Dragon*Con Schedule

By JoCo August 30, 2011

Yes indeed, I’m coming to Dragon*Con for the first time ever this year and I’m excited and scared (of dragons)! I don’t know what to expect really, so I’m playing a lot of stuff by ear. But here’s my schedule as far as I can tell.

Friday 9/2
1 PM – Geek a Week panel with Len Peralta at the Hyatt, Regency VI – VII

2:30 PM – Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes (On Average) – LIVE podcast at the Hilton, Room 204

8:30 PM – The Artificial Heart Album Release Show, off campus at the Variety Playhouse. I’ll be playing old stuff and new stuff, both acoustic and with the band, and I’ll have the new CD and new Artificial Heart shirts available for purchase. Paul and Storm will open. This is not an official Dragon*Con event, so you’ll need to buy tickets to attend.

Saturday 9/3
During the dayish – I’ll have a merch booth set up in the band area at the Marriott, and I hope to take your money there (in exchange for music and TShirts). I don’t have a good sense for how the merch thing works at Dragon*Con, so this is one of the things I’m going to figure out on the fly. Follow @jonathancoulton on Twitter and I’ll send updates when I know more about specific times.

8:30 PM – Gonzoroo, an evening of musical delights featuring me, Paul and Storm, and lots of other stuff, hosted by megastar Ken Plume. I’ll be acoustic only at this show, and I’ll be selling STILL MORE STUFF after the show. All this happens at the Marriott, Atrium Ballroom.

Sunday 9/4
During the dayish – More action at the merch booth! Probably!

8:30 PM – Gonzo Quiz Show III: Beyond Thunderquiz, a celebrity quiz show panel show game show SHOW hosted by Ken Plume and Widgett Walls. Expect the unexpected.

Monday 9/5
Who knows! I’m going to be pretty tired and covered in dragon juice by then, hopefully will be able to take some time and actually SEE some things. Or I might be at the merch booth. Or I might be at the bottom of a Scorpion Bowl at Trader Vic’s. Watch Twitter for updates.

Really excited to finally be able to check this crazy thing out. I hope to see you there!


Hisham says

Woohoo, I can trade cash for stuff from the man in person... Probably :D

Jason says

WAIT ONE SECOND: you'll have the CD available? Does that mean between now and 9/2 we'll be able to get the whole thing here, or is the release show the only place? I can't make Dragon*Con, but I have friends who will be there. What is the time difference between availability at the show and general availability?

I saw you in Somerville last year and I've been waiting a long time for the new material. Give us more info, please!

Bram says

Well, I was going to ask this, but Jason's already pretty much asked it... But for getting an answer's sake: When will we be able to order the CD online?

JoCo says

I am hopeful every day that it will be the day I'll be able to start selling this thing online. It's a long boring story what the holdup is, I am really VERY hopeful that it will happen this week. I'm sorry I can't give you any more definitive answers yet!

Craig says

Well, in honor of Dragon*Con, please feel free to check out my music video for I Fight Dragons' excellent cover of "The Future Soon," that I posted in the "JoCo Projects" section of the forums or at /watch?v=yqckaTq9oW8 on YouTube.

Eagerly awaiting the new album!

Mack Chambers says

Joco Does this mean it avalible that friday or do i have to wait to order a copy i cant wait much longer D:

filkertom says

I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to you being at Dragon*Con. I've been performing there since 2004, and the biggest thing to expect is a combination of noise and costumes, much like SDCC or PAX, somewhat smaller (as if 40,000+ people is small) but spread out over five hotels. I hope we can actually talk a little! -- Tom Smith

Lawrence says


Angelastic says

I hope you and filkertom can actually talk a little too.

— a fan of both of you

Sam says

Looking forward to seeing you a DC 25th year. Wife and I are both staff. Locals here are big fans and we do Rock Band parties and yours are in the top 10 played. Not on Twitter so will have to stop by your both and update with you in person. I work nights for the MMORPG Track parties so can't make it to your shows but would love to have you stop by and check us out. We play several WoW vids and a few have your songs in them. See you soon.

Chris D. says

If you can swing it you should have a tweet up at The Porter Beer Bar (http://www.theporterbeerbar.com/) which is right near the Variety Playhouse. You can assume that is where a majority of your fans are going to be hanging out prior to your show on Friday.

Looking forward to the show and checking out the new songs!

Matt S. says

So looking forward to finally seeing you perform. This will be my second year going to Dragon*Con. Last year was fantastic, and I'm certain that you're going to be one of the highlights this year!

Chris D. says

Oh hey Chris D., you have the same name as me! How fun! Also: oh hey, big package of everything? BOUGHT. No thinking needed.

Tim says

JoCo - saw your show in Atlanta last night - outstanding! Interesting crowd, though - I figure more than half were not familiar with your songs? All the more reason for playing all the new stuff - which was all great. I bought two copies of the CD there!

Rainbow Brite says

Great show Friday night, JoCo!! And I loved listening to the new album on the drive home. Do you have any plans for releasing another live album anytime soon? I'd kill for a good version of "Down Today" with Paul & Storm's harmonies...gave me goosebumps! I'm sure I'll be able to find it on YouTube, but the quality is rarely good enough to rip and play in the car, etc.

Oh and I hope you'll write up blog entries for each song from the album. I'd love to hear the stories behind them :)

Lucy says

You were SO INCREDIBLE! Your concert was everything I dreamed of. Even the long line was fun, since I was surrounded by other wonderful JoCo fans! I love the new album I bought, and I'm thrilled that I got to get the full Thing a Week autographed for my mom. She adores it almost as much as I do! I hope you had as awesome an experience at Dragon*con as I did getting to see you!

Rainbow Brite says

OMG ignore me...I meant "Always The Moon"...not "Down Today." MY BAD! And I just realized that you have it available on your site with awesome harmonies already. How did I miss out on The Aftermath completely?? I fail as a fangirl!