Ask Me Another

By JoCo January 6, 2012

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m excited to be a part of this new NPR show called Ask Me Another. It’s sort of a game show of puzzles and trivia, recorded in front of a live audience in Brooklyn and sometimes DC. The show is hosted by Ophira Eisenberg, along with a panel of funny puzzle people, and a different mystery guest each week. I’m “the guy with the guitar” kind of, but I also run a few of the games in a semi-quasi-demi-host capacity. We’ve done a couple of pilots and they’ve been really fun, and will be recording many episodes over the next few months. You should come, because you’ll have a good time and maybe get to be on the radio and win millions of dollars in cash prizes (not really)! I don’t know yet when they will air, but they will.

Tickets to the tapings are free, so all you need is an available evening and the ability to get your body to where it’s happening. The next one is at the Bell House in Brooklyn on January 23rd. I’ll be on tour or on a cruise ship for much of February, so I won’t be in the February 6th and 13th shows, but I will be a part of all the rest.

Because I sense it will become a FAQ, I will answer it now: no, I won’t be playing a TON of Jonathan Coulton songs. This is not a Jonathan Coulton show, so you shouldn’t expect a 12 minute Code Monkey jam. Which is not to say that you shouldn’t come, because you should – there will be puzzles, and victories, and defeats, and witty banter, and for goodness sake it’s absolutely free. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?

Tickets here!


beth berkland says

Looking forward to hearing the show, sounds fun!

hemisphire says

So when are the DC tapings?

Adam says

Do they have a podcast?

JoCo says

DC tapings are still being scheduled, but there will probably be a couple mid-March. I expect they will put these out as podcasts once they start airing them, but I don't have any specifics on that yet.

Sara says

I opted in for potential audience participation, which may be a terrible idea. I still don't fully understand what "puzzles and trivia" will consist of. At least it will be an interesting way to end my trip to NY!

Ralph Haygood says

"...and for goodness sake it’s absolutely free. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?": Charmingly Hodgmanesque.

I'd attend if I lived in or near NYC or DC. As I don't, I'll just have to listen.

Alec says

I want you to be the guy that everybody will remember for being who you are: awesome.

Mark B says

Yay! I got my level 4 package today! I didn't even know UPS was working today. But it was well worth the wait!

Jimmersd says

As of today I possess the absolutely coolest geek thing possible. Moving on to part #19 Program Initiation Package.... will let you know if there are any difficulties...

Craig says

I just got tickets for the March 5th taping at the Bell House.