JoCo Cruise Crazy

By JoCo October 29, 2009

Thanks for all the comments on the cruise idea everyone, it’s incredibly helpful to be able to get such direct feedback from such a large group of people. I’m still working on this, trying to figure out the best way to make it happen, so please understand that this was just one possibility. It may end up being a different boat, destination, time of year, price, etc., but this seemed like a decent place to start taking everyone’s temperature. Obviously I can’t pick a location that works for everybody. I hear you that cost is a factor and I’m not surprised – that’s a hefty chunk of change. We’re trying to find the right balance between high awesomeness and low cost, and that means dealing with a lot of details and possibilities. Stay tuned. Remember this is all HYPOTHETICAL.

In the meantime, I wanted to mention a couple other shows that just got set up. We added Pittsburgh in December:

Saturday December 5 at 8 PM
Rex Theater (Pittsburgh, PA) with Paul and Storm

And already plans are being made for 2010 (finally, Florida):

Thursday January 14 at 7 PM
The Social (Orlando, FL) with Paul and Storm
No service charge if you buy at the box office M, W, F: (407) 246-1419
$1 service charge if you buy at Park Avenue CDs:

Friday January 15 at 8 PM
Nova 535 (St. Petersburg, FL) with Paul and Storm

Saturday January 16 at 8 PM
Variety Playhouse (Atlanta, GA) with Paul and Storm
$2.25 service charge if you buy through the Variety Playhouse Ticket Club:
No service charge if you buy with cash at the box office ($1 for credit cards):

Friday January 22 at 9 PM
Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA) with Paul and Storm
$1 service charge when you buy at venue box office:

Saturday January 23 at 9 PM
Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA) with Paul and Storm
$1 service charge when you buy at venue box office:

Friday February 5 at 8 PM
Antone’s (Austin, TX) with Paul and Storm


Sharp says

Finally, Florida! I live right next to St. Petersburg, too. I'll definitely be there.

Tyler says

A hefty chunk of change, but cruises are always expensive. A cruise with JoCo and Friends is just that much better :)

Luke M says

Dude, seriously, GAMH dinner tickets are ALREADY GONE?

JoCo says

Luke: There may be more at the box office, you should call them. Sometimes they set aside a certain amount for online sales.

JoAnn in VA says

I bought tickets for Dec 4 for the Rams head- how are you going to be in Annapolis andd Pittsburgh at the the same time?

JoAnn in VA says

Ah- Pittsburgh is Saturday Dec FIFTH, not 4th. Whew.

Luke M says

Thanks Jonathan, I did call and confirm that dinner is sold out, so we'll be waiting in line again; at least parking is nearby so we can bring camp chairs and blankets and cocoa. I'm just happy you scheduled a date that doesn't conflict with the Eddie Izzard show in Oakland on Saturday, which we already have tickets for. Gonna be a FUN weekend!

(One of these days, maybe think about getting half a dozen or so dinner tickets and having some sort of contest to see who gets to buy them. I have yet to find out about a GAMH gig in time to get them. Gee, great show at a gorgeous venue with primo seats and delicious food? Whyever do they keep selling out so fast?)

Mania says

We'll see you in Orlando!

Shawn says

Yay! Orlando, FL! Tickets purchased and ready to go!

rozwarren says

I'd go on an overpriced JoCo cruise to hell & back. But my preference (since you're gathering data) would be something leaving from an east coast port and heading in the general direction of the Caribbean.

mPony says

Hey isn't Florida also theoretical? I keep hearig about it but such a place, like Nanria, simply cannot be.

Also, the BNLs have done very well with their cruises in the past, so it's definitely a good idea (tm).

Cambiata says

Come to Dallas/Ft. Worth, please. :(

a_stoddard says

Friday, Feb 5 in Austin leaves room for a Sat Feb 6 in Houston....

Luke M says

Also, JoCo, I don't think the email for these new shows has gone out yet.

Bram Tant says

Can you please make a NY show between the 28th of January and the 5th of February happen? I can't come to any of the UK shows so I'd love to catch you when I'm over in the US for a week. :)

Mike says

Still... nothing close enough to KY. Seriously, how much pie must I offer?

JonathanL says

i know it's hypothetical, but ocnsidering Seattle-Alaska is the cruise of my dreams, and you rock, well, that's the cruise of my dreams. not my lifelong dreams, but you know, a good one, where you wake up in a good mood.

Kory A says

Cya in Pittsburgh! Can't wait for the show! December is gonna be a great month.

Mr. Nobody says

Yes! Austin! Can't wait!

Evan says

Agghh. orlando might be too far away. I live about 40 minutes away from Miami. And ill have had my drivers license for less then a month by the time the concert happens in orlando. I doubt my parents will let me take one of their cars and drive for 6 hours. :(

Randal L. Schwartz says

Carribbean cruises are always a lot cheaper than Alaskan cruises. And they're always warmer. :)

I'm heading out on my 50th (or so) week-long cruise in a few weeks, all with (since their beginning). If you want a great geek-savvy tour operator for your cruise, I can hook you up.

Kate P says

Already have tix for the St. Pete show! Very excited!

Cruise idea is awesome, & I'd be down for Alaska if the price can be tweaked. I know a lot of folks want a Caribbean cruise, but keep in mind hypothetically it's Summer 2010, not Winter 2010. Summer here is *hot* as in miserably hot. Not fun. I've heard summers in Alaska though are gorgeous & not miserably hot. I'd be all for a Caribbean cruise if it were in the winter, when the heat is more tolerable. Just sayin' :-)

BlackCatBonifide says

yeys:) Coming to my hometown (pittsburgh) on my birthday weekend!!! (show is on the 5th, my bday is dec 6th)

Thanks for making that weekend rule so much extra:)

Ian Anderson says

I'm reeally excited for you to finally come to Pittsburgh except for the fact that I'm playing a gig at that exact date and time =(

Luke M says

I can't afford any cruise that leaves from the East Coast -- the airfare pushes the price out of my range. I've had fun cruising to Mexico though.

Bergamot says

I'm not sure JoCo has fully thought through the implications of being trapped for a week on a boat with his fans.

Ken O says

Purchased tickets for the Orlando show the morning they went on sale. See you there.

Nye says

Why? What's the worst thing we can do to him?


I mean, no one's gonna eat his eyes.

Crazy Diamond says

All we've really established yet is that he won't eat OUR eyes.

Eve says

I am so very excited about the St. Pete show! I just got 2 tickets....don't even know who I'm taking yet! Thank you for hearing my screams.

PDXDewd says

1500? 10,000, either way it's going on the plastic, although 1500 I can at least pay off in a few years. Probably 9/10's of the fanbase would rather it be elsewhere but living in the northwest and fam to the complaints here. W00+!

Now to explain to my wife who you are and why I'd willing spend that much money to hop on a boat...

Naet says

Waiting for a triumphant return to San Diego. Bigger room, less heat this time. Aheh.

Chris says

To confirm: Alaska in the summer is beautiful, and rarely gets above 75. Just keep in mind that in Alaska, May isn't really summer, and neither is September.

Kim says

I know Florida is a big state, but I really hope you can fit in a South Florida stop when you're down this way. I saw THE John Hodgman at the Miami Book Fair this past weekend and told him to tell you to play a show down here - he seemed surprised you hadn't yet, hehe

Foxlord says

Mr. Coulton, sir.
Please please please come to Vegas!! I'll make sure lots of people come to see your show if you do, promise ^^

elliomeg says

Wishing for a Coulton concert that doesn't involve airtravel...

(& I know the northwest got PAX, which was truly awesome, but I'd really like a *slightly* more intimate show.)

And, since I'm whinging, please visit Vancouver!

elliomeg says


Apparently all I had to do was ask...

(I can haz free tix too??)

compwalla says

According to the Granada, JoCo is coming to Dallas 2.4.2010 - the day before Austin. I'll cry if it isn't true.

rozwarren says

JoCo and Paul and Storm will be at the Birchmere in Alexandria on Friday March 12, 2010. Just got my tickets and am looking forward to it. I've seen JoCo here before and it's a great venue.

crazy diamond says

aaah, got my fix sitting just a few rows from ruggedly handsome (some say feral?) superstar troubadour and his humorous minions last night...and i say if you haven't and can, do, and if you can't, figure out how you can. was worth it at twice the price, was especially cool to see such an eclectic group of kindred spirits...

and that there was some pink floyd in the soft rocked medley, that was for me, wasn't it? i felt fantastic!

tytytytytytyty.... but i really did think you were gonna hit us with chiron beta prime/christmas is interesting when you got into that discussion about christmas albums.... next time? how about tomorrow?


Alana says

Any update on the cruise?

Already, I'm a-schemin' and a'dreamin'......

Bug says

sorry for off-topic posting, but I noticed the option to buy monkeys/robots/bananas seems to have disappeared from the donations page. Is that just my weird browser (Opera Mini), or is that option genuinely gone for good? If so, when and why was it taken down (I'm assuming spam here)?