JoCo in the Future

By JoCo January 5, 2010

Welcome back everyone! Here we are in the shiny new future world of 2010, and doesn’t it feel good? As long as you haven’t been laid off or blown up by terrorists I mean?

As you know, I am a fan of the future. That is why I will continue to tour there. Look for my flying car at the following places and times:

Orlando, FL – The Social
Thursday January 14 at 7 PM
With Paul and Storm
Note: There is no seating at this show, so bring your feet. Avoid service charges by buying at the box office M/W/F, or pay only $1 service charge when you buy at Park Avenue CDs.

St. Petersburg, FL – Nova 535
Friday January 15 at 8 PM
With Paul and Storm

Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
Saturday January 16 at 8:30 PM
With Paul and Storm
Note: Service charge only $2.25 when you buy through the venue’s ticket club, or $1 for credit at the box office, or $0 for cash at the box office.

San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
Friday January 22 at 9 PM
With Paul and Storm
Note: Service charge only $1 at the box office.

San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
Saturday January 23 at 9 PM
With Paul and Storm
Note: Service charge only $1 at the box office.

Dallas, TX – Grenada Theater
Thursday February 4 at 7 PM
With Paul and Storm

Austin, TX – Antone’s
Friday February 5 at 8 PM
With Paul and Storm

Houston, TX – Zilkha Hall
Saturday February 6 at 8 PM
With Paul and Storm
Tickets: on sale soon

Scottsdale, AZ – Martini Ranch
Thursday February 18 at 7:30 PM
With Paul and Storm
Note: Limited GA seating

San Diego, CA – Anthology
Friday February 19 at 7:30 PM
With Paul and Storm

Los Angeles, CA – Largo
Saturday February 20 at 8 PM
With Paul and Storm
Tickets: Call box office at 310-855-0350

Los Angeles, CA – Largo
Sunday February 21 at 8 PM
With Paul and Storm
Tickets: Call box office at 310-855-0350

Vancouver, BC – Rio Theater
Thursday February 25 at 8 PM
With Paul and Storm

Seattle, WA – Moore Theater
Friday February 26 at 8 PM
With Paul and Storm

Portland, OR – Aladdin Theater
Saturday February 27 at 8 PM
With Paul and Storm

Alexandria, VA – The Birchmere
Friday March 12 at 7:30 PM
With Paul and Storm

Boston, MA – PAX East
Somewhere there in 3/26-3/28
Details TBA

New York, NY – Highline Ballroom
Friday April 2 at 7 PM
With Paul and Storm

New York, NY – Highline Ballroom
Saturday April 3 at 7 PM
With Paul and Storm

That’s all for now. Happy new year to everyone, and see you soon…


James Bullough says

I am really hoping for a Utah performance this year. Come on Jonathan you have many fans here!!

Maryanne says

Make that "Vancouver - maybe?" into a "Vancouver - hell ya!".

Anthony says

I was sick during your last Chicago show and missed it as a result. Any chance of you coming back to our wonderful city anytime soon? (this year)

JP says

Vanccouver PLEASE! Although it would be olympics time and probably insane to book anything... you know what I won't blame you if you don't come.

Jesse says

Another vote for Vancouver! We'll need an Olympic break right about then.

DJ Pheonyx says

I am looking forward to your show in Scottsdale... would also love to have you perform at Phoenix Comicon end of May if it is possible.

Connor says

St. Louis again please!

kdnewton says

Would the Vancouver enthusiasts consider Kelowna, BC? Would JoCo ever consider Kelowna, BC? It's a fairly large venue (Prospera Place). Need something more personal? There's the performing arts center in Kelowna, or 40 minutes north in Vernon.

Leigh says

Come to OMAHA!

Johnny says

Quote from Madison WI, show:

PAUL: "Shouty guy, you're from Omaha?"
JOCO: "What's in Omaha?"

I will forever replay this scene in my head where I should have shouted


And the geeks would have all laughed... and it would have been awesome...

Chris says

I'd like to echo the St. Louis again idea. I missed your last show here.

Lisafunone1 says

I can't state how much it SUCKS that you just announced these dates, and the show in VA has had tix on sale since Nov 24. Awesome to know they couldve been sold out way before you announced the show! Thanks heaps...

Rhiannon says


CC says

A vote for Vancouver from me even though I'm in NJ. Just trying to help our Canadian neighbors out. See you at the Highline Ballroom.

Maryanne says

@kdnewton If it was a different time of year, I would possibly consider Kelowna. But I would rather jump across the border to Seattle than fight snow on the Coq. Yeah, I'm wimpy like that.

Mark R. Campbell says

Adding my voice to the chorus of "Vancouver" chants. Sorry it is a bit off key, but its the spirit of the thing that counts, right?

JJ says

Any possibility of a non-PAX Boston show? Not that we don't all love the PAX and all of it's PAX-related vaccinations we'll be getting soon...

Etienne says

Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas? Regarding writer's block: would money help you make a new song? I personally guarantee a $20 PayPal deposit if you could get a new song together before Dallas and perform it then... Actually, you could collect in cash, I am going to be right up there in front.

Etienne says

I don't know why I used a question mark on that first sentence. Fortunately I am not an Internet Celeb so I won't be attacked with kind criticism like you do...

ZapDevil says

I'll second the vote for a non-PAX Boston-area show. PAX is fabulous, but if the concert cave is a gigantic is the Seattle one, I'd prefer a smaller venue. Actually, here's a great choice far from the maddening crowds: (I'm not affiliated with them, but I've seen Tanglefoot and Melissa Ferrick there and it's a TERRIFIC place to see a show - especially an acoustic show). I've heard that the Iron Horse in Northhampton MA is good, too...

Colleenky says

Hey, folks. I have an extra general admission ticket for the San Francisco show, Fri Jan 22. I'm also looking for a dinner ticket for the Sat Jan 23 show. Please email me at colleenky AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

Medemia says

Whoo-hoo! Got tickets for 2/19 in San Diego. So geeked up! :D

Hank says

Just got my ticket for SF on the 22nd! Can't wait!

(Sorry, Colleen. Didn't see your comment until after I'd ordered.)

AJS says

Vancouver is ABSOLUTELY on! Rio Theater, Feb 25

Make them embarrassed they didn't do it before! Olympics, Schmolympics...

Chloe says

UGH. I want to cancel my travel plans so I can see the Vancouver show. >:(

ZSandmann says

Blast! The Houston show is the weekend I am in a Mardi Gras parade... One of these days I will make it to a live show Sir.

Anonymous Al says

I hope it's Vancouver on the 25th!!!!
It's the only night I'm in town and you're not already playing somewhere else.

Bleh if only I was not just another zombie in the horde.

Anonymous Al says

Ah I can see that the Vancouver show has been tentatively slotted in on the 25th

Fate, as it appears, is on my side on this one.

Sara says

Al: It's not tentative anymore. Tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Anonymous Al says

Yeah I noticed it says that on Ticketmaster.
But it still says TBA here on JoCo's website. That's what made me think it was still tentative.

Thanks for the heads up.

Sara says

I have learned to not expect breaking news from JoCo's blog. He updates Twitter more frequently, and sometimes dates are added to the "Shows" page without front-page announcements. Paul & Storm seem to be quicker on the draw with new tour dates as well.

Someday I expect this post will be updated to reflect the new reality, but possibly not for days.

David says

\o/ hooray! See you in SF on the 23rd. Look for me. I'll be wearing a blue shirt.

The future is soon!

JoCo says

The calendar page is usually the most up to date and Vancouver is up there. I try to put details in there whenever I have them. I don't want to overwhelm the blog or the twitter feed with constant updates about all the details, so I try to save up info for those sorts of posts until I have a bunch of news. But yes, twitter is a more immediate source if you're into that sort of thing.

Anonymous Al says

Ah okay. Thanks for letting me know. I am a follower on Twitter so I'll be sure to check there more often.

Sara says

Inevitable--as soon as I accuse you of not updating, I am proved wrong.

Laying odds that the Vancouver show will sell out. I have personally invited over a hundred people, and tickets aren't even available yet.

Anonymous Al says

You know why I am even further convinced that fate is on my side on this one? All day on the 25th I will be watching Olympic Curling (the main reason I'm in town). The last game starts at 2 p.m. (which means it ends at 5 p.m.). Which makes it perfect.

6 hours of curling.


Anonymous Al says

I meant watching the games in person at the venue, not on TV.

Blue Canadian Skies says

VANCOUVER!!!!!!!!!!! I just peed myself in front of everyone........ (but in a good way.)


So, so happy!

Psycho says

Probably can't make it to the Seattle show, but I already bought tickets. immortalgame ♫at♫ live.

Psycho says

Er.. I didn't mean to submit that so soon! Email me at that if you're interested in buying them. They're pit, and there's 3 of them.

Secundus says


Anonymous Al says

Tickets went on sale for vancouver at 12:00. Bought my tickets at 12:03 =)

This will be my first non-PAX show!

Looking forward to it!

eca says

You have a cult following here in Minneapolis!

Jess says

Please book a second show somewhere in the Boston area.
I am not a gamer and do not want to go to PAX but would like to have
a chance to see you play in the NE area @ that time, if possible.

Nse says

For anyone wondering, the Vancouver show at the Rio Theatre is NOT assigned seating. I called the Rio & asked.

Kris says

For the Vancouver showing, says 19+ but I know friends in Toronto under 19 that have been to his shows before. Does anyone know if we actually have to be 19 or older to go?

rozwarren says

The Paul & Storm site usually posts tour dates first so that's the place to check if you want to be on top of where & when JoCo is going to be.

There's going to be Curling and JoCo in the same place? Then you KNOW at least one of the songs he's going to play that night.

littlenekochan says

I'd be awesome to see you preform! I hope you come by NW Ohio or Michigan some time this year!

Sara says

Kris: Ticketmaster lies, the Vancouver show is all ages. The venue has no age restrictions.

tamaness says

sweet! I'll finally be able to see JoCo live!

JoCo says

Yes, the Vancouver show is definitely all ages even though ticketmaster says otherwise.

Nse says

Also, ticketmaster charges an extra $4.35 "order processing fee" on top of the $1.50 "facility charge" & $7.00 "convenience charge". Unlike the $8.50, though, the order processing fee seems to apply only once per order. So anyone coming to the Vancouver show with friends might want to pool together & buy tickets together to minimize that (but you can only buy a max of 8 tickets that way).

Sara says

The "order processing fee" for Vancouver tickets only applies to online sales; you can get them for $33.50 at Ticketmaster outlets. That much less "convenient", one supposes.

I have confirmed with the Rio that all ticket sales will be through Ticketmaster, no chance of getting them through the venue. (The Rio also says Ticketmaster must be right about age restrictions, but I take JoCo's word over theirs since the details are being handled by the promoter, not the venue.)

Kris says

I took JoCo's word for it too. I already bought my tickets =).

Anonymous Al says

Hey rozwarren:

Yes, the olympic curling semi finals are going on that day. I have tickets to both men's and women's semi finals, which is why I'm in the area that day.

Daniel says

Jonathan! I missed your show at the guthrie in october! Come back!

Singing Scale says

Aw, man, and I have classes all the time you're in FL.

If I can get to PAX east for my birthday, though, I sure hope I get to see you.

Secundus says

Just bought my ticket for the Vancouver show! Can't wait to get it in the mail!

...And, uh...and to see the show. I also can't wait for that to happen.

Kris says

I couldn't wait to get them in the mail so I went down to a Ticketmaster place to pick them up =P

Gary D says

Awesome!! Stoked you're coming to San Diego. We'll see you in the future with our Jonathan Sounds Better Pills.

Jonathan says

Please another St. Louis show. From one Jonathan to another, Your set at Off Broadway was so totally awesome and some of my friends missed out. Please come back!!!

1910tsuki says

Wow! I just realized that you were here, in Austin, tonight! Wow...that' a little freaky... First time I ever visited the site, too...

Mike says

Yay for the 2010 tour! Boo for no Louisville, Kentucky date.. again. What does it take to get you here? I know we could support you, sir. Please? Maybe a show by you AND the Protomen would bring em in.. dear god, I'd probably orgasm to death in the crowd... Not a bad way to go.

Nothing close to Louisville, yet, either. Please.. JoCo... for the pony/monkey monster in us all.

Marisa says

The show last night was so incredibly awesome that I'm having trouble finding words for it,and tend to end up just gushing semi-coherently instead when I try to tell people about it.Thanks for the great time,my friends and I had a blast!

Also,I will now spend the next two weeks stomping on the floor and then shouting,"Pants!"My friends will think I'm crazy,but I'll be so very happy in my nerdiest of hearts.

Brian says

Another great show in Atlanta...nice to hear some songs that don't always get aired out (particularly Big Bad World One, always a favorite of mine, and Betty and Me). And BTW, do you know if Soterios Johnson has ever heard "his" song?

Thanks again for awesome musicalness!

Cynthia says

Oh Marisa, I agree!! I put the picture I took with JoCo and my hubby up on my facebook and every time I see it I get giddy. My husband hasn't stopped talking about how that's the most he's ever sung at a concert. It was an absolute blast. I really enjoyed Paul and Storm too!! I knew they always toured together, but I hadn't heard their music before and was pleasantly surprised. I canNOT wait for everyone to come back to Florida!!!! I'll be there agin, that's for sure!! I'm kicking myself for not getting the thumb drive.. but I just lost my job. Damn you savings account!!!!! I couldn't resist a T-shirt though. ;)

James says

Got my ticket for Vancouver. Glad you're finally gonna make it here!

rozwarren says

And while we're asking, has Terry Gross ever heard D,SJ,D?

PSC says

Ah hah. I've been waiting for you to come back to Portland. Just bought my ticket, and have been thinking of buying one for the woman. I wonder if there will be alcohols?

Naomi says

I'd have to put up a vote for Omaha and DC! Come on we wouldn't bite!

Kimmy says

Well, since it seems that requests are being bandied about, how about Nashville. A show in Nashville would be awesomeness. Nashville would love to have you come do a show for us here. Nashville loves JoCo. Please? Pretty please? We'll throw lots of Jaffa cakes for you, too...

JonathanL says

good idea staying out of the midwest in the winter after last year's frigid run.

but please come back at some point.

in fact, you should go to the house on the rock thing that's being put together halloween weekend. and do a show in madison or something around there.

Edo-Edo says

I wish Saint Petersburg in your shedule were a russian city.
Mabe someday i'll see your gig...

Crusader Manners says

I would love if when you finally make it out to Chicago, you came out to DeKalb. We have a lot of great space.

Captain Kickass says

Hoping that you can make it out to the chilly beyond of St.Paul/Minneapolis (where summer is as real as a unicorn fart). Maybe some June shows......around the 7th.....^_^

Patrick says

I'm crossing my fingers that you add a show in Toronto after your gigs in New York. I missed you last time around and would be there in a heartbeat if you played here.

Kapuran says

I get that Vancouver isn't that far from Seattle, so it's not that hard of a trip, but is Toronto really all that far from New York?

Come back to Toronto!

Doug says

I have said it before, and I shall say it once more. Salt. Lake. City. Kgo.

Mary says

Just wanted to add a voice to the clamor for a Toronto show. I just moved from the Seattle area to Toronto two weeks ago and now I'm wishing I was still there for the Feb 26 show! Come to Toronto!!!