JoCo in the Midwest, UK, Ireland

By JoCo October 16, 2009

Three notes:

First I must say thank you to They Might Be Giants and especially our Chicago audience for letting us do our Flood show at Park West. I think it went very well – I know that Paul and Storm and I certainly had a blast, and it even felt kind of important or historic or something by the time we were done. Many have asked about us making a recording for sale, and currently we don’t have any plans to do this, it feels better as a special live thing. But you know, never say never…

Second, I often get complaints about Ticketmaster service charges. You should know that I also find them inappropriately high, and that I and my booking agent try to avoid them when possible, but ultimately it’s not up to us. It really comes down to the venues and/or promoters, and sometimes we don’t have a lot of choice in what venue we book in a particular town. BUT: when we can, we try to get the venue to sell tickets at their box office for a smaller service charge (ideally, zero). I’ve indicated where that’s the case here and on my Shows page, so read carefully if you want to save a few bucks.

Third, the UK/Ireland trip is mostly together now, we’ve even ordered the new UK/Ireland tour shirt, which we’ll reveal later. There are two dates that refuse to resolve themselves: The Bongo Club in Edinburgh on Nov 9, and Oran Mor in Glasgow on Nov 11. There seems to be some sort of mixup with the promoter, I’m not sure exactly what the problem is. We’re doing our best to resolve it, and I’m pretty sure those two dates are going to happen, but don’t hold me to it.

JoCo wraps up the Fall in the midwest:

Friday October 23 at 7 PM
Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland, OH) with Paul and Storm
NO SERVICE CHARGE if you buy with cash at the box office: (216) 383-1124.

Sunday October 25 at 8 PM
Majestic Theater (Madison, WI) with Paul and Storm

Monday October 26 at 7.30 PM
Guthrie Theater (Minneapolis, MN) with Paul and Storm

JoCo Visits the UK and Ireland:

Friday November 6 at 8 PM
Academy 2 (Dublin, IE) with Paul and Storm

Sunday November 8 at 7 PM
The Bongo Club (Edinburgh, UK) with Paul and Storm

Tuesday November 10 at 7 PM
Classic Grand (Glasgow, UK) with Paul and Storm

Thursday November 12 at 7.30 PM
Manchester Academy 3 (Manchester, UK) with Paul and Storm

Friday November 13 at 7 PM
Union Chapel (London, UK) with Paul and Storm

Sunday November 15 at 8 PM
The Tunnels Bristol (Bristol, UK) with Paul and Storm

And still there is more:

Thursday December 3 at 7 PM
World Café Live (Philadelphia, PA) with Paul and Storm

Friday December 4 at 8 PM
Rams Head Tavern (Annapolis, MD) with Paul and Storm
ONLY $2 SERVICE CHARGE if you buy tickets at the box office: (410)-244-1131.

Saturday December 5 at 8 PM
Rex Theater (Pittsburgh, PA) with Paul and Storm

Wednesday December 9 at 7 PM
Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY) with Paul and Storm
NO SERVICE CHARGE if you buy tickets at the Mercury Lounge box office: (212) 260-4700.

And that is the truth.


Nick Stevens says

If the Bongo Club date happens I'll be so happy I might have to restrain myself from exploding in order to actually go and see you play first. Then I'll explode.

Monkey Boy says

If anyone wants a high-quality recording of the Chicago Flood show, I HIGHLY recommend you click on the "forums" link at the top of the page.

Ken says

I hope we will see you in France one day !..

James Nixon says

Seeing you in Manchester :D Hope there'll be some ukuleleing action.

taylor says

i would looooove to see u in concert!!! puhleeeaaaase perform in tennessee!!!!!!! i will love u forever!!!!!!!!

Martyn says

See you in London :3

Mike says

How can we get you to come to Louisville? What's the magic demand number? We have 65... Is it 66? Just one night only. Perhaps a concert during a layover inside the airport?

Just got the Best. Concert. Ever. DVD as an anniversary gift. AMAZING! Also, Code Monkey got me laid when I sang it to this girl in the shower.


shadowfirebird says

Does anyone know how uncool the UK venues are with photography? I mean, normally they crucify you. But have they caught on that JoCo doesn't mind?

Deano says

Dublin is only 18+ again :(

Eric says

Hey, JoCo -

Just in case you want something to do after the Cleveland show this Friday...

Midnight showing of UHF at the Cedar-Lee theater.

Cambiata says

Please come to Texas again soon. Preferably Dallas.

Leesy says

Awww. No Cambridge :( Will have to try and make the London one then.

Joyuna says

I'll be seeing you in Cleveland. Ecstatic.

Bergamot says

Any plans for a West Coast tour?

Greg says

You really should tell all of your venues about . If you don't know about this company, you should definitely check them out. They are a genuinely good alternative to TicketMaster. Their prices are reasonable, they provide a ton of different services as needed, and they are designed for small/independent theaters and artists. You yourself could create an account with them and, using their API's, sell tickets to the shows directly from your website. A couple small theaters in the SF Bay Area use them, that's why I know anything about this.

Paul says

The only way that the JoCoPaSto "Flood" show could be made better is if the Two Johns decided to cover the entire "Thing-a-Week" catalog and "News to Us" at their next gig.

Jodie says

Roll on 13th November in London! Cannot wait.

Jim says

You think the Chicago show went very well? Feh. You and I have different opinions. I thought it was absolutely fantastic! All three of you in all three sets.

And yeah, the Ticket Master thing is kind of a bummer to pay for, but on the flip side, it's a measure of your success that you've made it to that level of venue, and we don't begrudge you your success.

JoCo says

@Greg: Yep, I know about those guys and I hear good things. Problem is, I'm not the one selling the tickets - it either comes from the venue or an outside promoter, and those people have their own ideas about who to use for that sort of thing. They get in habits, they have exclusive deals with certain companies, who knows...

JoCo says

@shadowfirebird: A good question for the venue - I'm sure it varies from place to place. For the record, Paul and Storm and I are happy for people to take photos, videos, audio recordings, etc., but you should always check with the venue directly to find out if they have a policy that conflicts with that.

Fracturedpope says

I really hope that the Oran Mor show happens in Glasgow, it's a way better venue for your good self than the Classic Grand.

JoCo says

@fracturedpope: No, once we start selling tickets it's pretty much set. No Oran Mor this time.

André says

GERMANY! Where - when?! There's no other thing I wanna know! :-D

Alexis says

5 of us booked for London.... yay for moving to somewhere music happens!

Saw you before at Dingwalls, which was awesome - Union Chapel venue is so much better.

Are you going to continue the Union Chapel gig tradition (Amanda Palmer, Spooky Men's Chorale etc) and come out pre-gig to perform and cheer up the usually soggy (hey, this is England in winter!) people queuing outside?!

Rich says

In case you require localisation for the UK shows:

Soterios Johnson/Terry Gross = Sir Terry Wogan / Fiona Bruce

Really. Do it. The people of Britain will love you.

Melissa says

Awwww my trip to Europe does not quite coincide with yours. Will be in Germany/Austria/Switzerland while you're in the UK - I don't get to Dublin 'til the 18th. Sad. I'll still be sure to play your music to my couchsurfing hosts!

Denis says

My wife and I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing you at PAX last year, but discovered you had played Dublin the following October two days after you had played! We would have been there too. Twice the JoCo in just over two months!! Hells yeah! Thankfully, we heard about this one in time.

Unfortunately, we're driving up from Cork (waaaaay south), so we might be a tiny bit later than 20:00. Will you be first up, or will it be Paul and Storm? Either sucks to miss the start of, but c'est la vie.

See you there!

JoCo says

@Denis: p+s will be on first.

Denis says

Thanks for the info. Just make P+S promise not to play "A Better Version of You" too early in their set (if they plan on playing it). I'm the eldest in my family, so I have a special affinity to that one. ;)

Ronza says

Desperate for one ticket to tomorrow night's sold out concert in Annapolis. If anyone knows where I can get one, please let me know.

Xynrei says

Oh blast it I can't believe I missed you guys in October. D;