone looked really great in formal wear! I ate too many tacos from the taco bar, and somehow failed to have free ice cream EVEN ONCE! I drank too many pina coladas at JoCo Karakaoke! And I do want to give a special shout-out (Yeep!) to Paul, Storm, Dammit Liz and Scarface (not to mention all the Sea Monkey volunteers) who put in an amazing amount of work – the cruise simply could not happen without them.

Oh also, some people got married.

And oh yeah, some other people got engaged.


If anyone got conceived, I haven’t heard about it yet (and don’t want to).

We’ve put a read-only archive of Twit-arrr up so you can what, read it? Do data analysis and word clouds? Whatever, knock yourselves out! There is also an enormous Flickr group filled with too many great shots of too many great things. We are already planning JoCo Cruise Crazy 3, and as you may have heard by now, are offering this fantastic pre-registration discount to those folks who pre-register for it by the end of today. We hope to have actual dates and itinerary for you very soon, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you one and all, I have the greatest job in the world.


Rev. Back It On Up 13 says

I just saw you perform with TMBG in New York this weekend. You are such a big famous rockstar now, with your drummer and your Suzanne Vega etc. I can't believe you still have time to go on cruises with your friends. You must have a solid platinum toilet in your house by now.

Jason says

Jonathan, you guys seriously through the best party ever. Thank you for setting up the venue for us to congregate as a community for a week of constant fun! I think I worked harder that week than I do most of the year on my day job, but it was so worth it! Here's hoping that the momentum of JCCC 1, 2, & 3 carry us to more similar events for years to come!

Also, apologies for the very rough Artificial Heart karaoke track files. I think my Fraud performance was karma for me ;).

Kate says

Hear, hear!

Angelastic says

Voltron of fun! :D

Thank you for being the all-important stone in the soup.

Antijen says

A million thanks for an amazing party. Ain't nerds great?

Dan Connaughton says

I just bought my tickets for your Boston show! Can't wait!

Melissa says

Is any one else a little sad that they can't find their own mad scientist? Hope I find my own someday...

Ammonkapow says

Is there anywhere I can download a Joco cruise for free? Maybe share the experience with my friends, see if they like it?

Anonimouse says

Eh, people getting engaged and married. I am unimpressed.

That sounds like an amazing time you all had.

Angelastic says

@Ammonkapow: borrow a piña colada, start up video chats with all your internet friends, sway gently, and check out the YouTube channels of adhesivemedstrip, autojim65, Cernoise (that's me!) dooferlad, jposey3546, Nickeledge, rainbow00brite, Simalot and ThatGuyBSU. There's also a link to sound board recordings of the concerts in the JoCo Cruise Crazy II AV Club thread on the forums (I can't remember whether we're allowed to post links in these comments.) Have fun!