Milwaukee Ticket Giveaway

By JoCo April 19, 2011

UPDATE (This contest has ended – the secret time was 2:37 PM and the winner is twitter user @baddox. Congratulations @baddox, email me through that contact link up there and I’ll get you your sweet delicious free tickets to the Milwaukee show. I’m sorry the rest of you didn’t win, I wish everything could be free all the time to everyone and the world was made of candy!) END UPDATE

In an effort to nearly DOUBLE the size of the audience for the Milwaukee show this Sunday, I’m giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky winner. I stole this contest mechanism from Scalzi, and I love it because it demands practically zero work from me! So here’s the deal:

I have chosen a time of day today that is secret because it is KNOWN ONLY TO ME. To enter this contest you must simply @ reply to me (I am @jonathancoulton) on Twitter and include the hashtag #JoCoInMilwaukee. The person whose tweet is tagged with the time closest to my secret time without going over will win the tickets. Times will all be in my time zone here in NYC. You may give away one or both tickets to someone else if you win. You may enter more than once but please no bots – I will know if you are using some sort of trickery because my reply stream will be flooded with minute-by-minute replies from you all day long.

In case there is something dumb this contest – my final decision is final even if it’s totally unfair, I am the boss of you on any media known or hereafter devised, throughout the known universe in perpetuity, etc. etc. I will hear no bellyaching!

It is currently 9:41 in New York City. The winning time is some minute after that. Go!


Patrick says

I just heard the portal 2 song SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Shaddox says

I win! Unfortunately there are these 457 things plus a family dinner standing between me and the concert:

It makes my heart cry sweaty tears of blood, but does anyone have any ideas of how I should go about giving these things away? Perhaps some sort of twitter contest? ;)

WolfLord says

You could give them away to the person who comes up with the best idea for how to give them away!

Spartan says

Mr. Coulton should have known better than scheduling a concert the day Portal 2 comes out. You know we love you Jonathan, but DUDE! IT'S PORTAL 2! Any other day, even Sunday, I'd fly a thousand miles and even smile to the TSA gropers to see your concert, but today!?! Why do you make me cry when I'm so happy?

OrbitalVelocity says

So I just finished the Portal 2 single player campaign, and all I have to say is...

We never want you gone, Jonathan Coulton.

Irick says

You really like the word perpetuity.
Random observation powered by ENERGY DRINKS AND NOTHING BETTER TO DO (tm), (pat. pend.)

Sean L. says

Totally off topic, but I just finished Portal 2. Thanks for yet again creating the icing to the most enjoyable 'cake' out there. Can't wait to see you perform it live!

Christophe D. says

I loved "Still Alive" and I want to say thank you for "Want you gone", great music, better than Still Alive ! :-)

Dhex says

Amazing! Valve, Mrs. McLain and you did it again with Want you gone, I almost cried. Looking of an acustic version of it being played on Youtube now.

Dhex says

Amazing! Valve, Mrs. McLain and you did it again with Want you gone, I almost cried. Looking of an acustic version of it being played by you on Youtube now.

Nathan says

How the heck did I not know you've had a concert in Wisconsin. If I had known I would have figured out a way to get to it.