The Cruise is Real

By JoCo December 14, 2010

I think I’m just coming to this realization – hundreds of people are all getting ready to get on a giant boat January 2nd for some fun in the sunblock on a crazy little thing called JoCo Cruise Crazy. There have been a lot of swirling details to figure out, but it’s all starting to come together (and just in time because, uh, it’s only 19 days away). It’s going to be REALLY GREAT. I’m also just now realizing that it probably means there will soon be pictures of me in my bathing suit floating around the internet. Hooray?

In case you don’t follow the JoCo Cruise Crazy blog, which you really should because David Rees has hijacked it and made it sing, we’ve just posted the official schedule of events. There’s a big concert/show every evening, a couple of morning events on the days we’re at sea, and a few blocks of time in rooms dedicated to gaming and playing Rock Band. We’re also still working on a few semi official hangout situations, places and times to be determined. Rest assured though, we’re trying to leave space to enjoy the cruise itself, which means we’re trying hard not to schedule anything to interfere with enjoying the days we are in a port (at port? On Port? Au Port?).

Are you too lazy to click on links? OK then.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go lose 20 pounds.


Gina says


Ron says

Isn't there already a picture of you in your bathing suit on the cover of Thing-a-Week?

JoCo says

@Ron: That's when I was young and beautiful.

Naomi Gower says

Hello Jonathan! I just want to say I wish I could go to JoCo Cruise! But I can't ...... I am not even well-off... But I would if I had the money! I love you! Have a Merry Christmas!

Venetia says

I'm sad I won't be able to afford this. I love you Jonathan Coulton!

Colleenky says

Um, pictures of you in your bathing suit already exist on the internet. (They were brought to my attention by another fan. Honest!)

JaneS says

We like the 20 lbs.

patrick says

WoW the cruise has finished and no new posts....