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By JoCo January 25, 2011

Just sent this to the mailing list:

In spite of the fact that I still have plenty of work to do writing and recording songs for this new album, I do have a few shows coming up. You should totally come see them! Many of them will be band shows, all of them will include at least some new stuff from the new record. I’m trying out this “touring with a band” thing and we’ll see how it goes. For those of you (most of you) who have never seen a band show, it means me playing a mix of old and new stuff on the electric guitar with the band, plus a chunk of just me on acoustic. THE VERY BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!
Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
Friday Jan 28 at 8 PM
This will be a show with the new band, at which I will play A BUNCH of new material. Paul and Storm will open too, and I have to tell you, that’s an awful lot of entertainment.
Baltimore, MD – The 8×10
Saturday Jan 29 at 7 PM
Another band show, but no Paul and Storm this time.
Philadelphia, PA – World Cafe Live
Monday Jan 31 at 7:30 PM
Band show, Paul and Storm. Again, how could you say no to this enormous chunk o’ fun?
Portland, OR – Aladdin Theater
Thursday Feb 17 at 8 PM
Band show, some opening act yet to be determined.
Vancouver, BC – Rio Theater
Friday Feb 18 at 7:30 PM
Band show, some opening act yet to be determined.

Seattle, WA – Triple Door
Sunday Feb 20 at 7:30 PM
Band show, some opening act yet to be determined.
Boston, MA – Bigass Convention Center
Friday March 11 – Sunday March 13, show time TBD
PAX East!
Excited to be coming back to this. Probably will bring the band. They haven’t told me yet when I’ll be playing, but in past years at PAX it’s usually Saturday night. 
Alexandria, VA – The Birchmere
Friday May 6 at 7:30 PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm
Annapolis, MD – Ram’s Head Tavern
Saturday May 7 at 8:30 PM
Acoustic show with Paul and Storm
Other news: the album is still going well, but sheesh, hard work is hard! The cruise was really awesome and we’re trying to figure out when and where we can do another one (see wrapup here: 
Buy some tickets, would you?


Justin says

For those of you who are still unsure about these "band shows," I can say from personal experience that they're excellent. You should go.

If you're *still* unsure after that glowing recommendation, there may be a bunch of videos from a couple of band shows (maybe the July 23rd Somerville show, for example) on a certain online video site. Just sayin'.

Dustin says

I'd be happy to buy some if you stopped a little closer to Northern California.

franko says

do you still have that policy of, "if ____ [number] of people ask for me to come to their town and play, i'll do it"?

Bruce says

I've heard that you'll be at the Hat Factory in Richmond, VA in May 5th. Can you confirm this?

Kevin Ballard says

I'm really bummed. I just discovered you had a show here in SF last week, just a block from my apartment. And yet I never heard about it until today, when your previous blog post from the 14th suddenly showed up in my RSS feed (apparently your RSS feed was backed up or something). Apparently I was also removed from your mailing list, because I didn't get the email you mentioned in this post. This all makes me very sad.

Please tell me you're coming back to SF sometime soon!

Willa says

You should come to (southern) AZ. Must unleash you live on the unsuspecting hordes here.

Seriously, saw you at PAX Prime, raved about you, have a number of friends who now need to see that we were not lying...

Oraxia says

Yes, do come back to SF :( I, too, missed you. (And come preferably when I don't have a deadline, although I understand that's kind of unpredictable.)

Jonathan says

Woo! I got to see you last year when you played at the World Cafe, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again! Nothing quite like a Coulton concert.

Qix says

Wait, what? JoCo came to SF? WTF?! *cries

Tom says

I was really excited to see you're coming back to Seattle, but disappointingly it looks like it's a really upscale venue with low capacity and really expensive tickets. I don't suppose you can do a Seattle show sometime for us groundlings? :)

Seth Christenfeld says

This list is sorely lacking in New York...but I suspect it won't be, eventually.

Jason Roop says

If you're in New York, might want to hit up a little thing called PAX East in Boston this March.

Jason Roop says

I meant that to Seth. I know JoCo already mentioned it above :p.

Pudabudigada says

Is there any chance of a show in England, or Britain at all, in the forseeable future? Please come! Your underwear-chewing fans need you!

Sara says

Tom: If you don't get dinner seats the Triple Door has some reasonably-priced tickets available (~$25). Just get in there quickly as, alas, the small capacity is true.

Seth Christenfeld says

Thanks for the suggestion, Jason, but I usually can't take a whole weekend off for a con (I work retail), plus it's right around midterms.

Rusty says

If I come to the concert in Seattle can you promise to sing "Re: Your Brains"? I heard it on Pandora and immediately bought it via amazon. I LOVE IT!

Magnificent Minimalist says

In another lifetime, I have so much money and clout that I can fly to each concert and meet all of the awesome nerds who throng the halls. I'm devising a plan to make that other lifetime my own.

adelheid_p says

I certainly hope the other venues didn't oversell and make people stand and also that your sound mixing gets better. The Pittsburgh concert was disappointing to me. Finding videos of the newer songs on youtube tells me that it was probably the Rex's fault.

craig says

The show last night in Pittsburgh was great! I thought the band sounded awesome, the atmosphere was great, and my wife and I had a great time.

Nice job Joco, Paul and Storm and the band!

Jason Roop says


You could get Friday and Saturday passes (or 3 day, best value) and just go the concerts at night (sorta pricey, but there's no confirmation whether he will be at the Saturday or Friday concert. The last few PAXs he has always played on Saturday night though...).

You also don't have to worry about wristbands this year, as the concerts will be on a first come, first served basis. Just throwing the idea out there. If you don't have time for the con, but are willing to put $55 bucks in for it (for a 3 day pass, $70 for Friday/Saturday individual, and only because Saturday is not confirmed...) and from 5 PM to like 3 AM (to ensure you get a spot in line), then you can just enjoy the concert.

Man, I need to move back to the north east, or out to the north west!

Tyler White says

Are you coming back to Atlanta this year? I really enjoyed the last one, and I have about three or four people that want to come, too.

Jonathan says

Just got back from the Philly show, it was Fantastic!!!! Can't wait to see one of your shows again, hope it's soon!

Natalie says

Philly show last night was awesome! It was a great mix of new and old. Looking forward to the show at PAX in a few weeks!

BigEater says

If Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann can't stay away from Iowa, what makes you think you can?

Jeremy says

Hey, don't forget to show the Midwest some love! You need to come to Illinois! Champaign-Urbana and the U of I would be a great place for a show!!!

Chris2.0 says

Nothing in KS. :(
sad face.

Justin says

why, why, WHY must the Seattle tickets be sold out :(

David Dawes says

I saw Jonathon Coulton opening for the Presidents of the USA in Seattle at the Showbox, fun show! As a software engineer I wish he'd covered COde Monkey, but he did some great material and Shop Vac in particular had a subtle power and emotional impact. I blogged about it here and included videos (mostly of the Presidents, only 1 of Jonathon Coulter):

joe wellman says

Hey I saw your Portland show at the Alladin theater. I can't get over the thought that Space Doggity would be better if it were turned into a speed metal space opera.

Marshall Brown says

I'm surprised nothing has been announced about the May 28th Toronto show yet.

Already got my ticket :)