I am the Opening Band

By JoCo February 2, 2010

Yep, it’s true, I’ll be opening for They Might Be Giants for a few east coast shows in March. Apparently all you have to do is cover one of their albums in its entirety at one of your own shows, and then they ask you to open for them. Very excited about it. I think I’ll probably start with “Opening Band” and end with “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament.”

NOTE: None of these are the family shows they’re doing, they always do those without an opening act.

Birmingham, AL – The WorkPlay Theater
Thursday March 4 at 7 PM
Opening for They Might Be Giants
Tickets: http://bit.ly/tmbg-birmingham

Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
Friday March 5 at 8:30 PM
Opening for They Might Be Giants
Tickets: http://bit.ly/tmbgatlanta

Nashville, TN – Exit/In
Sunday March 7 at 8 PM
Opening for They Might Be Giants
Tickets: http://bit.ly/tmbgnashflood

Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel
Tuesday March 9 at 9 PM
Opening for They Might Be Giants
Tickets: http://bit.ly/tmbg-asheville

Charlotte, NC – The Visulite Theater
Wednesday March 10 at 9 PM
Opening for They Might Be Giants
Tickets: http://bit.ly/tmbg-charlotte

Richmond, VA – The National
Thursday March 11 at 8 PM
Opening for They Might Be Giants
Tickets: http://bit.ly/tmbg-richmond

And then, back to your regularly scheduled JoCo programming…


Amanda French says

Congratulations! Am I right to think that you won't be at SXSW this year? It's not on your show schedule, but I sense a significant and resonant gap just where SXSW should go in mid-March.

JoCo says

You're right Amanda, I got so much going on around then that I can't justify a trip to Austin, much as I would like to. Especially when said trip would mostly be about drinking Margaritas with internet people, a great deal of fun, but technically not WORK.

CarrieP says

Wonders aloud if Peter Sagal had anything to do with this...

What awesome news!

Amanda French says

I hate it when I'm right. However, I very much enjoy it when other people are wrong, so it balances out.

Jeff Christensen says

Nooooooo! I have tickets for TMBG on March 13 in Pittsburgh. Extend! Extend!

Brian says

AAAGGGHHH! I'll be in Germany when you play Atlanta.

Susanne says

Oh this is TOO awesome. Congrats! Wish I could be there.

Foe says

Atlanta loves you, we've proved it. Thanks for coming back so soon!

Perry Shuman says

So how long is your opening? 2-3 songs? I'm not a huge TMBG fan, but if you're playing a long opener, it'd be worth it.

Meredith says

You know who would love this set-up? Seattle. And especially me.

Ana says

1. My two favourite bands in one place! Why can't you come to Chicago?! Having to pick between you and Them in October practically tore my heart in two!

2. You have to blog/tweet about the experience FURIOUSLY. Ok? ;p

JoCo says

@Perry: I don't know yet how long my set will be, but my guess is pretty short compared to a show where I'm headlining. Say a handful of songs.

Jason says

Tell TMBG about what an awesome crowd we were in Orlando and get them to do a show with you down here! :)

Derek says

wouldn't one more day of opening for TMBG just make the tour for you? Say on 3.13 in Pittsburgh? 6 is such an even number. Make it 7. odd. prime. lucky. the list goes on.

Dan says

YES!! Asheville! Thank you.

Laserdog says

This is a perfect match.

Also, TMBG's old opening act this year was pretty weak. They weren't bad, just weren't a great fit.

I suspect the switch to JoCo as an opener will decrease the incidence of watch glancing by 95%.

Gina says

Saw this last night on TMBG's facebook post. How exciting! Hopefully (for me) it will get extended at some point to a show in the DC area.

Gina says

Ah! I just noticed the Richmond TMBG show is the night before the Birchmere (DC area) JoCoPaSto show! Could you bring the John's along? ;)

JoCo says

@Gina: I think they're busy.

Lhyzz says

JoCo + TMBG = 2xAwesome! Why no NYC? :(

Gerard Quinn says

Nice going man! I would love to go to see that, but the problem would be getting there. Do an Irish tour already! :P
Good luck with the shows!

taylor says

grrr....the first time in forever u play in nashville, and im under the age limit >:( i WILL get in..oh yes, i will

Jeff says

Does this mean that if someone covers your entire Thing A Week catalog on stage, they get to open for you?

M_pony says

Hey congrats, man.. that's quite a coup.
Good luck with the shows; I'm sure you'll do great!

sindex says

WAAHOOO!!! Been waiting for a show this good for years. :)

Dan says

YES!!! Just bought tix for Atlanta. It's a five hour drive, but the Friday night scheduling is just easier than Asheville or Charlotte, either of which would be closer. See you there, dude! We're totally excited!

Derek says

"I think I’ll probably start with “Opening Band” and end with “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament.”"

You. Must. Follow. Through.

Paul and Storm says

Opening Band + Captain's Wife's Lament...well, that's a half-hour right there.

Welcome to our world,


Michael says

@Paul and Storm ARRRRRR

@JoCo seriously awesome! They must have heard about Flood and been flattered.

Gina says

Well, I guess Richmond is close enough. Figuring out logistics to go...

Paul R. Potts says


I think you are about to make the jump from "Internet Famous" to "Actually Famous." At least among anyone whose opinions about music actually matter : )

Let's hope you will always manage to avoid "American Idol Famous."


Jennifer says

NOOOOOOOO! I'm missing your Seattle show by one week, and then I'll be in Seattle while you're doing multiple shows in NC (I'm in Durham)
Just not fair.

Mike Ogilvie says

Unbelievably awesome! Can't wait to see you in Richmond!

jthens says

i would so be there... but i'm going to be giving birth sometime in early-mid march and apparently i'm not supposed to travel. stupid baby...

Luke M says

They couldn't have chosen better. Well played, sir!

James H says

Nooo! Damnit. Waited for so long for bands I like to come near Nashville, finally a dream team comes, and I'm not in the country for it!

Do it again in the Fall? Please?

Andy says

And Seattle. You forgot to say you're doing this in Seattle too. I will FedEx John Linnell eyeball-shaped chocolates until this happens in Seattle.

Paul says

JOANING on Paul and Storm! lulz! :)

Noah Ramon says

We've got tickets for the Houston show this weekend, but I'm tempted. Really, really, really tempted.

I could buy tickets, the Spouse and I fly into a city, we drive to the show, hit the hotel and then fly home the next day.

Stupid expensive? Yeah, probably.

So totally worth it that it strengthens the fabric of reality? OH, HELL YEAH.

Demetrius says

JoCo and TMBG. (*There's* a good chance for SOFC...) That would be a show to see! Loved you at OhayoCon! Hope to see you again when you're back in the area!

John C says

Holy crap! You're in atlanta not just twice in a year, but twice in a little over a month? It's like getting two Christmases!

CharlesP says

Please say you're going to be the opening act for their "family" shows too? I got tickets for the family show in Atlanta while I was at your show a couple weeks ago... and I KNOW my wife isn't going to let me buy tickets to BOTH TMBG shows. I'm not sure how many other TMBG kid fans would love to see you, but I've got three who would be thrilled to see you do Mr Fancy Pants, Re: Your Brains, & Tom Cruise Crazy (and others).

rozwarren says

I couldn't stop myself from buying tickets to the Richmond show, even though I live in Philadelphia and I'm working that day. There's no way I can get there. And yet somehow I've got to get there. This will be AWESOME.

JoCo says

@Charles - sorry, they don't have an opening act at their family shows. These are just the ones at night for the grownups.

Rick says

YES! I've waited for that Nashville appearance and it finally appears - huzzah! Now how about making that opening act go for about, say two hours?? John squared are big boys they can hit the stage late...

Brandon says

Well, it's about time you played Nashville! I was already planning on seeing TMBG at the Exit/In, anyway...this just makes it that much better!

AJS says

@Jennifer & @Rick

We were planning JC solo shows in Nashville and Raleigh before this came our way....it won't be long....

CS says

Any undergarment preferences? :)

Steve says

Sweet! I've been waiting for you to come to Charlotte! Next time, come by for a full set too :) And please make sure you are stocked up on t-shirts. I drove down for your Atlanta show and had to come home empty handed.

mat says

Well done Jonothan! so pleased for you.

Also, I'm so utturly depressed I live in England right now. The Coulton and TMBG in one night - that would be awesome. I keep telling my wife that 'this year' I'm getting a ticket to America purely to go and see TMBG, with you opening I very well may have to have the most expensive but fun weekend of my life!

mat says

...and I'm sorry for miss-spelling your name!

Christopher says

I had heard about TMBG coming to Asheville and was interested, but hadn't made up my mind.

Upon seeing this announcement, myself and three friends had tickets mere hours later. Can't wait for the show!

Kelly says

Man, I think I'm even more excited about this than you are. Really, you and TMBG are my favorite musical performers on the face of the earth, and to see you both coming together like this just makes me feel like screaming my lungs out from the top of some high mountain and then climbing back down to buy tickets to every single performance. Unfortunately though, I have neither the money nor the upper-body strength required to do either, so I'll just have to see if I can sneak out of the house for your Georgia show. Best 7 1/2 hour secret road trip EVER.

Crystal F says

my favorite and my favorite solo performer in one show... WOW... I'll have to drive an hour to the nearest location, but I'll be there :)

Septarius says

I wonder if Jonathan Coulton could open for Weird Al. That would be another awesome concert to go to.

Tess says

JoCo & TMBG...talk about a winning combination right there! It almost makes the seven hour drive to Atlanta seem worth it, since I couldn't make the Orlando show. 'Grats on getting the gig, though. Good times for all!

joshua lucas says

Fantastic! I'll be there in Charlotte. I'll be the one yelling for "Dick van Patten's Hobo Chili For Dogs." Make you a bit of money from the royalties, since your set's so short. Cha-ching.

You know those 2 people in Carrboro, NC who've been requesting you on Eventful for 3 years? Yeah, that's me and my girlfriend. She says hi.

Angelastic says

I'm not really a TMBG fan (though I like some of their covers), but I wish I could be there to throw panties at you.

FrankLemonjello says

Asheville. Awesome! This is gonna be such a great show. Finally gonna get to see TMBG and senor Coulton. I've got a friend that'll flip out cuz the show is on her birthday. Don't you just love surprises.

Don says

Austin loves Coultran! Please return soon.

Kyle says

You, sir, have become quite the rock star! I remember the first JoCo show I went to at Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA. There were maybe 30 of us there. I'm really happy to see you succeed so mightily.

ps - Any chance that the Johns might want to take you on a west coast tour with them?

Tsujiku says

I feel proud to have been at the Flood concert. >.>b

Charlie Wolf says

Is it at all weird that my friend and I are thinking about flying from Los Angeles to Charlotte, NC just to see this?

rozwarren says

What's weird about it? Makes perfect sense to me. Go for it.

Kevin says

Awesome! Me and my friends are gonna try to make it to the Charlotte show!!

cphaurckker says

Got my tix for Richmond - now I don't feel so bad about not hitting the Birchmere this year (two hours drive each way to the venue is a lot less convenient than 20 minutes).

My kids are mad at me though - they're younger than the posted age for the show at the National. Oh well, JoCo and TMBG just became date night.

meaghan says

NO SXSW? duuuuude. I am going this year! all my dreams are crushed. i would have assisted you in times of great need!

JoCo says

@Meaghan - That is a complete and utter drag. But it's probably for the best. It's time for you young people to make your own internet anyway, perhaps while we over-35s are looking the other way. But when you go remember, drinking margaritas at lunch is WORK...

rozwarren says

nice work if you can get it.

AirHammer says

"Not to put too finer point on it, say i'm the only bee in your bonet"

Wow, this is going to be great!


Heather D. says

I am so excited to see this show. I got to see you and P&S do Flood last time you were in Chicago, and I'll be flying to Nashville so I can see this one. I'll be bringing JoCo first-timers with me! Bring your A+game, JoCo.

Peter T. says

All of my stars have aligned! My favorites musicians in one place!
Jonathan... John... John...

I have such great luck at TMBG shows.
I just saw TMBG with my kids at the Queens Science Center in NY. I got to meet John before the show in the Science Center. Before that I saw TMBG at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. After the show we went next door for some ice cream and the band members (sans John and John) came in and sat with us eating ice cream.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Jonathan do NY! New York needs you! We get too serious here, we need your sense of humor to cut through our tough city exteriors!

Chris M. says

A request! Was at your January show in Atlanta, and have tix for the March show with TMBG on March 5th. Any chance of hearing 'Bozo's Lament' or 'Todd the T-1000'? Please?

Mike says

So... those will be the shows of Three Jo(h)ns? One might call the event... Three Jo(h)n Night?

Jonathan Fesmire says

Right on, JoCo! Now, when will they be opening for YOU?

Veko says

Dang do I wish I lived out East. To see both JoCo and TMBG...that would be the best night ever.

Mike says

Is the Nashville show sold out already? I JUST found out about this. Help me Mr Coulton.. You're my only hope. :(

mitch says

Unfortunately, I'll be at work when you play in Richmond. I really would have liked to go, Johnathan Coulton and TMBG is probably a dream I once had.

Can you call my boss and demand that I get the day off?

Mitch says

Correction, Jon. I just got the day off of work so I could drive 3 hours just to see you with tmbg. Really looking forward to it. Any chance you'd want to get a coffee with me & my friends after the show?

JoCo says

@Mitch - there's rarely time for hanging out after a show, I have too much work to do at the end of the night. But I'll be out to sign things after the show.

mitch says

Yeah, understood. I just always ask now because I once went to see Kari Byron, and shortly thereafter she went to get a drink with the organizers -- close friends of mine.

But the tickets have been purchased. Looking forward to the show!

mitch says

Should elaborate -- I didn't stay after Kari spoke, and missed on the opportunity.

Jennifer says

I am so bummed I could just cry! What amazing nights those shows will be! I miss living in a big city (no, Boise is not big, despite what the locals might think) that musicians actually want to play in! I've not had the opportunity to see you live, but I'm sure you'll show up within 8-10 hour driving distance eventually. :)

Bill says

Just got my tickets for the Charlotte Show!! I will be great to finally see you live. Are you signing things after you open or after the entire show?

Colin says

My wife and I went to the Birmingham show on the 4th and really enjoyed it. We've seen TMBG before and she was on the fence about whether to go with me to see them again until we found out that you were opening for them. She really likes Millionaire Girlfriend and was happy to hear it live.

Brennan says

Wait, if JoCo opened for the March 5 show in Atlanta, and Puppet Homestar performed, then in one show, on one night, we got TMBG, Homestar, AND JoCo?

...I'm going to try and pick up the shattered pieces of my mind right now...

Brian H says

The show on the 5th in ATL was great! Up where I was (up in the balcony balcony), I think only about 1/4 of the people had ever heard of you. However everyone loved the set. a group of people behind us said "That was the best opening act I've ever seen and a TMBG show!" amidst the giggling and laughter brought on by Re: Your Brains.

BTW, I'm the guy that got seated next to you at the sushi bar before the show :) Yes I was surprised to see you when I looked up after sitting down. :)

Eric N says

The Richmond show last night started at 8 -- we got there at 8:30 and missed you!!!?? Since when does any concert ever start on time?

Paul W says

Saw you in Richmond and you rocked. Never thought I'd see two of my favorite musicians / music groups in one place.

Nab says

Any news about the next shows guys ??

Web Guy says

As Nab says, when is the next show? Would love to see it! :)