Email Blast

By JoCo March 8, 2011

If you were on the mailing list, you would have just received THIS:


Just an update on what’s cooking at JoCo Industries over the next couple of months (hint: I’m playing some shows).

Boston, MA – Bigass Convention Center
Saturday March 12, show time super late
PAX East! With the band!
I’ll be there all weekend, and will spend as much time as I can at the Bandland table selling and signing things. I tend to plan things at the last minute, so watch Twitter for updates, I’ll let you know when the store is open.

Nashville, TN – 3rd and Lindsley
Thursday March 24 at 7PM
Band show

Asheville, NC – The Grey Eagle
Friday March 25 at 9PM
Band show

Chicago, IL – Park West
Friday April 22 at 8PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm

Minneapolis, MN – Guthrie Theater
Monday April 25 at 7:30PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm

Richmond, VA – Hat Factory
Thursday May 5 at 7:30PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm

Alexandria, VA – The Birchmere
Friday May 6 at 7:30 PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm

Annapolis, MD – Ram’s Head Tavern
Saturday May 7 at 8:30 PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm

Details on the shows page as always: Please double check start times, vegetarian food options, parking situations and all other facts before making plans, because I am FREQUENTLY WRONG ABOUT THINGS.

New album. Yes. Soon.


Catrena says

Chicago and Minneapolis but no Madison?? /Sad panda.

Chris says

Getting closer to Kansas City, but not there yet...

Tony Kapugi says

Agree, need a show in madison between the chicago and minnie shows.

Marshall Brown says

I'm guessing it hasn't made the list because it's farther off, but tickets are already on sale for a Toronto show at the Mod Club on May 28th. Woot!

RI says

Not gonna complain about a Chicago gig but I'm curious to see the band… maybe next time?

Andrea says

Chicago! YES!

Oh, and I am on the email list and yet I have not yet received this blast. Good thing I checked here. I would hate to be behind.

Fata Morgana says

Still no Texas shows. *sob*

Lawrence says

@Fata Morgana

you think you have it bad?
Joco hasn't even been to australia!
i mean you could go on a road trip to see a JoCo concert.
I'd need a plane!

JessLynne says

FYI: I have attempted to sign up for e-mail list for the past three years.
At no point has it worked for me. I most recently attempted to sign up last
week (from the website). Still, nothing. Is anyone actually receiving JoCo e-mails? If so, any pointers you could offer to subscribe would be quite helpful. I'll post on the forum, too.


Melea Gilmore says

I can't wait to see you live in Nashville, TN! I am extremely excited and I already have my tickets. See Ya Soon :D

JoCo says

Hey JessLynne: I just signed you up using the link on the front page, seems to have worked OK. Were you getting an error or something?

Jordan says

Jonathan ! PLEASE come to the Orlando area of Florida!! :)

Fata Morgana says


I feel no pity for you, sir. You live in the magical fantasy-expanse that is Australia.

Momma Jen says

Wonder if I can convice my brother to postpone his wedding so I can come to the MD show.....

Benjamin Geiger says

Jordan: I saw him when he came to St. Pete, and I wish he'd come back.

That said, I also wish his Asheville show were a week earlier, so I could drive up from my mom's place in north Georgia to see it.

Johnny says

I'm guessing the Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis is 21+?

Tyler says

Come to Australia Jonathan! That would be epic!

Martyn says

JoCo! Come back to London, I miss you!

David says

Hey John. Hope to see you in the Seattle area soon. And I'm planning on buying Portal 2 the day it's released so that I can hear the wonderful new songs you wrote for it.

Joss says

Yes, JoCo should come to Orlando later this year. <3

I might be doing a job thing with Disney. :3

Patrick says

Joco will you ever come to Aus you do have a lot of fans in aus as is shown by the comments on this post and your previous excuse was that our cities are to far apart. But you made that excuse years ago does that excuse still stand or do you think an Australian Concert could really happen

Hila says

*squee* I have been a fan for years and now I moved to the U.S AND you're coming to VA!!!! It was all worth it! I am one happy spider monkey.