Band Shows, New Songs

By JoCo July 16, 2010

Look out kids, six new songs coming atcha! The debut of this new enterprise is coming up next week when I’ll be trying out new stuff at shows in Northampton, MA on 7/22 and Somerville, MA on 7/23. Details on the Shows page – come on out and see us, we’re making HISTORY here people. At the very least I can promise you a lot of hilarious rookie mistakes. At best, they might be two kickass rock and roll shows.

Things are coming together nicely in rehearsals, and I have to say it’s sounding kind of awesome a lot of the time. Every day in every way I am a better and better electric guitar player. We’ve also got quite a few classic Coulton songs on the menu, and while they are not new, playing them with the band sure does make them shiny. We’re talking power trio right now: the drummer is Marty Beller (on loan from TMBG) and the bass player is Chris Anderson (on loan from Wired magazine JUST KIDDING IT’S A DIFFERENT CHRIS ANDERSON). They’re both great. We kind of rock sometimes even.

Also, any reports you’ve heard that the Somerville show is sold out are false – painfully, extremely, practically the opposite kind of false. Just saying.

Right, back to rocking.


jesse says

I hope this does make history and you do get famous as in national (besides internet). Everybody knows that if dumb rap music can by #1 song in America, than Still Alive should be #1.

Grant says

If things go well will you be bringing these fellas to PAX?

Blue says

Marty Beller's coming to a JoCo show... and I am ALREADY SCREAMING.

(BTW, have tix to both Northampton and Somerville! Ready to take the Peter Pan Bus to Awesome Town!)

ZapDevil says

Sooooooooooo looking forward to the Somerville show. I suspect the answer is "yes", but just to be sure, will the Best Concert Ever DVD be available at the merch table?

Gina says

I've enjoyed watching Marty at TMBG shows - he has lots of energy and he sticks his tongue out a lot. Wish I could come to these shows! New songs!

Ted says

I am so excited for the Somerville show. I missed your show last year at the World cafe in Philly so I'm driving up and going with a few more indigenous New Englanders to this one. Can't wait to see you Jonny C!
Will you do autographs or photos with the band afterwards?

patt says

You should soooo release a small album with studio recordings of your new songs(and the shined-up old ones if you want) after the shows!

Autumnraina says

It makes me love TMBG EVEN MORE knowing that they (well, Flans) are willing to produce your new record AND loan you their drummer. That's dedication! Love it! (And SO wish I could be at the upcoming shows, but alas, you will be too far from NM for me to see you).

Spintown says

Can't wait for the new tunes.

Ben Forbes says

Anyone going to these shows planning on recording them? Would really like to see some of the new stuff, but I'm all the way over here in the UK!

Andrea says

I feel like I haven't seen your show in ages... COME BACK TO CHICAGO! On a day I can go! :D

jadesnake says

Cannot wait for the Somerville show!

Ben, I'll have my camcorder with me, but I'm coming in from out of town and won't be able to edit and post the footage until I get home next week.

M_pony says

As long as you still have the beard, I don't mind if you Go Electric Like Neil Young.

TOK says

We’re talking power trio right now

So if you did a cover of all of Flood in concert before, does this mean you'll do all of 2112 or (even better) Caress of Steel?

rob says

So is the electric at least going to be this Monkeypony guitar they made for you?

Spencer Thonn says

I hope everything goes well, JoCo. I know the iCarly theme song won't be here. But if there's anything, I love listening to the sound of the acoustic JoCo. But still, if know you and your music enough, it's gonna be really good; like the 'First of May'.

Take Care.

Laura Foley says

LOVED your show last night at the Somerville Theatre! The new band is tight, but I've been going nuts trying to remember where I've seen Chris Anderson before. I seem to remember him with much longer hair, tied back in a ponytail "back in the day."

When we got back home, my husband and I watched a show that I think would be totally up your alley: "Confessions of a Booth Babe." I suggest that you write a song about a gamer infatuated with a booth babe, who spurns his advances. Or would that be too much of a Shatner "Get a life!!!" moment?

Rock on!

Paul R. Potts says

OK, this is weird, so I just had to share...

Since hearing that JoCo would be touring and playing electric guitar, I found myself wondering what _kind_ of guitar he would play! His Strat? Something new?

A couple of weeks ago in a local music mega-shoppe I found myself inexplicably drawn to this butterscotch blonde Telecaster (copy by Fernandez from the 1980s) with a black pickguard. I've never liked Telecasters and never owned one but this guitar was teh awesome.

And now I see on YouTube that JoCo is touring with... A BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDE TELECASTER WITH A BLACK PICKGUARD.

Mine has 3 pickups, but whatever... just thought that was weird! Either great minds think alike, or I'm reading his mind, or something...

Paul R. Potts says

Quiet everyone, I'm going to try to convince him I've got his nose, too!