Flansburgh Produces JoCo

By JoCo July 21, 2010

I talked about this in an interview already (and before I was supposed to) so some of you may have heard, but the thing that makes me most excited about this new record is that John Flansburgh is producing it. And yes, that’s THE John Flansburgh, who might be a giant. I opened for them a few times in the Spring, and that’s when we hatched this crazy plan. Of course I’ve been a fan for a long time, so I’m thrilled and flattered and all that stuff. I also think he’s going to bring some fun, edgy weirdness to the sound of things, and I’m hoping he’ll prevent it from being all slow songs about dead dogs in space.

Just yesterday we went into a real, like, STUDIO studio and recorded ourselves running through the set of new songs so we could hear how we sounded and make some arrangement tweaks. We sounded pretty good. This is going to be fun.

Thursday: Iron Horse in Northampton, MA
Friday: Somerville Theater in Somerville, MA
Later: More


Stephen S. says

This is going to be awesome. :D

Scott says

Congratulations! I look forward to hearing every Brobdingnagarian note.

Doug says

Awwwwww yeeeeeah!

Chris Radcliff says

That's wonderful! And a completely natural pairing, in hindsight.

Please don't let him deter you from including the song about mustaches, though. We're not going to accept anything less.

Grant says

I laughed heartily at "... I’m hoping he’ll prevent it from being all slow songs about dead dogs in space."

Jesse says


Honus says

When I started reading "and recorded ourselves running through" I was sure it was going to be followed with something like "a pile of iCarly DVDs and crushed dreams."

Eric says

So will Paul and Storm be joining for the Thursday and Friday shows? Also will it be a full band at PAX Prime?

Ana says

OHMAGAWD. I can't be more happy for yoooooooou! Two of my favoruite people together. There is no way this isn't going to be amazing.

The Marble Tea says

Awesome news and congratulations! A great pairing indeed....

Howlin' Hobbit says

Saw TMBG at Bumbershoot a number of years back and came to the conclusion that they were, indeed, giants.

Going to be a wonderful recording and it's a piece of good fortune you richly deserve. Do just revel in it, both by taking great pleasure and delight and by indulging in boisterous festivities.

Charlie Wood says

I hope you won't take out all the dead-dog-in-space songs. Those are some of your best ones.


Rob L. says

Hell yes. This is fantastic news.

rozwarren says

I am counting down the hours till Sommerville. This is gong to be FUN!

Houston says

Great news! I would like, however, to second the emotion that you should not dismiss dead-dog-in-space songs in the future. "Space Doggity" is one of my favorite songs ever.

Bubba says

good job!

Sharp11Girl says

Cannot. Wait.

Eric says

We all know how critical you can be of your own performances, so when you say it sounds "pretty good", I have a feeling that means it's going to be GREAT!

Dan says

fdsafdsafasd. This is excellent. Very excited for the show tomorrow.

candybeans says

So fantastic. But i want it NOW!!! Can i have it right now? Now, please.

Kerrin says

So who is videoing the concert and putting it on YouTube the day after?
I assume JoCo is till alright with this, I'm sure he would have said if he wasn't.

ZapDevil says

Kerrin - I'll be bringing my little flip video cam to the Friday night show (2nd row seats - Squee!). Of course, I'm a spaz, so the video will likely be near-unwatchable, but the audio should be just awesome.

JoCo - My assumption is that this is OK (there was nothing on the Somerville website that says it would be verboten), but I don't want to people to tell me that I've made an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'mption'. Or something. So - is taping and YouTubing the new band shows OK? Also, I'm curious - will the zendrum be making an appearance?

JoCo says

Yep, shoot it and post it, that's fine. I'm bot bringing the zendrum on this trip -- too much to worry about already.

Lawrence says

Thank The stars...

youtube is the only way i see these legendary moments..

being in Australia and all..

you know...

all alone...

down here...

ZapDevil says

Awww - I was looking forward to some zendrum FancyPants action (anywhere else, that would probably be a really disturbing euphemism). I guess I will have to console myself with just enjoying an awesome concert.

I better not forget the freaking camera - I don't want to let down our Australian brethren :-)

ScurvyJake says

SQUEE!! (And I NEVER squee...)

Lawrence says

Can someone plz post a link to a video of the concert at Iron Horse in Northampton, MA?

cant find it...

Jesse says

I want a video of Iron Horse now!!!!!!

Jonny says

I thought the show in Northhampton yesterday was kickass, apart from the jerkwads who kept yelling shit out. I am interested in knowing more about the spooky effects pedal you were using though, because i totally want one.

Sara says

Video from the Iron Horse concert was posted to the forums, and I've uploaded it to YouTube for general enjoyment: http://bit.ly/bkyLG0

Colin M says

I was there tonight in Somerville! It was *awesome*. :D

(First time I'd seen you live :))

Lawrence says


Rory Kent says


Makes me wonder how long we have to wait until we see a Geek Rock supergroup.

ZX Zeppelin?
Crosby, Stills & #?
Nick Cave and the Never-Seeds?

Eric J. says

I've been hearing "The Princess Who Saved Herself" on XM/Sirius Kids Place Live a bunch lately. Congrats! You might want to put together a download package of kid-friendly songs that people who discover you that way can be pointed to. Don't really want Moms putting a bunch of JoCo songs on their 8-year-old's iPod and including First of May by accident.

SquareWheel says

=D They Might Be Giants are awesome. Bite him and don't let go.

spi says

Really enjoyed the show on Friday night. The new songs are rockin and the band was very enthusiastic. *hisssssssss*

Derek DeVries says

Freakin' awesome! Flansy! Mono Puff up in that ass!

I didn't think I could get more excited than I already was at the prospect of a new Joco release, but I'm once again happily proven wrong!

rozwarren says

Sommerville was AMAZING. Well worth traveling from Philly to be there. The song that has lodged itself in my brain is Sticking It To Myself. All the new songs were good but that one won't let go. I am looking forward to buying it. When do I get to buy it?

ZapDevil says

Somerville videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/CarrollHome
(Sorry, i thought I had posted this already, but either I never clicked submit, or WordPress ate it :-))

Great, great, great show. It was our first JoCo concert, and it won't be our last. We were happy to be part of the "memetic biosphere" (Hisssssss! Arrrrrrr!).

flannelore says

Wow, you really nailed those new songs at Northampton! I've only been able listen via youtube, but they're great... can't wait for the recordings.

Favorite so far: "Dissolve" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSo2clgSJic

Manda says

So, so unbelievably excited for this omg yes.