So Many Things

By JoCo November 8, 2011

It’s awfully quiet here on this blog, but only because I’ve had my head down doing stuff. I barely have time to leverage social media platforms to enhance my brand! Here are some things I think you should know:

Today, November 8th, is the official release date for the Artificial Heart CD. It should be available now at Amazon and at other CD-buying places (I actually don’t know where those places are – “stores” maybe?). I have noticed that the title is misspelled on Amazon, which is GREAT. They’re fixing it.

You brave and generous souls who pre-ordered the signed CD (Level Two Participants) should receive your CDs very soon, as in, this week (unless you’re in a far away country in which case it might take a bit longer). The warehouse monkeys tell me that they started sending them out yesterday. My hand is tired from signing them, but my heart is full of your love. Thank you.

Level Three will go out as soon as the shirts are done, looking like a couple weeks. Level Four will go out as soon as everything is done, still looking like early December. Thank you all for your patience.

One of the things that has been keeping me so busy is that I have been making music videos. This isn’t like me at all – I couldn’t even remember how to log into my YouTube channel. Flansburgh and I made a bunch of them at once, and I think they all came out pretty great. Today I posted one for Nemeses that features John Roderick singing next to me on an iPhone:

And also one for Still Alive, the new version on Artificial Heart that’s sung by the delightful Sara Quin:

Yesterday Hodgman posted one of the two of us doing our classic ukulele/guitar duet of Tonight You Belong to Me (not on the album, but you know, what the hey):

And there are plenty more coming. With the exception of Still Alive, which was done months ago when we were recording the album, all these videos are also brand new live recordings of the songs, simple arrangements done as we were shooting. So eventually you’ll see videos of ALL NEW LIVE versions of Today with Your Wife, Sticking It to Myself, Nobody Loves You Like Me, Down Today, and Je Suis Rick Springfield.

As sad as I am to not be traveling with my friend John Hodgman on his book tour, I’m delighted to be out on the road again with They Might Be Giants. We’re west coasting it now, Vancouver tonight, Seattle, Portland, you know the rest. Come on out and see us – check my schedule for details.

And by the way, Hodgman’s new book is absolutely fantastic and you should all buy it and read it. I don’t know anything about an audio book version, though I suspect and hope that he’ll do one and invite me to participate. If you get the chance you should really go out and see one of his readings – and calling them readings fails to fully prepare you for the fact that they are entertainment spectaculars. Honestly, he’s at the top of his game these days, and probably the descent into booze and pills is just around the corner. So don’t miss it.

Rock Band versions of a few select songs from Artificial Heart are coming.

The cruise is still happening, in spite of all the other things that would satisfy any normal human as Enough Things Happening Already. It’s going to be great. If you’re still on the fence about joining us, you should know that the ship is filling up fast, and we’re running out of our allotment of rooms. So don’t sit on the fence for too long, or you will fall into the ocean!

I think that’s all. Is that everything?


Mike says

Thanks for the update, and those videos are great! Also, do you have an update on when us Level Four folks might be learning more about this (from your last post)... "I have plans to do fun things will all you Level 4 folks and your nemeses while we wait...."

SSteve says

I will say once again that I'm greatly looking forward to this Friday's concert in Arcata. I haven't been this excited about a concert since I saw The Knack in 1980. Believe me when I say this is a high level of excitement.

Duncan Shields says

See you tonight Jonathan! Looking forward to seeing you and They Might Be Giants tonight. I saw Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman on Sunday so this is shaping up to be sort of and incredible week concert-wise. : )

beth berkland says

Wonderfulness! I've bought my tickets for the Valentine's Day show at the McGlohon in Charlotte and cannot wait! Glad that you'll be joining TMBG again (had a blast at the Orange Peel show!), but still hope that you'll headline here sometime soon! Take care! :^)

Aiden says

Thanks for the update Jonathan.

Sara says

Hi Duncan! Hopefully I'll actually see you at this show!

This update certainly does seem to cover everything. Looking forward to the new videos, and the eventual arrival of a box of awesome things on my doorstep!

Kim says

See you in Atlanta in February!

Dan Connaughton says

Congrats on the album! I bought it as soon as it was available and it sounds great. Can't wait to see the rest of the video's.

Yeas. says

Spectacular work as ALWAYS, Jonathan. :D

Zak R. says

Speaking of the TMBG tour (and I'm sorry if you've mentioned it elsewhere, but it isn't on the schedule), do you know yet if you will be accompanying them to the make-up show in Tulsa at Cain's Ballroom on Feb 1st? You're still on the Cain's page for that show, but I understand how they might have just copy-pasted the original info. I'd really really REALLY love to get to see you with them, but I will understand if it cannot happen due to scheduling and whatnot. Thanks!

Zak R. says

Nevermind: I just found the announcement on TMBG's twitter feed (from yesterday, apparently). Awesome!

@Elrobso @jonathancoulton yes he will be at Tulsa!
7 Nov

Bill R. says

Pretty confident I need an .mp3 of Tonight You Belong to Me now. That was thoroughly delightful.

Anonimouse says

Yaaay! Rockband! Yaaaay!

Tom M. says

Great news on the Rock Band tracks. Hurry and get them over to the song charters so we can see it sooner rather than later. I'll sign back up to XNA just to push your songs through (after they've been tested properly, of course.)

Felix says

Thanks for the news, Jo! Can't wait for my cd to arrive!

AverageJon says

Am I the only one who thinks that John Roderick's performance it looks like it was phoned in?

Fiendly says

i made a weird sound reading NUMBER SIX. a good weird sound.

free says

But which songs?

Ssrjazz says

Get them in Rocksmith too please!!!!

Davey says

Love that "Nemeses" video. Thing like that should be on the MTV!

Elfcrisis says

What? You were in Seattle recently?! Oh man!

*frantically signs up for mailing list so this doesn't happen again*