Public Appeal from Jimmy Whales

By JoCo November 30, 2011

No no no, not the founder of Wikipedia, this is a public appeal from an actual whale named Jimmy. He lives in the ocean and eats krill and he really wants to make sure you don’t miss out on JoCo Cruise Crazy. Here’s what he looks like.

This is to let you know that we’re getting down to our last few reserved cabins. We’ve been shuffling things around to keep as wide a distribution of cabin types as possible, but the ship itself is getting pretty full, and many stateroom categories are completely sold out. After December 6th we’re going to have to stop shuffling and begin to either sell through or give back all our rooms. So if you’ve been on the fence about going, or if you have friends who are dillying and dallying, now is a good time to pull the trigger. Not to say that nobody can book after December 6th, just that we’ll have a lot less flexibility than we do now.

This is also the time when I personally stop worrying about all the things I need to do to make the cruise happen and start to just look forward to it in a big way. We’ve got the last minute addition of John Flansburgh (who will be DJing a couple of dance parties for us), plus the already superbad array of fantastic performers and fun people. For the record, the complete list includes me, Paul and Storm, John Hodgman, Wil Wheaton, Vi Hart, John Roderick, MC Frontalot, Marian Call, David Rees, Paul F. Tompkins, and DJ John Flansburgh. We will have fruity cocktails together. We will all get horribly sunburned. We will wear fake mustaches. We will order club sandwiches delivered to our staterooms at 2 in the morning and it will cost us nothing.


So if you like those things and don’t want to make Jimmy Whales cry (because everyone knows, whales and sea creatures in general LOVE cruise ships), then book now.


Theanderblast says

Fudgie is using this "Jimmy" alias now?

beth berkland says

Damn it, I want to go so very desperately...meh.

Hamish Milne says

Bah, I wish I could go, but parents won't let me :(( and I have no money anyway.
"When you're 18" they say, bah, like one extra year of life will make a noticeable difference as to weather I fall off the side of the boat or not.

Zara says

@Hamish Milne

That is funny your parents won't let you go until you're 18. Like they expect something scandalous to happen to you on a boat full of nerds.

Lawrence says

hey JoCo, today's your birthday isn't it? Have a good one :)


beth berkland says

Happy birthday indeed! :-)

Lawrence says

Yay f1rst birthday greeting!

+ for living i Australia

you know, just in case you wanted to come here sometime or whatever...

Angelastic says

Oh boy oh boy oh boy... you know, I was kind of ho-hum about this whole JoCo Cruise Crazy thing; I've done it all before, I'm totally used to that incredibly high level of awesomeness now. I just blot out the rest of my life so I can pretend I never left the boat. But now you say there will be baked Alaska! I've never had that before, and I've always wondered what it was! I'm really looking forward to this.

And happy birthday to you (and Mike Phirman.) Here's a Thing a Week video to distract you so that you won't suspect that the forum elves are scrambling to get their customary much cooler collaborative birthday video ready:

Kerrin says

So I couldn't go on the cruise, not enough holiday from work...then they change the holiday year, and now I could go, but it's so short notice....I've missed the special will mean I get do do little else for a holiday next year....I've been on a Caribbean cruise before....I don't like cruises....Oh shall I go?

Paul and Storm says


If you don't go, I will personally hold it against you.

No pressure, though.

FWIW, neither I not my family particularly enjoys cruises, and we all had a WONDERFUL time.

I may be biased, though.

- Paul.

Lawrence says

are you Paul and Storm of Paul and Storm;
or just some random?

Lawrence says

On an unrelated note i would like to discover my nemesis, would participant # 1991 please reply.
this is participant #9474

mike dagrossman says

Talk about sweetass dumb luck...been off the joco wagon for a while and my Xmas and bday present this year was a cruise...saw an article online Lo and behold its the jococruisecrazy2...guess I know what ill be doing and who ill be stalking for a pic and autograph now!!!!

Theanderblast says

You don't need to stalk! Just sidle up to them at the bar...

Jamie says

Next time, a bit more advance notice please? We'd already booked a trip to Paris. Rather be with JoCo than my husband.....not like that I mean we are really disappointed not to be able to go...

Lisa Townsend says

maybe next year...I'll have to be content with getting to meet you at the HOB concert!!! Which is easy to do...the being content part!! BTW, Thank you for making my friend's night. I can't stop her from talking about it even a month later :)...and for signing the shirt for my daughter (all of the kids at school were jealous!) You were so nice and we were so nervous and stupid! Thanks for putting up with us!