New Video – Today With Your Wife

By JoCo November 15, 2011

Do you guys like harp? I sure do. The fellow playing the harp in this video is named Park Stickney and he’s, you know, pretty good.


Jesse Gilmore says

Playing the harp is no joke. Neither is your voice. Awesome video.

Aiden says

What i thought this song was about at first was some weird story about cheating. But after listening to it for a while i've changed my mind. I think it's a man standing by the grave of his deceased friend telling him how his wife never says she wishes he was still there.
Any thoughts?

SRDownie says

What happened to the rest of his piano?

Thiefree says

Aiden, I just heard this for the first time and thought the same thing. Sounds like mourning to me.

Jason says

Aiden - I had the same thought. Either that or that the man in question has been neglecting his family for whatever reason (workaholic, just not a good husband/father) and that it's from the perspective of an old mutual friend who is watching the relationship fall apart. But I'm leaning towards your interpretation.

Dan says

This song has a great Ben Folds feel and its probably my favorite song on the record (this version is great too). One of the reasons is the ambiguity of the lyrics. The bridge threw me at first (stupid car stuck in the snow... I'm not saying anything...) but this could be a graveside confession. I hope you come by Providence/Boston soon!

Gle3nn says

This is my favorite song on the album. So beautiful and so much more melancholy with the harp.

Rioexxo says

AWESOME! (as usual)
First blush... very lovely!
Lyrics, I'm hearing impaired so ... ' you should have been there' was all I made out.
I need to read the lyrics.
Musical magic and power and flow and deep passion....
Thank you for the Tuesday night surprise.
R L Harley

Michael Weiss says

I think it's so weird that people wonder what the song is about. It's about a guy who spent the day with another guy's wife and kids. They probably had coffee, and a good long talk, the kind you have with a really close friend that you haven't seen in years. The husband missed out -- he was stuck in snow somewhere. If you don't think that's sufficiently dramatic, you've never been married. "You should have been there" is the kind of thought that keeps married people up at night. This song absolutely breaks my heart.

beth berkland says

Just beautiful.

Griff says

This is so poignantly beautiful. But I have another interpretation - the woman was in a poly relationship with the singer and her husband, but that relationship ended. And what the singer's regretting is that their whole family wasn't together that day.

Joey Kulha says

I think it's obvious that they both at least know the husband. "And we talked about you Til the storm had passed through".

But it seems like he's not dead either "Stupid car stuck in the snow Getting home, too late to go". So it just seems like the husband missed out on coming with his family.

Then again, why would he be stuck in the snow when it's obviously raining (and nice enough out that the kids are jumping in puddles) where they are at.

Another part makes me think the "singer" is either a very close friend or a family member "Everyone seemed okay But then she'd never say".

I don't know, to me it's a very innocent song about either an old friend/family member happening to run into the Wife...husband was somehow late getting home and just wasn't able to go. Even in being innocent though it's potentially very sad as you never want to miss time with your family... Only thing would be is the husband neglectful or just was late.

Denise says

Best kind of song lyrics for me provide multiple interpretations....this is a great means different things to different listeners....great harp and vocal....

Rick H. says

Just a thought. What if this song is about James Kim, the CNET editor who died 5 years ago? His car got stuck in a snow drift in Oregon; he was with his family, but they survived. I don't know if Mr. Coulton knew him, but it would fit.

Martin Brown says

An awesome strange and moving song - absolutely loved it and the open-ended lyrics allow so many interpretations.