Video: Nobody Loves You Like Me

By JoCo November 11, 2011

As promised, here’s the next installment of the Jonathan Coulton video explosion, the official video for Nobody Loves You Like Me.

I’ve described this before, but since I’m sure people will ask, I’m singing into an audio plugin called The Mouth. I don’t know specifically what this particular setting is doing to my vocal, but it sounds to me like it’s interpreting the frequency content of the input and mapping that to a spread across several different octaves of the same note. So it creates an accompanying voice in multiple octaves of a single note. I control what that note is via midi, in this case using my monome (using it in the most boring way possible, to play midi notes, which is SHAMEFUL, but it sure does have pretty lights).

The red cowboy shirt does not affect the audio in any way.


Thiefree says

Wow. I love the intimacy of this video; for some reason it takes me right back to the time I saw you live in Bristol, more than any of your other songs.

Do you think you'll use that app for any other songs? I'd really like to see what else you could do with it. I'm a sucker for vocal harmonies, so, yeah. Love this.

Mitch says

I saw Sticking it to Myself in my subscription feed on Youtube, but you took it down? Last minute editing?

Jason says

Aaaah I was going to make a music video for this one but you beat me to it!

Oh, well. Maybe I'll do it anyway.

Ali says

Just saw you last night (you were awesome BTW) and now you're posting videos while on tour. You are freakin' magic or something. Maybe you're just a robot - a freakin' awesome robot. I have to ponder that one. In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying your videos.

Roz Warren says

it's all good. thanks!

AverageJon says

I used to think this song was kinda creepy, now I think it's really creepy (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Craig says

@Jason - Go for it. I made a video for this song, too. (See user MrCraigjclark or video: /watch?v=LNta0qA9Bs4 on YouTube.)

Paul Myers says

Interesting video, looking forward to seeing you with TMBG