Downtime and Broken Things

By JoCo July 15, 2011

Well, that transition was smooth until the fans stopped working and the processors got hot. There was a little downtime last night while my agents conspired to fix it and I slept peacefully, but I think we’re mostly back in business today.

Thank you for your alerts about what was broken and your comments about what has changed. Team JoCo is fixing things as they come to our attention, please let me know in this thread if you’re still having trouble with something and we’ll see what we can do. I have other long term plans for a bunch of stuff around these parts, this is really phase one we’re looking at now, so don’t panic.

In fact, save your panic for 12 noon because that’s when I am throwing the big switch that puts a bunch of new cabins on sale for JoCo Cruise Crazy 2. You may have noticed, we sold out of most kinds of cabins really quickly and have been out of them for weeks. We’ve got another round of cabins for you to decimate, and hope that you will do so. Expect me to report back here later about what I did wrong, or broke, or learned about how to not do things next time.



Christine says

Just thought you'd like to know you're in today's Dork Tower comic!

Nathan says

On the MP3 store, when you click on the preview button, the volume slider doesn't work for some reason. It moves to the top, and you can't move it.

But I guess I have the computer volume.

Rich says

But why would you want it at anything less than maximum?!?

Angelastic says

"Well, that transition was smooth until the fans stopped working."

Well, I went on holiday for a day, but the other fans kept working:


Anonimouse says

Random off-topic question: Will "Want You Gone" ever be coming for Rock Band? ;) In the same way Still Alive is, I hope.
And I don't mean free.

...Well, I don't just mean free.

TheAppleFreak says

Might wanna tell you that anyone with 2/3 of half of a quarter of a tech-literate brain can download any MP3 song from the store for free (granted it's individually, but still...) I shant disclose details here, but thought I should tell you.

The method is even more obvious than it was before, I might add. If anything, this latest site change made pirating even easier.

Anonimouse says

I recall JoCo blogging about that before. Turns out most of them (if not all of them) are on this site for free anyway, if you dig hard enough.