UK, Amsterdam: Details and Tickets

By JoCo May 4, 2011

UPDATE: Manchester is currently sold out, but we’re working on getting moved to a larger room so we can accommodate everyone. Stay tuned, I’ll let everyone know as soon as this happens.

It’s all happening! I’ve bought my flights and everything. Tickets should now be on sale for all these shows – there was some confusion about the London show, but it is NOT sold out and it has NOT moved to Dingwall’s. I can already taste that delicious brown sauce…

Harbourside, Bristol, UK – Colston Hall
Thursday June 9 at 8 PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm

Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy 3
Friday June 10 at 7:30 PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm

London, UK – Union Chapel
Saturday June 11 at 7 PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm

Amsterdam, NL – Melkweg (Oude Zaal)
Monday June 13 at 8:30 PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm


Edd says

Just bought my tickets to the Bristol show!

Its so rare that fantastic artists from across the pond come near my hometown (i was starting to get paranoid) i thought i had misread the post!

Me and my girlfriend will be there waving at you!

Sebastiaan van Dijk says

Just got my tickets confirmed for the Amsterdam show! Very excited!

Mike says

Another pair of tickets for Bristol sold!

Great that you are coming to Bristol and the Colston Hall is a lovely place to play.

Jon says

Tickets purchased for London! I was at the Union Chapel show in 2009 as well so I'm glad it's going back there

Anonimouse says

What? No first of May blog post?

Alexander says

Oh hell yes, you're coming to Amsterdam!
Finally a concert here by an artist I truly love with tickets I don't have to buy a year in advance for the cost of my pancreas.
Love to see you then.

Ben says

Bristol show ticket bought! Cannot wait, missed you last time in Bristol so made sure as hell I wasn't going to miss you again.

Raffi says

YES! Bought tickets for the London concert!

Thiefree says

Bristol, baby! Je suis PSYCHED.

FrodoNL says

Ordered my ticket for the Amsterdam show yesterday. Am _SO_ looking forward to this!

Wozzeck says

It'll be amazing at the Union Chapel. Bought two tickets earlier!

Angelastic says

Bought my tickets for all the shows, and one for another band I stalk somewhere near Paris in between your London and Amsterdam shows. Now I just need to figure out transport and accommodation, and buy some throwing panties.

Julio says

Sign up for the Amsterdam event in Facebook!


dersk says

How'd I miss that you were coming to Amsterdam? I'm even on the Melkweg's mailing list!

If you're in town long enough, it'd be my pleasure to take you out for a few hours on the canals on our little boat...

Soof says

Got my tickets for Amsterdam...I can't wait!

Moose says

Jonathan Coulton AND Paul 'n Storm?

I am so at that London gig.

Jamie says

So, I think I should base a vacation around the London gig.

Raffi says

Please, PLEASE, play Mr. Fancy Pants at the Union Chapel. That would make my year.

Alex Wollangk says

You're not bringing the band with you for any of these shows????


JoCo says

@Alex: sadly no, not this time.

helen apocalypse says

Has Manchester sold out? :o

Antoinette says

Dude, whatever happened to "Over There."


Russell says

Curse my luck!!! Been trying to get a JoCo show for a few years now and my first chance the show clashes with Download Festival which I already have my tickets for :'(

ajs says

"Has Manchester sold out?"

Possibly. There were only about 30 tickets left early in the week. If there is a way to move in to a larger room in the Academy, we will try.

Angelastic says

Well, I know I just booked the last room in the closest hotel to the Manchester gig. I sure hope I remembered to buy a ticket to the concert. :)

Well, that's me completely organised except for the small matter of having lost my camera yesterday. :s Which means I might have to buy a new one and record the shows in higher resolution than normal but make an assortment of stupid mistakes as I get used to the camera.

Looking forward to meeting a whole lot of crazy fans at these concerts. :) And also seeing JoCo & P&S.

Matt says

why am i getting a certificate error when i click the ticket links?

Daniel says

Just tried to buy tickets for the London event, but unfortunately, TicketWeb literally will not let me pay. They have all my information, my card, my email, my telephone number and home address, they could charge me as much as they like. But their site is broken. I have no other way of paying so I guess I'm not going.

I'll just have to go buy the complete album and forever alone. :(

Sean says

The Manchester show is now in Academy 2 in the Manchester University Student Union building. Since they moved to the new room I not sure how things are with buying online but they still had a big book of unsold tickets at the reception and ticket office of the building itself on 19th May when I went to get my tickets so they probably still have quite a few up for grabs.

Liam says

JoCo If there is another UK tour please please please make a stop in Birmingham.

Paul says

Aargh! Goddamned service fee!
Ticketweb, if I can't _not_ pay it, it's part of the price - don't go through three pages of "£18.00 - GENERAL ADMISSION" then try to sneak another £2.25 a head on right at the end, and hope no-one notices. Just price it as £20.25 in the first place. I would still have bought the tickets, but I wouldn't want to slaughter your livestock and burn your crops.

(In other news, there is a military brass band outside my office window playing Ravel's Bolero - I kid you not.)