UK Trip in the Works

By JoCo April 13, 2011

Stop asking! I am working on it!

In fact, I can give you some details right now. Unfortunately due to various travel and recording schedules, I have to do a kind of shortened trip this year. I am extremely sorry and PERSONALLY DISAPPOINTED to tell you that I will not be coming to Ireland, or Glasgow or Edinburgh. I love all those places, but I couldn’t make it work. That’s the bad news. I swear that once this new record is out I’ll have more time to plan a longer and more extensive tour in the future, and just try and stop me from coming back to those cities when I do.

The good news is that I will play acoustic shows with Paul and Storm in Bristol on June 9th, Manchester on June 10th, and London on June 11th. I think I’m also going to be able to sneak in a first time ever Amsterdam show (!) on June 13th. I’ll post the specifics here and on the twitters and to the mailing list when I have them, which hopefully should be sometime soon.

Houseboat, emmer effers.


Xarrion says


Bruce says

Man, that is a bit disappointing you're not going to be able to make it to Scotland... hopefully next time.

John F. says

No Ireland... :'(

I can't even travel to the UK shows, stupid work...

James Bullock says

Would still love you to return to Nottingham, was a great time that Halloween!

Dave Goater says

Argh, I live in London... but it's slap bang in the middle of my exams.

Will be some effort to persuade parents to let me go...

Dave Goater says

Argh, I live in London… but it’s slap bang in the middle of my exams.

Will be some effort to persuade parents to let me go…

Sara says

Oh YEAH! Bristol shall once again be the "singiest"!

Dave says

Yay! Can't wait!

GPH says

Manchester? Fantastic. Myself and the GLW will be there demanding rousing versions of "Skullcrusher Mountain" and "Re:Your Brains".
Let us know when and where ASAP please!

S says

Amsterdam.... yes... YES! YES! YES!

Rich says

Woo! So very, very excited.

tom says

UNION CHAPEL OF AWESOME! (Please let it be.)

Anodyne says

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing you in London :-)
Is the show likely to be suitable for a 6-year-old? My daughter loves you, but hasn't heard First of May or Mandelbrot Set...

Jamie says

*invests heavily in the Jaffa Cake market*

Katrina says

WOOOOOOO I was at Nottingham and loved RE: Your brains, and I was so suprised by the appearence, if I had known was in UK I would have been first (maybe third) in line. Definatly gonna be at this one.

Rory says

Living closest to London, I am raging over the exams I have on the 9th and 13th.

Derek says

Johnathan should go on tour to Alaska

Alex says

It's exam season for me, but I'm not content with best two out of three.

Paul Holmes says

Get tae Glasgow JC. Sort it.

I've travelled to Manchester for gig disappointment before. Damn you Sting! Damn you, The Police!

Alex says

I mean, best three out of four- of course.

Paul Murphy says

11th - a Saturday, excellent!

Any idea where the venue will be? Wembley would be good for me...

Looking forward to it.


Lawrence says

By longer and more extensive do you mean...


you know; because we're just sitting here...


Carol says


Readie says

Yay! See you in London!

Ron says


You can't come to Amsterdam! Not then!

You, Enter Shikari and Iron Maiden all visit the Netherlands in my frigging finals!

You made me a sad man...:(

Kris Ratcliffe says

Manchester, excellent! Definitely going to that!

Paul and Storm says

Just received word on the venues and dates for this trip:

9 - Bristol - Colston Hall
10 - Manchester - Manchester Academy 3
11 - London - Union Chapel
13 - Amsterdam - Melkweg (Oude Zaal)

Tickets should be available very soon.



KBKarma says

No Ireland? But who will sing along to all of your songs, even gamely attempting Mr. Fancypants, and slightly creep you out? Who will cause Paul and Storm to drag out The Captain's Wife's Lament for nearly ten minutes by doing really good ARRRRRRs?

We'll miss you. :(

David says

I may well be able to make it to not just one gig, but two! Huzzah! :D

Ashley says

I am extremely delighted that you're coming to my city.. again! ;) I am truly grateful.

Blake says

WWOOOOO cant wait it's right on my birthday as well yay!!!!!

Charlotte says

Edinburgh needs you. Edinburgh wants you. Edinburgh loves you. You know it does. And you love it too. Looking forward to the day the two of you get together and make some sweet sweet music... ;-)

dominic says

June 11th? Amazing, that's my birthday!!

Nuckpang says

No Ireland? Really? But... but I thought we had fun? Were we not good enough? Was our zombie singing too bad? Too good? What was it? We can change! I promise, we'll change, just give us another chance!!!

Alex says

Sadface for lack of Edinburgh/Glasgow show... but hurray for UK shows anyway!! :D

Angelastic says

You're not actually doing any shows on a houseboat? On an emmer-effing houseboat?

I'll see how many shows I can get to. I'm so glad you're coming to mainland Europe this time… this means that in a few more years you'll come somewhere within day-trip distance. :) I hope that the Swedish sea monkeys I don't remember the names of come so that I won't be the only one in the obligatory reunion photo.

Drug Crazed says


I will make sure I bring you jaffa cakes like I promised I would :)

Mighty Joe says

YES! Coming back to Bristol. I knew you'd be back!

Yzzy says

You're coming to Manchester on the day of my history A level exam! dammit! :'(

Julio says

Amsterdam! Yes! I'll definitely go there.

Whoever else is coming to Amsterdam, join the event here:

You also need to add Paris on future trips!

Julio says

And I few minutes later I get from Facebook:

Event Canceled
This event is no longer available because it has been canceled.

Weird, any tips on what happened?

JoCo says

Julio: I didn't create that event on Facebook so I don't know what happened there. I'll announce when the details are all in place and tickets go on sale.

Julio says

JoCo: I made the event, I can delete it if you want, just trying to find your other fans in the Netherlands. Let me know what you prefer. (It seems to be working now)

Kyle says

YES! See you at Manchester :D

JoCo says

Julio: No, by all means, spread the word. Thanks!

Danny says

This had made me unbelievably happy.
Cannot wait for June now to finally see JoCo & P & S in London
<3 ;D

Sam says

If you can make it to Blackpool, about an hour away from Manchester; you'd make me the happiest nerdmancodemonkey alive.

Mark says

COGS looks forward to seeing you in Bristol again :D

Peter says

Bit disappointed you couldn't make it to Glasgow, looks like i might need t

Peter says

Bit disappointed you couldn't make it to Scotland.

But you can't get rid of us that easy, Looks like i might need to plan a minibus trip down south. =D

Hamish Milne says

Me and a mate have booked tickets for Manchester. Hi from your Arnside/Siverdale fans!

Lance says

Longer tour? Maybe southern hemisphere tour?
Come on. You know you want to visit New Zealand. Home of the lord of the rings movies..... go on.

Hobo says

We want Nottingham!!!! Make it happen!!!

Ian says

No Glasgow


I would travel down to the Manc one, but my second child is due on the 11th......may have got away with a Glasgow show, but won't risk the longer trip.

Miss out Glasgow next time and i'll eat your brains !

René says

finally, the Netherlands :'D
thank the lord (i'm coming back home from Prague the day before xD)

Ros says

Just booked to take my son to London gig- the ticket site on web link didnt work - but managed to book directly with Union Chapple website ( slightly more expensive)