ByJoCo June 1, 2010

I’m very excited to announce that TopatoCo will now be selling some of my merchandise online. We’re starting with a few Tshirts, but I expect we’ll put some more stuff in there along the way. There are some BRAND NEW shirts that are only available through them at the moment, both winners of the shirt design contest they ran a little while ago. I like them a lot.

First of May
First of May

Space Doggity

There’s also this new and improved Code Monkey Tshirt – it’s a graphic from good old Len that you may have seen before, but there are some new colors and the HTML tag is now closed (thank goodness).
Code Monkey

Also a new and improved Re: Your Brains Tshirt – we took out the white page portion of the graphic so as to reduce the amount of ink used. I always hate when you have a giant graphic that gives you chest sweats.
Re Your Brains

And finally the old classic that everyone absolutely LURVES, Skullcrusher Mountain.
Skullcrusher Mountain

Very excited to be working with them – they’re super nice people and handle this sort of thing for a lot of other folks I know. Plus the quality is going to be highly superior to that CafePress business. Now, who wants some shirts?


Copland says

That's awesome! I've always liked that Re: Your Brains shirt.

ZSandmann says

I will have the First of May shirt. Also, strangly enough that is the song of yours my wife likes most. Millionare Girlfriend is second, I've got a keeper, amirite?

June Maillet says

Awww too bad .. I would have preferred to get the Re: Your Brains Tee with the white text on black instead.. but I still love my short any way! These look awesome.

June Maillet says

My SHIRT rather. I hate being short ...

Robb Irrgang says

Come on, coulton! no one still capitalizes their HTML tags! back to the drawing board!

just kidding, but it does make me think typesetter monkey's type is not elegant.

Etienne says

I'll order one... Will order another 2 if you rerelease your Mandelbrot Set shirt that I should have bought a year and a half ago...

Kate says

I'm pretty darn excited about this. I will probably even give you money because of it!

JonathanL says

I'm glad to hear the quality will be much-improved. My Skullcrusher Mountain shirt is awesome, but it started to wear almost immediately.

My wife will love that First of May Shirt.

meaghan says

omg a hipster laika t-shirt. YESSS.

haha. good work. they look a lot better and anything further the reduction of chest sweats is a cause to be championed.

JenniferGood says

Since you brought it up, I would wildly welcome the opportunity to buy
some Monster Mayhem graphic tees that are higher quality through virtually any source. Paying $60 + bucks for two, then finding out you have to hand wash them and having them generally fall apart (the ones I bought through CafePress) was quite disappointing. It's a great graphic.

Jack F says

The change to the Re: Your Brains shirt is a very good idea. I have the white background shirt and the thick decal makes it basically unwearable.

Joshua says

I am so glad to see that these shirts are through TopatoCo. The shirts I've bought there previously are great, so now with your shirts there I'll have to make another order.

Marisa says

So...does this mean my white-background Re Your Brains shirt is worth more money now??;-)

Also,I'm always glad when people can get away from using CafePress,because their business practices are sketchy.They're a big outsourcer to sweatshops,and I hate buying sweathshop clothing.Plus,their store pages don't really look that professional.So good for you!

Chris Hartzog says

Cool....but your link is broken.

Laetitia says

I designed the Laika shirt - if you heard someone squeal in the audience at the Raleigh show when you started singing Space Doggity... that was me. However, the chewbacca was NOT me.

Anna says

While I'm sure there are plenty of female fans who would enjoy people staring at their chest for minutes on end while they read the memo, some of us would prefer to avoid that while still sporting our love for a favorite song. Could you offer a version of the Re Your Brains shirt with the graphic on the back?

Kat Kelley says

I should get my husband a Code Monkey shirt...not only does he love that song but he will soon be taught in the mystical ways of IT techs in the Army and really appreciate the shirt. :P

Shanon Walker says

LOL !!! Space Doggity rocks!!! :)

Daniel says

Am I senile or was there a different Skullcrusher Mountain shirt at one point?